Daring and fashionable - jeans with holes

Jeans with holesA bit of history

Jeans have long been considered an indispensable part of any wardrobe, whether they are women's, men's or children's. They can be combined with any style of clothing, as well as it is practical, versatile and, of course, comfortable. Interestingly, the first jeans were made as working clothes for the farm back in 1873, and now any Hollywood star can boast dozens of pairs. Over time, styles, colors, styles changed, only material remained unchanged. For many years, their relevance do not lose jeans with holes. In the 1980s, torn trousers were considered clothing punks, and now every second fashionista wears the so-called “designer rags”. It does not matter if there is not enough money for such a thing (and more often they are much more expensive than the classics). Moreover, the holes on the jeans can be done independently. In this case, old things that are already bored with you are perfect.

Making jeans with holes with your own hands

To start visually imagine what exactly you want to get.Most often, the holes are made on the knees, it looks quite natural and stylish. Also scuffs will look harmoniously in the back pockets. You can decorate jeans with cuts along the entire length of the leg or make a few puffs. Thanks to this finish, the most inconspicuous thing will get a bold and sexy look. Do not be afraid to experiment!

We do a designer thing

Hole in jeansNow let's get down to the process itself. Under the treated part of the jeans, you must put any material that will protect the opposite side from damage. It can be a board, plastic or metal plate. To make cuts, use a stationery knife. If you want to achieve a more practical effect, carefully make a few cuts, but do not damage the longitudinal threads. Next, remove all unnecessary "rags", you can use a crochet hook or tweezers. When planning to make beautiful and spectacular jeans with holes, remember that when you wear, the cuts can get bigger, so you should not make them too huge from the beginning. Next, process the edges of the resulting hole.If you use sandpaper, pumice stone or metal grater, the hole on the jeans will look like a natural rub. With the help of ordinary bleaching powder, the edges of each cut can be slightly lightened, this effect will give the product more natural wear. To avoid discoloration of another part of the leg, apply bleach to the dry product. You can use a toothbrush or an ordinary brush. Do not forget to wash off this substance after obtaining the desired result. The final treatment of the pants will be a wash, after which once again rub the treated areas thoroughly.

Your look and style

And remember, in order to jeans with holes were appropriate in different situations, learn to properly combine clothes. The shirt of a simple cut and a stylish jacket in military style will never spoil such a style. A complete image can be considered with perfectly matched shoes: sandals on heels, leather sandals with rivets, covers and straps, etc.Holes in jeansIn general, under the same jeans, choose clothes of the simplest and most concise styles.

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