Cuticle - what is it? How to remove cuticles correctly?

Man's hands are his second face. It is absolutely unimportant whether a man is talking about or a woman. Nails and skin of the fingers must be carefully looked after, regardless of gender and age. Only in this case you will look attractive. Agree, a pretty dressed man with a dirt under the nail plate and formed burrs looks quite ridiculous and untidy, and they can also become inflamed. This article will tell you how to remove the cuticle. You can get acquainted with the main methods of manicure. Also find out that the cuticle is the skin that all people have. It requires not only periodic removal, but also special care.

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The cuticle is ...

What is called a cuticle? Who has it and what is it for? Let's try to answer these questions.

The cuticle is the so-called shell. It is not only among people.Most mammals and animals have a cuticle. However, they have a slightly different form of location and functionality. In humans, the cuticle is a skin formation that more resembles a thin film. It is located around the perimeter of the nail plate.

The functions of the cuticle are protective. This skin prevents germs and bacteria from entering the nail bed. Otherwise, all people would suffer from the fungus of the fingers. It is worth noting that the nail cuticle is divided into two subspecies: dead and living cells. The first type of formations must be removed. It is necessary to care for living tissues properly. Only in this case, your manicure will be perfect.

Removal of the cuticle of the nail plate: the pros and cons

Do I need to get rid of this skin around the nail plate? On this occasion, there are two opposing views. Some experts argue that the removal of the cuticle should be performed regularly. Others say that it is necessary to trust nature and leave fingers alone. What should modern men and women do?

In fact, the removal of the cuticle is an integral part of the manicure. Without such a manipulation, the fingers will look untidy. Also, an overgrown cuticle can crack and dry. This leads to burrs.Such skin processes are often inflamed and cause great discomfort to the person. In addition, the untreated cuticle grows into the nail plate. This leads to a distortion of the shape of the nail and the acquisition of an unaesthetic look.

How to remove the cuticle? There are several ways to make this manipulation. All of them are divided into trim and uncut methods. Consider the basic ways to care for the skin around the nails and find out how to remove the cuticle correctly.

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The use of cut manicure

How to remove the cuticle? The oldest and easiest way is to make a cropped manicure. It is worth recalling that the method can be traumatic. That is why it is necessary to follow certain rules and sequence in the processing of the plate.

First you need to soak the dried skin. Never make a cut manicure on dry skin. This can lead to cuts and inflammations. Gentle and dried skin is especially prone to injury. Pour warm water into the bowl. You can add essential oils or salt. Also recently, special blends for manicure trays have been sold in cosmetic stores.They not only soften the skin around the nail plate, but also have a caring effect on it.

Hold the nails in the water for about 10-20 minutes. After that, you can proceed to the treatment of the skin. Wipe wet fingers with a soft cloth. Take an orange stick in your hands and gently separate the cuticle from the nail. This must be done only in the case when the film is attached to the plate. Next, arm yourself with tweezers or thin sharp scissors. The first tool is preferred. This is explained by the fact that scissors cannot capture a coarse thin film as close as possible to living skin. Cut the cuticle on the perimeter of the marigold. In this case, the blade tool must be diluted no more than 2 millimeters.

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Apparatus treatment of the skin around the nails

How to remove cuticle uncut method? You can use a special apparatus for this. Most often, this method is used in specialized beauty salons. It is safer and almost never leads to injury. It is also worth saying that such treatment reduces the risk of catching HIV, hepatitis and many other infections.

The cuticle of the nail is processed as follows. The skin around the plate is oiled if it is very hard. This item can be skipped altogether if the cuticle is in fair condition. It is necessary to put on the device a special nozzle, suitable for a particular shape of the marigold. After that, the machine is connected to the electrical network and processing begins. Cleaning one finger does not take more than one minute. The rotating, rough nozzle cleans the thin, expanded diaper quickly and painlessly.

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Unedged manicure

How else can I remove the cuticle? Reviews of women and experts say that unedged manicure has recently become increasingly popular. It is quite simply produced at home and gives good results. The cuticle during the manipulation is not only removed, but its live part is moistened.

Before the procedure, you must first purchase a special composition. It may be in liquid form with a brush or be made in the form of a pencil for lubrication. Choose what you like best, and it will be more convenient to use.Clean the varnish plate and wash your hands thoroughly. After that, spread the cuticle with the chosen remedy and wait for the time specified in the instructions. Typically, the effect of the drug is given from 1 to 10 minutes. Next, arm yourself with an orange tree wand or a metal cuticle remover. Gently move the foil over the marigold and wash your hands with soap and water. The coarsened and excess skin independently moves away from the living epidermis.

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Paraffin treatment of the skin of the hands and the periungual roller

Less commonly used is this method, which allows for the removal of the cuticle. Reviews of the fairer sex talk about the following. The procedure carried out in the salons, is quite expensive. If, however, to carry out processing at home, it is necessary to arm themselves with some trains.

Paraffin treatment of the hands allows not only to remove the cuticle, but also to remove the coarsened skin from the palms and back of the hands. During the manipulation it is necessary to apply a special compound to the pens and wait for a while. Usually set the interval from 5 to 25 minutes. After that, you need to wash off the active substance with brushes and hold a soft peeling.Some formulations can be used without abrasive substances. The skin after such components is cleansed and becomes soft and tender.

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Salon manicure

How to remove the cuticle correctly? If you have never done such manipulations, then you should contact the master. The specialist will be able to produce for you absolutely any kind of treatment. The quality of the service will be top notch.

It must be remembered that the classic cut manicure is the cheapest service salon masters. In second place is the high cost of hardware processing and unedged. Paraffin therapy becomes the most expensive manipulation. It is used quite rarely, however, it has recently been increasingly recognized by women.

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Cuticle processing features

  • Do not use blades for cutting the cuticle.
  • Do not cut the skin too close to the living epidermis.
  • Try to disinfect the tools after each manicure.
  • Do not use someone else's cuticle remover. The only exception is the salon manicure.
  • Be sure to moisturize the skin after treatment.Use waxes, oils and nourishing caring compositions.
  • Do not bite off the cuticle and burrs with your teeth.

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You now know how to properly remove the cuticle. Always follow the above rules and sequence. Only in this case, your fingers will be in good condition. Do not forget to varnish nails after a manicure. Keep track of your pens and always be in the spotlight. Successes to you and beauty!

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