Complete the practice diary: how to do it right?

The time of student life is not only interesting, but also well loaded. The large number of documents that have to be written or completed is a problem for all students. And the further, the more. One of them is the practice diary, which is written during its passage in the specialized organization and after it. What it is, and how to fill in the practice diary, we will tell further.

Briefly about practice

Practice - part of the educational process in higher and secondary vocational schools, which is to immerse the student in a professional environment to solve real problems, demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained during training.

complete the practice diary

Place of practice - an organization on the basis of which a student of a university, college or other educational institution can realize their professional knowledge and gain practical skills. Some HEIs determine the places of practice for each student,and in some you can find a place of practice independently (in this case you will have to have an interview and independently agree with the organization).


Student practice is divided into 3 types:

  1. Introductory (training). It aims to familiarize students with the production processes and the organization of work in the company. The student is trying to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in an educational institution. Usually covered by a group of several people.
  2. Production - a practice in which a student works in an enterprise according to his specialization. In the course of his work, the student becomes acquainted with the peculiarities of the enterprise’s activity, the structure and organization of work, acquires and embodies the practical knowledge and skills necessary for its future employment and immersion in the profession. It can be held as each student individually, or as a small group, often in different organizations. Following the practice, a recommendation letter may be issued.
  3. Undergraduate - a practice that is held by a student on the profile of training in the process of writing a diploma.It reflects the research and conclusions, conducted and obtained during the practice. Each student passes it individually, often in different organizations. This type is the penultimate stage of study, because then there is only a defense and a diploma. Following the practice, at the request of the head, a letter of recommendation may be issued, which will help with future employment.

practice diary

You need to fill in the practice diary after each of them, unless another option is provided for by the university rules.

Practice diary

A completed diary for work experience is a printed document that is completed by the student during the course of the internship. It records such moments as:

  • Student data (last name, first name, patronymic, place of study with the full name of the institution, faculty and department).
  • Information about the place of practice (name of organization, contact details).
  • Goals (may be called an individual plan).
  • Job description for each day (includes the date, the story of what was done during working hours).

practice diary

  • Results (what was done, what knowledge and skills were obtained).
  • Characteristics of the student, written by the head of the internship at the place of her passing, where it is indicated what the student stood out for, what qualities he has in his specialty, what knowledge and skills he has. In the same section, an assessment is usually made for the practice.

How to fill in the practice diary

Fill out the report as required by the rules of the university. If you need to fill in a diary on the practice on the computer, this is exactly what should be done, and if it is by hand, then it is by hand. In some universities, the practice diary has a strictly established template. A completed practice diary is submitted to the department or to the dean's office after its completion or after protection (held in the form of a story about the work done in the form of abstracts with or without electronic presentation).

economist practice diary filled

Diary examples

A completed diary of practical training (as an example) can be found on the Internet in any specialty. But it will serve only as a model for filling. Because on the defense or later you can ask questions, the answers to which should correspond to the diary entries.And if you write that in practice you were doing something difficult, but you cannot explain it in practice, it can alert the department representatives and in the end lead to big problems. So, the economist’s practice diary, based on examples from the Internet, but in accordance with the work done, will look much better than completely rewritten or containing information about invented types of work.

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