Conspiracies from enemies and evil people. Protection from enemies

Do you have any detractors? Most likely, yes, even if you do not know about them. Unfortunately, there are many envious people in the world who can even ruin your life with just an evil thought.

To protect themselves and loved ones from negative energy, many people still use various conspiracies from enemies. But by what rules do these charms work and do they work at all?

Why do we need conspiracies?

There are many ways to protect against hostile people: from the simplest disregard to attempts to solve the problem radically, changing their social circle.

prayers from enemies

However, not always the traditional defense is able to cope with the negative that the spiteful critics generously pour over you. It happens that you can not refuse the enemy to communicate or somehow limit contact with him. And then conspiracies proven by generations of ancestors from enemies and ill-wishers come to the rescue.

The principle of the conspiracy

So how do all these prayers and conspiracies from enemies work? Of course, they will not turn your rivals into best friends, because rarely can a magical act affect a person’s consciousness. Nevertheless, there are only a few ways to display conspiracy and prayer from enemies in the real world:

  1. The ritual will significantly reduce the negative emanating from detractors.
  2. The conspiracy will create a “shield” that will either protect the conspirator or mirror the negative impact of himself.
  3. The enemy will not be able to conduct a negative magical effect aimed at the conspirator.
  4. A strong conspiracy from enemies is able to make detractors simply forget about their evil intentions, creating appropriate situations around the villainer.
  5. Universal conspiracies will help identify the enemy, because there is nothing more dangerous than a hidden foe.

conspiracy from enemies at work

Good plot rules

In order for the plot to be strong and to precisely fulfill what was intended, there are several rules that must be followed when reading a spell:

  • Visualization. You have to know exactly what you want from the plot.
  • Intention. Starting to read the plot, you must bring it to the end.You must also be sure of what you are doing.
  • Sincerity.
  • Melody. The universe is full of harmony, so conspiracies from enemies, made up in the form of a verse, will receive a greater energy return than simple text. Rhyme may be the easiest, most importantly - its presence.

And remember that it is not necessary to memorize the texts of conspiracies by heart, because when you follow the above rules, your plot will act in full force.

Conspiracy from enemies at work

Oddly enough, but conspiracies against detractors at work are almost the same as traditional spells.

plots from enemies

Therefore, there is no point in plotting and searching for other conspiracies from enemies when there are traditional rituals already proven in practice.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Even with friendly communication with a negative-minded person, there is a considerable danger of stealing your energy from his side. Permanent quarrels, shouts and reproaches can fall on you not only from strangers, but also from the closest relatives. This phenomenon is called magical vampirism, and it is dangerous due to the fact that it is not always possible to eliminate the vampire from your life.

In order to protect against energy loss, there are several proven methods:

  1. Visualization. While communicating with a vampire, it is necessary to present around him a dome, a sphere or mirrors directed outwards. This cocoon is your ideal defense, and not a drop of negative will break through it. The complexity of this method lies in the fact that without a certain habit, it will be extremely difficult for you to concentrate on communicating with the vampire and on maintaining protection.
  2. Restriction of communication. In this case, we should expect an extraordinary activity on the part of the vampire, since he, sensing that he is losing his feeder, will try in every way to gain energy in reserve. And if you do not have enough determination to get away from unwanted contact, a conspiracy from evil people will come to the rescue.

From vampire enemies to help plot on the knife

For this ritual, you need candles (you can be a church) and a knife suitable for certain requirements:

  • You must like the knife as much as possible. Ideally, it should be your favorite.
  • The knife should not be a souvenir. The knife that you use often and which has already managed to get used to your energy and hands is best suited.
  • The knife must have a sharp end pointing forward. If necessary, you can independently sharpen it.

First of all, the knife must be cleaned and charged for further work.

strong conspiracy from enemies

For this, it is required to put it between two burning candles and, looking at it through the fire, three times read the prayer according to your religion (“Our Father”, “Al Fatiha” and others). After the prayer, you should communicate with the knife: describe your fears and problems to it, ask for protection from enemies and evil in general.

The blade in terms of energy will have a long continuation of white light. It will not do any harm to good people, but detractors can also cripple, which will affect their health. And after a while the vampire will stop wanting to meet you.

You can carry a knife with you, or you can put it on the workplace. Just try to make sure that fewer people see it.

Prayers saving from enemies

Saying a prayer from enemies has several differences from conspiracies:

  • Most often in prayer they ask for the protection of the patrons.
  • Before a request for protection, repentance and prayer are usually present in order to remove a negative that has already been picked up.
  • In prayer, no requests for retribution and punishment of the enemy are allowed, since such anger can negatively affect the person praying.
  • Conspiracies use the energy of the caster to create protection, while prayer uses the resources of the patron.
  • If the patron decides that the intrigues of the ill-wisher are fair or fit the definition of a "life stage", then the prayers from the enemies may simply not solve the problem.

You can either take advantage of the prayers of protection that are traditional for your faith, or fold it yourself. At the time when prayer protection is set up against enemies, you must follow the same rules of "good conspiracy" as outlined above. Full concentration and self-reliance and self-righteousness will allow you to achieve maximum results.

Salt plot

conspiracy from enemies to salt

One of the strongest ways to protect is a conspiracy from enemies on the salt. To do this, you will need Thursday salt (bought on Thursday and without change) and a small dark bag, which you should sew yourself. The seams of the bag should be placed as close as possible so that the salt does not spill out.

Tightly stuffing a bag of salt, you need to read over it a conspiracy:

"The enemy will not be able to penetrate the protection with an evil eye, neither will I damage it, nor annoy me. Now I’m not afraid of deceit and anger, I’m not bad bone in my throat. That's my word, let it be so, for it is. Amen!"

After the bag is tightly tied and sewn into the lining of the jacket, into the pillow or into the mattress. If you can not sew it, then the bag is simply removed somewhere close.

Pay attention: if during the plot the bag burst and the salt spilled out, then it must be swept with a broom towards the threshold. Then you need to clean the room and only after that the ceremony can be repeated.

On a candle

Another way is plotting on a candle. From ancient times they got rid of the enemy in this way. Such conspiracies can not only put a barrier to negative energy, but also wash away the already picked up negative. The plot given below has only one drawback: in order for it to work successfully, you must know the name of your enemy.

conspiracy on a candle from the enemy

For the ceremony you will need to buy three identical candles in the church. Calculate the amount as it should, since the change can not be taken. In the evening of the nearest full moon, set the candles on a flat surface and light them.Then, looking at the flames and thinking about how you cleanse, say the words of the conspiracy as many times as you think necessary:

"As the devils scatter the gaze of God, so my foe (name) dissolves in darkness. Let (name) do not build intrigues, don’t stand behind it, evil doesn’t look. I have not heard. Let him not scold me more, not discuss, do not interfere and do not bother, does not remember, but forgets my name. This is my word, and it will be so. Amen! "

After in silence it is necessary to wait until the candles burn out to the end. After removing the venue of the ceremony, you must take a shower or at least wash your hands and face thoroughly with cold running water.

Lunar plots

Also popular are conspiracies to the waning moon. They will not radically save you from enemies, but they can both reduce the degree of influence of ill-wishers on you and reduce their hostility.

conspiracy to the waning moon from enemies

To conduct one of the lunar conspiracies, you need a picture of your enemy or volts. The volt is a figure created from a plastic material (in the extreme case even plasticine will do) and symbolizing the enemy.If you have a picture of your spiteful person or his biological material (hair, nail), then they need to be attached to a volt in order to fine tune it.

For the ceremony will need a candle from the church, which must be bought after dinner. At the venue of the ceremony, remove all religious attributes (icons, crosses, etc.), as well as remove wearable amulets.

Also need a new needle. Light a candle from the base, heat the tip of the needle and pierce the head of a volt. Leaving the needle in it, say the words of the conspiracy three times:

"You are amazed, (name), with a hot needle. Now, don't think about me about you, don't harm me, and don't stop me from living!"

Then insert the needle into the heart of the volt and say:
"You are struck, (name), with a hot needle! So that you no longer think about me, do not be sad, but do not do evil things!"

The candle must be put out with your fingers. Next, it is necessary to break it into three approximately equal parts, wrap them with a dark cloth and bury them in a vacant lot, where you can also leave a volt and a needle. After returning home, put water in a bowl and wash your hands and face. Water from a bowl must be poured outside your home.

Note that this conspiracy is more likely to attack magic, which means it will require a certain fee from you.

The danger of "black" conspiracy to revenge

Plots on revenge against the enemy have always been popular.But few people understand that they require a certain fee, because they relate to the magic of attack. And in the case of non-payment of this tribute, the higher energies can take what they like.

protection from enemies

Also the magic of retaliation will never punish the innocent. If you want to wrap witchcraft against a person who has not done anything to you, then you can catch a pullback. And this is unlikely to please you.

If you are not sure that a particular person is your enemy, then you need to hold a ceremony that will more accurately indicate the detractor. Until then, the magic of retribution is not recommended.

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