Cosmetics "Bark": reviews. Professional cosmetics

The bark is an ancient Greek sculpture, an image of a young girl dressed in a traditional costume. Thousands of years pass, and she always smiles and radiates youth and beauty with her appearance.

Creation of cosmetics "Bark"

The same should be women who use cosmetics company "Cora". In its assortment is the whole range of face and body skin care products. This is not just a care, and therapeutic natural cosmetics.

cosmetics bark reviews

Scientists and practicing cosmetologists of the holding company with the name "Kora Laboratory" worked on its development for many years. The main task was with the help of cosmetics to improve the metabolic processes and enhance the function of protecting the skin. As a result of painstaking work, they managed to create a series of products that stop age-related changes and return youth. And if a woman looks great, then she is in a good mood.

Cosmetics "Bark"

Means "Cora" is a pharmacy professional cosmetics. Herbal remedies of this brand have a powerful regenerating and antioxidant effect on the skin.

Natural cosmetics produced on high-tech equipment. This makes it possible to quickly introduce all the new developments of the employees of the Kora laboratory.

Cora Products

This is not a complete list of products of the company "Cora":

  • Gels and creams to combat cellulite, lipo-corrector for the waist.
  • Peptides for moisturizing various skin areas.
  • Cream masks and gel masks that make the skin soft and healthy, give it elasticity, smooth wrinkles, soothe and relieve inflammation.
  • Masks with various therapeutic muds.
  • Alginate plasticizing masks.
  • Peeling scrub with lactic acid and allantoin, gel with the addition of papain to steam out the skin without the use of high temperature.
  • Dry masks for oily skin.
  • Tonics with lymphatic drainage effect.cosmetics bark reviews professionals

Brand "Cora"

The Kora company began its activity at the end of the last century. It has its own scientific center for the development of new cosmetics and its own base for production.This makes it possible to minimize the time from the development of a new phyto-product to its production.

The scientists of the center use in their developments the principle of protecting the skin with antioxidants.

Holding "Cora" produces cosmetics of such brands: "Cora", "Sante" and New Line. All herbal remedies are created with the use of herbs, various dirt, algae, oils.

“Cora” offers its customers cosmetics that not only heals and relieves various skin problems, but also allows you to do their prevention. After all, in its manufacture apply phyto, aromatherapy and thalassotherapy.

professional cosmetics

“Sante” with the help of creams, which include various animal fats, will help to make the skin of the hands and feet soft and healthy.

New Line includes cosmetics that can be used at home and in salons for professional use: tonics, creams and other cosmetics. The company "Cora" cares about the appearance and health of its customers.

cosmetics firm bark

Experts do not promise the effect of plastic surgery after applying their cosmetic products, but every woman will be able to look better, younger and more elegantly.


  • Means "Cora" combine the centuries-old experience of traditional healers and modern developments of medicine.
  • Their composition includes extracts from medicinal plants.
  • Phytochemicals do not incorporate hormones.
  • Act for a long time, without causing addiction.
  • Not allergenic.
  • Separate lines have been developed, allowing to choose an algorithm for skin care in accordance with its type.

Cosmetics lines

  • For sensitive skin care.
  • Cosmetics for too dry skin.
  • Means to fight wrinkles.
  • Professional cosmetics for oily skin care.
  • Means to combat cellulite.


The composition is unique cosmetics "bark". The prices are relatively low. Customer reviews suggest that the price-quality relationship suits them perfectly. So mud cream mask, which really perfectly tightens pores, removes pustules, acne, acne, costs only 200 rubles. Mask with fruit acids (exfoliant) for 3000 rubles. reduces pores, removes acne, rejuvenates skin.

natural cosmetics

Not only improve the condition of the skin, but also get rid of cellulite allows cosmetics "bark." Reviews of consumers say that they buy a whole bucket of anti-cellulite wrap products for a thousand rubles and make it at home themselves.This amount is enough for several times. And in the cabin one such procedure costs two or three thousand rubles. Marked savings! Yes, and do not need to go anywhere. You can wrap at a convenient time.

Constantly there are discounts on products.


Buyers really like cosmetics "Cora". Reviews of her mostly positive and enthusiastic. Sometimes women felt the effect of the product, but did not notice differences from cheaper brands.

Many believe that the natural cosmetics "Cora" - just wonderful. They have already experienced the effects of several herbalists. Now they are raising money to buy a Bole full set of cosmetics "Cora".

Effective for many women has been a cream with collagen and hyaluronic acid. It almost completely removes wrinkles. Consumers claim that the effect is simply amazing. Cosmetics "Cora" allows women to look younger, more beautiful, more attractive.

makeup kit

Customer reviews say that it is not worth buying such funds in pharmacies. They advise you to buy creams and masks in online stores. This will save a decent amount.

Not everyone helps to remove circles under the eyes and wrinkles cream with shea butter.

Good reviews come about evening cream with the addition of honey. It perfectly nourishes dry and flaky skin.Buyers note that not all components are natural in its composition. But it is clear. After all, completely natural products are stored for a very short time. Yet there are more plant substances than chemical additives. The cream looks greasy, but absorbs quickly. You do not even need to use a napkin in order to remove its remnants. The skin remains silky until the next water treatment. After a couple of weeks of using this cream, the skin ceases to peel off, the feeling of tightness disappears. The cream does not clog pores.

And do cosmetologists and doctors like cosmetics "Cora"? Reviews of professionals about the herbal medicine only positive. They advise them to their clients, as they are sure of a positive effect. Many consumers say that this or that product or a whole set of cosmetics was recommended to them by a beautician. For example, a cream mask for eyelids in combination with a cream-gel gives a good effect in women of age. The skin under the eyes is tightened.

cosmetics bark prices

Inspires women anti-cellulite wrap in combination with serum. First use a scrub, then 40 minutes spend wrapping. Serum is used at the end.All these products - cosmetics "Cora". Reviews show that the appearance of the skin after the procedure is significantly improved.

In the salons, too, often used cosmetics "Cora". Reviews of professionals note that the mud-mask cream smoothes the skin.

Allowed to quickly forget about the existing stretch marks after pregnancy anti-cellulite mask, which includes kelp.

The buyers are concerned about the words about emu oil, in the name of a series of creams. They are interested in what it is: inaccuracy in terminology (maybe it's fat) or deception of the buyer. It sounds intriguing, but it's hard to imagine.

But not all suitable cosmetics "Cora". Reviews say that cream serum, designed to smooth out wrinkles and having the effect of Botox, sometimes does not help.

Some consumers complain that the shampoo, balm, serum, which were used against hair loss, did not get rid of this problem. And other buyers liked shampoo to strengthen and grow hair. Perhaps the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

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