CV - what is it and how to make it? Difference between CV and CV

When a person wants to find a new job, applies for a company, they are asked to send a CV. CV abbreviation - what does it mean? The phrase curriculum vitae in Latin means biography. In many situations, there is no difference between resume and CV.

The term CV is used by the EU countries, in America say a summary. In Russia, resumes are spoken, by CV they also understand resumes, but in English. Some employers believe that CV is a detailed resume, in fact, these concepts are very close, with a stretch it can be said that they are one and the same.

CV requirements may vary significantly from country to country. If you need a job abroad, you should first get acquainted in detail with all the CV preparation points for this particular country.

How to avoid gross errors in the preparation of CV?

It is clear that CV is a document in English. Before sending, re-read several times, check the spelling on special sites, let me check a familiar personfluent in English, regarding the compatibility of words and semantic errors. If the employer finds blunders, it may refuse to vacancy.

Remember that CV is not an essay on a free topic, the text must be clear and concise, all basic information must be documented and true. If you write that you are fluent in English, and you cannot even connect two words yourself, it will become clear at the very beginning of the interview. It will turn out ugly and useless, only in vain you will lose time. If you need to go to another country, first attend the English language courses, try to learn how to communicate well enough in it, indicate in the CV document - the initial level so that the employer is ready for your poor English.

CV structure

The CV structure in English can have a different configuration, but all versions contain the same items.

CV structure in English

personal information

Regardless of the configuration, any kind of CV begins with the Personal information section. In the corner on the right is a photo of the job seeker. CV without a photo will not even be considered, so there must be excellent image quality, business style of clothing, sunglasses and hats are unacceptable.To the left of the photo indicates the main information about yourself.

CV_01_Personal information

The e-mail address should not be playful and confusing, it is better to use your first and last name, and you can get mail on Gmail, letters from Russian servers may not reach the foreign employer.

Each employer checks the profiles in the social networks of their employees, the more thoroughly the candidates for the position are studied. There should not be anything frivolous on your pages; according to your likes, a presentation that is not very profitable for you can be made; try to always keep this in mind.

Formulate a goal

The more precisely the goal is formulated in the second section of Objective, the higher the chance of getting the desired job. CV should be designed for a specific organization, indicating the proposed job or position, you can specify why you are suitable for this job. Specify, for example:

  • translator from Chinese, Arabic;
  • office worker, with a confident knowledge of English;
  • I want to get a manager position in your company.

In the Education section, if you have several types of education, write from the bottom up, the topmost line is the last education.

In the Qualifications section specify certificates and certificates, documents on the passage of all courses that may relate to this vacancy.

Goal, desires, hobbies and opportunities must be synchronized.

Sections goal, personal qualities, special skills must be coordinated with each other so as to look like the ideal employee of a particular company. First you need to study this company, look at the list of vacancies, understand what kind of person they need, if you can approach for this. For example, if they need a sales manager with a private car, in the special skills section, be sure to indicate your driving experience and write about car enthusiasm.

It is necessary to specify personal information in a compressed form, and only that relates to this particular vacancy. For example, if you need a designer's work, indicate that you like to do something with your own hands, you are fond of hand made, like to sew, embroider. And if you are looking for a job as an office worker, you do not need to specify these qualities.

Editing a document

It is clear that CV is a text document, it is more convenient to create and edit it in a text editor, and it is better to save it in PDF format.When drafting text documents, you should adhere to standards, A4 paper size, margins: 3 cm on the left, 1.5 cm on the right, 2 cm above and below. You need to use an official font type, for example, Times New Roman, size 12, the font should be the same Throughout the document, headers can be made in 14 sizes. Headings should be highlighted in bold, it is better not to use bold, italic, underlined selections inside the text, it only worsens the perception of meaning. Paragraphs should be small, 3-4 sentences. When listing the same type of information it is convenient to use numbered or bulleted lists.

CV sample in English

CV sample detail1

As can be seen from the sample, first comes personal or personal information, then the applicant indicates the purpose of writing such a document (for example, seeking the position of sales manager). You must specify the existing education and the availability of certificates of attendance of any courses.

CV sample detail 2

It is advisable to write the degree of proficiency in foreign languages ​​(for example, English, advanced level), computer skills. In detail it is worth paying attention to the projects that you have completed in previous work.

What's the difference?

What is the difference CV from resume? Let's try to figure it out. Resume - this is a brief and clear information, includes only those items that may be of interest to a particular employer for a particular vacancy. It is no secret that a modern person does not like to read long texts, a long CV on several pages, most likely, will not even open, and a brief summary on one page is sure to be reviewed. The summary should be concise, contain something important and unique. This is a description of one type of work activity with an indication of the appropriate education for this type, qualification courses and certificates for exactly this type in order to highlight the experience in this activity.

CV is a detailed listing of all types of work.

If the CV does not welcome complex formatting, then in the summary, on the contrary, you can emphasize bold, write the most important places in italics so that they immediately catch the eye during a cursory review.

The CV must follow the chronological order, you can start in the resume from the current position, this is especially true if you want to improve your career in the same field, then indicate your education and other information.The summary should focus on the specific achievements and merit of this or previous work.

CV-resume (sample in English)

cv resume sample

For convenience, this option is divided into two parts. On the left are contact information, skills and abilities. The name of the applicant is highlighted on the right, basic (basic education) and professional experience are registered.

CV or resume for successful employment

CV was taken to write in scientific activities, to specify all articles, publications, speeches, scientific works. Have fruitful figures get very long lists. Later, CV moved into the business environment and rooted in it.

Now everyone needs a CV, even if they need a resume. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine what exactly an employer needs. A detailed description in the form of a CV or a short resume. It is necessary to act at random by intuition or ask leading questions. If you are told a short CV, then you need a resume. Will require an extended summary, then you need a CV.

Summary in English

When looking for a job through the Internet, you definitely need to write a resume. Recruitment officers look at many applications for the same vacancy, they have no time to read multi-page documents.Often they select suitable applications for keywords, if the keys in your text are not used, even a summary on one page may not open.

CV is useful after the interview, especially if you are applying for a rare specialty or leadership position. Detailed documents will be studied by specialists or managers. Before being accepted for a job, they will check all the information for authenticity, they will be asked to attach copies of documents confirming the items indicated in the CV. When compiling a document in the form of a CV, immediately collect a folder with photocopies or scanned versions, the originals should be at hand.

Do not forget about the profiles in social networks, they are studied under the microscope. Nowadays, it is prudent to always keep your pages in order, not to write, not like, not repost information that will put you in an unattractive form.

Free resume template in English 1

A sample resume or CV can be found on the relevant sites in the form of ready-made templates, where you can download the document and fill in the appropriate items.

Making a resume or CV is not an easy task, but the prospect of finding a good job should inspire you, if it didn’t work right away - try again and again, until you succeed, because luck smiles persistent.

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