The community of gratis donation "Gift of Dar": reviews

We all know that there is nothing more pleasant than gifts. How to receive and give them. But it would be nice if there was a huge community, where everyone could give to another what he no longer needed, but what that person needed so much, and get from the same unknown donor what he had dreamed of for so long. And such a community exists! This is the gift-giving service "Gift of the Gift", about which we will tell you today.

How did the gift of daro begin

“Gift Dar” is an Internet platform, with the help of which completely unfamiliar people give each other “things, opportunities and desires”. The project brings together about 420,000 participants from various countries and 4,400 cities. During its existence, more than 4 million gifts have been handed over.

The community of gratuitous donations has its history since 2008. It is a Russian project: its founders are brothers Anton and Maxim Karaulov, as well as a team of like-minded people. Why the Internet project? Every day people on the net exchange free and useful information with each other.So, maybe, the Internet will become a tool of rapprochement for those who are ready to give their neighbor and material things?

gift gift reviews

According to the creators, the novelty of their offspring is that it expands the boundaries of donations. For many of us, it is natural to give gifts only to loved ones. “Gift of Dara" in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities makes it familiar in this way to please strangers too. Isn’t this what makes the world better and kinder?

Announcements "Gift of Dar" is a constantly updated base of services, things that someone is ready to give you, to render completely free of charge. Accordingly, the more people are in the community, the more opportunities to please your neighbor and receive as a gift what you need.

About the future "Gift of Dara"

What will be the future service and announcements of the "Gift of Dar"? The developers shared their secrets:

  • The most mundane plan is the creation of a functional mobile application.
  • Simplification of the gift transfer to those who wish it: if you want to please someone, the support team will help you specify the information about your gift, find the one who needs it, and organize your meeting.
  • Creating a "service of desires": you only enter what you dream of in the search bar, and the system finds a person who can fulfill your desire!

Geography "Gift of Dara"

Handing each other services and things in the "Gift of Dar" not only in Russia. One of the missions of the project is to make it international, worldwide. The community has already joined:

  • Ukraine;
  • USA;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Germany;
  • Belarus;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Moldova;
  • Israel;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • India;
  • Armenia;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Poland;
  • China;
  • Finland;
  • Austria;
  • Poland;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • Uzbekistan and so on.

 I will give the gift of Moscow gift to the gift

Mission "gift dara"

The quantity in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in all other cities of Russia and the world pursues the same goals:

  • Turning a gift into a pleasant everyday act for everyone.
  • Raising a new tradition: you do not need to save unnecessary things on the mezzanine or even throw them out. It is much better to give them to someone who really needs them.
  • If millions of people all over the world daily add more and new things and services to the base of “Gift of Dar”, then everyone will be able to easily find in it what it is so necessary for them in a few minutes.
  • The desire to give a gift to someone who needs it so much will surely grow into a good habit and will be distributed not only within the site.
  • Giving is the maximum trust in your loved one, faith in the mercy of a person, that amazing support from someone who just lives with you on the same planet.

gift of gift

The traditions of the community "Gift daru"

If you want to give someone or get a phone, a toy, dishes, a postcard, etc. as a gift for the gift, you should definitely accept his “code of honor” when you join this community:

  • The "Gift of Dar" is created for gratuitous gifts, and not for the mercenary exchange of an unnecessary thing for the necessary one.
  • Discussions about the transfer of the gift are conducted only between the donor and those of those who wish to choose whom he chooses in private “Meeting Messages”, and not in public conversations and comments.
  • Take time for a detailed profile design: it is especially important to indicate your exact geolocation.
  • Politely communicate in comments with others who wish, the donor. Refrain from personal opinions and offensive assessments.

Donor Tips

The community "Gift of Dar" ("I will give it for free" in Moscow, Astana, Minsk, Kiev and other cities) offers a number of useful tips to its guest donor:

  • On the service to the gift does not include:
    • information that can be sent by text, link, e-mail;
    • a gift that infringes someone’s copyright;
    • meeting offer as a gift in itself;
    • marketing tools: discount coupons, product catalogs, etc .;
    • implicit requests for help;
    • What you thought before placing was: "Throw away or donate?"
  • If the first person who wants to receive your gift does not get in touch for a long time, you can promise the gift to another person.
  • If you have already agreed with someone to give him a gift, then keep your promise.
  • Do not promise a gift to someone who first responded to your ad. Wait for it to be viewed by other members of the community. Choose one to whom, in your opinion, the gift is better than others.

gift St. Petersburg gift

Tips for those wishing to receive a gift

The “Gift of Dar” (“I will give away for free” in Moscow and other megalopolises and towns) is interesting and for a considerable army who want to receive a gift for free. There is also a set of simple but important rules for them:

  • Even if what you really liked was promised to another person, do not hesitate to inform about your desire: the donor may change his mind, the first person for some reason may not be able to come for the thing, etc.
  • Sincerely and extensively write in the comments why this gift you most need.
  • There are no queues at the "Gift of Dar": even if you were the first to write about the desire to receive a gift, this does not mean that the donor should choose you.
  • To beg, begging in the community is prohibited!
  • Do not forget to write thanks to the donor for the item received, service, opportunity.
  • As soon as the gift has ceased to be necessary for you, pass it through the community to those who need it so much now!

What can I get as a gift?

Get a phone, a game console, home appliances, branded clothing, or even a purebred puppy in the gift house, many people want. Therefore, let's look at the real base of the gifts of the community in order to direct our desires in the right direction. We specified random gifts:

  • children's cars;
  • women's jacket;
  • wall posters with musical groups;
  • necklace (costume jewelry);
  • warm jacket;
  • new women's sandals;
  • coat;
  • hand-made key hanger;
  • comics;
  • fridge magnet;
  • dishes;
  • old tv;
  • mugs;
  • grater;
  • Ikea magazines;
  • souvenirs;
  • pants;
  • postcard of 1945;
  • used navigator;
  • charger for an unknown phone;
  • olive oil;
  • plants in the aquarium;
  • washcloth;
  • board game;
  • folding sofa;
  • headphone covers;
  • belt;
  • discs with children's films;
  • pumpkins for decor;
  • artificial fur;
  • jars for storing small items.

gift gift phone

To make it easy to exchange services and things between each other,The gift dar (in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities, many people use the service) includes a number of interest groups. For example:

  • For photo amateurs.
  • Exchange of underwear items.
  • For collecting cards.
  • Exchange of minerals, metals.
  • Souvenirs from different countries.
  • For those who want to exchange items of leather goods.
  • Community gardeners, lovers of indoor plants.
  • Exchange of kitchen utensils.
  • Handmade world: the exchange of handmade products.
  • For collecting everything associated with the era of the USSR.
  • Perfume collectors.
  • The community of "electronic maniacs" - fans to create electronic devices from virtually nothing.
  • Vintage, retro fashion.
  • Community for numismatists.
  • Booksellers.
  • Sharing things for kids and more.

We didn’t meet the phones on the gift-house. But here it is quite possible to choose something rare, unusual or real necessary as a gift. Though strange, incomprehensible gifts enough too.

Reviews: positive

Let's now look at the reviews of the "gift to the gift" of those who were or are directly involved in the community. Let's see what advantages they highlight:

  • The ability to transfer unnecessary things to those who will need them.
  • The ability to do good, help the needy, the needy.
  • To get something as a gift, you need to distribute gifts yourself.
  • Supply of "raw materials", sometimes very rare, for those who are fond of needlework.
  • Internet platform for meetings of a wide variety of collectors: the opportunity to get a valuable exhibit for your collection for free, to please another connoisseur with a thing that is duplicated in your collection.
  • The emergence of such a category as "Postmen": they collect things from donors and deliver them to those who wish, if there are long distances between the first and second, delivering gifts to general meetings.

 darudar gift service

Reviews: about negative

A lot of negative reviews about the "gift":

  • Sometimes the attitude of those who wish to gifts is as if they are buying them for a lot of their own money, and not voluntarily putting out a desire to receive as a gift: they complain about shortages, wear and tear, "non-brand".
  • The profiles of many donors and volunteers do not describe their real identity.
  • Part of those who do not agree to the self-delivery of the gift - they require / ask the donor to come and deliver the gift to them himself. Or sent by mail at his own expense.
  • The people who donated do not always rush to say a simple human “Thank you” to the donor at the meeting, not to mention writing a thank you on the site.
  • The game of sympathy, the goodness of the donor: not all citizens with "tearful" profiles live as badly as the "benefactor" describes. This is told in the reviews of the "Gift to Gift" donors themselves, who have found the profiles of the "unfortunate" in social networks.
  • Many people beg for a thing for resale far from a symbolic amount.
  • There are persons who will terrorize you in various ways, so that you give your gift to them, and not to the one whom, according to the rules of the site, you have to choose at will.
  • Most of the participants in the project agree on one thing: very little is given here to the normal, necessary, functional things. These are mostly unnecessary, old, incomprehensible purpose gifts.
  • If the donor gives a really good object, then a “crush” is built up in a figurative sense under his post: the person is not quite tactfully hurried to be chosen rather lucky, insulted each other.
  • The fight for the rating: many put up frank garbage as a gift in order to receive as many thanks as possible.

gift gift

Reviews: about strange

In the reviews of the "gift" people write about the funny, strange and incomprehensible on the site:

  • Many donors face an inadequate reaction to those who want a gift: an unreasonable refusal of a gift, claims that reach insults that the giver chooses another person, angry reviews that the thing does not meet expectations.
  • Strange gifts: mittens, left alone, glass bottles, broken dolls without some parts of the body, worn slippers, plastic disposable dishes, packing remnants, excess soup, a packed pack of pasta. What is more surprising, for such gifts are willing.
  • Section of complaints on the site: frank, ridiculous cluttering at each other.

The conclusion suggests the following: a great idea of ​​the project "Gift of the Gift", the impression of which is spoiled by strange, tactless, prone to dishonest enrichment, petty users. Up to the point that the donors decide to permanently leave the project. Many agree on the fact that the community is only a chance to give an unnecessary thing a second life, and not to help those in need. There are practically no people who are really poor, they are in a difficult situation.

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