Corals (stones): magical properties, value

Corals are distinguished by an unusual form and a variety of colors, expressiveness and individuality, magical and healing properties. Translated from the Greek, their name sounds like "daughter of the sea." Corals - the stones are very ancient and beautiful. This article is for those who want to learn more about treasure from the depths of the sea.

Description, origin

First of all, it should be noted that coral is not one of the typical minerals extracted from rocks. Just like pearls, this precious material is of organic origin. It is formed in the depths of the oceans and seas, being the product of the activity of polyps - underwater microorganisms that live in large colonies and stick around any surface, from rocks to shipwrecks. When polyps die, corals remain in their habitat.

Stones are hardened limestone formations formed from marine minerals that have been deposited in tissues throughout the life of the polyps. In the composition of the coral there are such substances:

- calcium carbonate;

- magnesium carbonate;

- iron oxide.

corals stones

Corals are distributed in the warm waters of the Pacific, Mediterranean, Red and Japanese seas. They are mined at the most varied depths, from 3 to 300 meters, cleaned from the remains of polyps, polished to a shine, and then used in jewelry. Untreated coral looks unusual and impressive. It looks like bushes or sprigs of soft limestone. The most valuable corals without cracks, spots and other natural defects. Consider what these precious materials are.


There are corals of different colors, but there are about 350 shades. Moreover, the color depends on the degree of presence of organic matter, which contain corals in its structure.

The stones, the photos of which are presented below, are called red (noble) corals.

corals stones photo

This is the most famous and popular variety. It has been used since the birth of human civilization, for thousands of years.

The most rare are black corals containing the largest amount of organic matter (up to 100%). For this reason, they are no longer mined on an industrial scale. Blue is also considered the rarest shade.

In addition to these colors, there are still pink, white, purple, blue, gold and bamboo corals. Each color has variations of shades, and there are also blotches of one color against another: for example, pink on white. Rare combinations are especially appreciated - these are the most expensive corals (stones). The photo below shows some shades from a rich underwater palette.

 corals stones properties

The variety of corals allows craftsmen-jewelers to create real masterpieces. True, there is a difficulty in obtaining such a precious material, because it is slowly growing. For this reason, it is often used to color corals to the desired shade, or even imitation of mineral stones, glass, plastic, etc.

How to distinguish a fake?

Corals - stones, whose properties are immediately visible. Organic nature gives a staining effect, so the simplest way to determine the authenticity of a coral product at home is ordinary milk. If you put a piece of jewelry in it, then the genuine coral turns the liquid into a pinkish or reddish color. Mineral or glass of this effect, of course, will not.

Also, to determine the imitation, you can carefully consider the jewelry for barely visible lines, bubbles, stripes, etc. Such tiny markings occur during the processing of the material.

In ancient times

The coral crafts found by archaeologists are sometimes of considerable age, up to 25 thousand years. It is for certain that the fashion for coral jewelry existed in the most ancient states of the world. In many myths and legends that have come down to us, the coral stone is mentioned. Properties and meanings were attributed to him the most diverse: some of them are real, while others are only part of romantic legends.

For example, the ancient Greeks considered coral as the blood of the defeated Gorgon Medusa. They believed that the stone protects against all dangers, bringing its owner a happy life.

During the period of strictly religious Middle Ages, it began to signify purity and modesty, and to its properties was added protection from diabolical forces and earthly temptations. Such a powerful force, as they then believed, had any shade of coral.

coral stone magical properties

Stone showed magical properties while wearing in the form of beads, necklaces, bracelets. It was believed that he could add the mind and even give the ability to foresee.At all times, jewelry made from this material was valued as a talisman for travelers and future mothers.

In modern times

Coral is a stone, the magical properties of which are widely known today. They are mainly associated with human mental abilities and energy. Coral gives a positive attitude, clears the mind, creates a link between the individual and the cosmic consciousness.

Red and pink shades are considered particularly favorable for wearing in the form of jewelry on the neck, because they stimulate mental activity, relieve fatigue, and cleanse the body.

Rescuing from depression, treating internal organs and preserving from failure are all capable of coral. The value of the stone is still great in cultures of different countries.

Medicinal qualities

If you believe lithotherapists, then there is practically no disease of internal organs, the treatment of which could not contribute to the corals. Stones properties are quite real: it is scientifically proven that red coral contains the hormone prostaglandin that regulates the body's metabolism, affecting all organs and systems: the digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, nervous.

coral value of stone

Also, coral is a kind of indicator of the disease. It has been observed that if a person is suffering from a jewelry that suffers from a chronic illness, then spots appear on the stone with time, cracks and holes appear.

Japanese doctors use corals for the manufacture of dentures: it is believed that they are stronger than normal, and even contribute to the healing of small wounds in the mouth.


Due to their inorganic origin, some real healing properties and the mass of magical effects attributed, corals are the stones that are ideal for making amulets from them. According to tradition, you need to wear such an amulet around your neck in the form of a pendant, a bead, a necklace, or on the middle finger of your right hand in the form of a ring.

corals stones

Coral protects against the wiles of detractors, accelerates longing, attracts positive events. Brings good luck in difficult cases, especially with intellectual workload. It helps pregnant women to safely carry and give birth to a child. Learning helps memorize more information, learn skills, prepare for and pass exams. Many sources indicate that the coral can become a love talisman.If a couple wears rings with this stone, then their relationship will long remain harmonious and passionate.

What to wear

Corals are stones whose color does not tarnish over time, and the rich texture looks very advantageous in any decoration. A coral product will add zest to a strict office suit, a simple outfit for a walk around the city, an elegant evening dress, and a bright dress for a party. It is great if the color of the stone in the jewelry will be combined with another accessory: a handbag, shoes, a scarf, etc. The color of the coral and the shape of the jewelry should be chosen in accordance with the style of the dress.

stone coral properties and value

Coral is an amazing, not like a stone, the products from which you definitely need to have in your box. He will never go out of style.

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