Cult actors. "Leon" - Aesthetic gangster drama from Luc Besson

In general, everything in the film "Leon": the actors and roles, photos from the filming process, episodes that are not included in the well-known version of the picture - has been the subject of discussion for almost half a century. What is not surprising, because the crime drama thriller “Leon” is a real masterpiece in the creative career of the most successful filmmaker of modern times, Luc Besson, and the main character of the film is unsociable, taciturn, illiterate killer of the highest class is considered the best character in the filmography of Jean Reno. In addition to him, the actors Danny Aiello and Gary Oldman adorned Leon with their presence (film).Leon actors

Aesthetic gangster melodrama

The film “Leon”, whose actors and roles were chosen personally by L. Besson, has the highest IMDb rating: 8.60 and is positioned by influential film critics as an example of compliance with all the canons and rules of cinema.The tape clearly shows all the specific to the cinema components: dramatic acts, characteristics of the characters, details, conflicts, links and exciting peripeteia of the plot. The actors "Leon" called this a work of art, the value of which lies in the artistic design and originality of the characters, by the way, played brilliantly.

Central character

The image of Leon is often anchored by a memorable appearance: glasses, a long coat, a hat, a flower and a suitcase that looks like a tool box. Moreover, the details of the decoration of the protagonist are inextricably associated not only with a specific character, but also with the film “Leon”. The film was regarded by the actors of the first plan as a successful springboard in a creative career. Artists were chosen by Besson carefully, even tremulously. According to the director and the author of the script, the main male role of the film was written under Reno, Luke did not consider anyone else as Leon. At the same time, Keanu Reeves and Mel Gibson were very interested in this role. Jean Reno brilliantly embodied his character on the screen. Although the artist sometimes wants to blame for convincing realism in demonstrating the shortcomings of Leon.The spectator in a sullen killer wanted to see a real hero, but the actor was able to show unhealthy alienation, like autistic ones, and mental features that had not lost their relevance since childhood.Leon actors and roles

Leading actor

During the viewing, of course, a harmonious understanding is felt, and as a result, the interaction of the director and actor. This is no accident, because the tape has become the sixth joint project of these two masters since the “Underground”. The French actor of Spanish origin, Jean Reno, after Besson’s paintings “Nikita”, “Blue Abyss” and “Leon” became in demand in Hollywood. His filmography includes the famous blockbusters released by the Dream Factory: Godzilla, The Da Vinci Code, Ronin. The creators of "The Matrix" even offered to Reno to play the role of agent Smith, but the performer refused because of employment in other projects.leon movie cast

Debut role

A rare film critic did not analyze all the components of the film "Leon": the actors and roles, plot twists and turns, visual embodiment. But among the above, the leader of the discussion and reviews was the performer of the main female role, Natalie Portman, who convincingly and extremely emotionally revealed the characteristics of her character, Matilda. For the actress, this project was the debut.More than 2000 applicants came to the casting of the picture. Among the candidates considered by the creators were Liv Tyler and Christina Ricci, who seemed too old for the director, although they were recommended by famous actors. Leon, according to the author’s idea, should have looked more sullen next to a very young girl.

When Portman's turn came, she did not pass the first tests, mostly because of her too young age. The girl was only 11 years old. However, having achieved a second chance, the young talent arranged such a terrific performance, which convinced not only all the casting managers, but also Besson, in his gift. Now an American actress of Israeli origin is the owner of the highest awards in the field of cinema, she is a real star of the first magnitude. The viewer is known for his work in the following projects: a prequel to Star Wars, Black Swan, V means Vendetta, Goya Ghosts, Cold Mountain. On the outstanding talent of the performer, many actors spoke positively. "Leon", according to the actress, is still a special project in her work.Leon actors and role photo


In addition to the brilliant screen duo of the main characters, which were played by wonderful actors, “Leon” boasts a vivid image of the antagonist - a high-ranking police officer engaged in drug trafficking. Stansfield is ruthless, extremely cruel, extremely punctual and prefers classical music. In the excellent performance of Gary Oldman, the character turned out to be bright and interesting, striking the beholder with icy calmness, alternating with uncontrolled flashes of anger. All of the above, no doubt, is the merit of the actor who created an absolutely original character thanks to his unique gestures and facial expressions.

Oldman was widely known after the release of the film "Sid and Nancy" and "Sharpen your ears", where the actor played the main roles. Gary is very much in demand and actively removed, mostly the directors see him as the performer of the roles of morally ambiguous, gloomy characters. In the whole creative career of the actor, the following film projects stand out: “Dracula”, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “The Dark Knight”, “The Fifth Element”, “The Book of Eli”, “Spy, Get Out!” And others.

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