Color music by hands on LEDs

Often, in order to create an optimal atmosphere forThe party lacks one important detail - color music. How to be? It's not everyone can rent such equipment. In this case, you can independently produce color music. You do not need to be a genius for this. In addition, everything you need for this can be found in any store. It is worth noting that the original color music, created by their own hands, can decorate not only a separate room, but also a car. This allows you to relax in a long traffic jam and, of course, not to fall asleep. So, how to make color music with your own hands?color music by one's own hands

Design of LED garlands

This is the most simple color music on LEDs. To produce it does not require special skills and tools. It can be made from ordinary New Year's garlands, which are used to decorate festive spruce. For manufacturing you will need:

  1. A special adapter for connecting to a computer.
  2. Christmas garland on LEDs.
  3. Insulating tape.
  4. Shielded cable.

Material preparation

So, how is color music made with their own hands? To begin with, you should prepare everything you need. To connect the garland to the computer, you need a special adapter. Find it will not be difficult. After all, in this case, you can use an adapter for the LPT port. In addition, a shielded cable or "twisted pair" is required.

How to collect?

Of course, for the manufacture of such a constructionit is necessary to know at least an approximate scheme. In this case, it is the following. The control circuit transmits a signal from zero to 7 s DATA contacts using eight conductors of the usual "twisted pair". As a ground transmitter in this case, the monitor of a stationary computer is used. Therefore, in order to get such color music, you will need an adapter for the B plug. Otherwise, the design simply can not be connected.LED color music hands

Connection and verification

After all the parts have been connected to thespecified scheme, you must run one of the programs on your computer that allow you to work with color music. For this purpose the well-known Winamp is suitable. Through the USB port, the processed data array is transferred to the device. As a result, the signal is output to eight channels of "twisted pair". This is what makes the LEDs light up in a certain sequence. This is how the color music is made with their own hands from an ordinary garland.

LED Lighting

To make a beautiful color music, you needprepare a neat shell of plexiglass, as well as the required number of LEDs. The result is a very original design. This will require:

  1. Battery or 12-volt adapter.
  2. Cable from the headphones.
  3. Transistor, preferably KT817.
  4. LEDs are five millimeters. Their color and quantity should be chosen based on their wishes.
  5. Sandpaper.
  6. Adhesive thermo gun.
  7. Plexiglass.
  8. Electric wire.color music by hands

Making the case

So, prepare the case. To make it, you need 4 plates of rectangular shape with dimensions of 5 by 15 centimeters, as well as plates of square shape - 5 by 5 centimeters. Cut them carefully so that the products are even.

In one of the plates of a rectangular shape,make a few holes. One is required for headphones, and the second - for power. Each of the body parts must be zamatirovat and necessarily sanded. The same thing you need to do with LEDs. You can assemble the case with an adhesive thermo gun. When the design is ready, you can begin the assembly.

How many LEDs do you need?

So, how many LEDs do you need to getgood color music? You can make it quickly with your own hands. The main thing is to correctly calculate the number of necessary parts. If you divide the operating voltage of the adapter into the operating voltage of one LED, you can get the required number of LEDs. In this case, there are to make color music with your own hands

Color music by own hands: scheme

To begin with, it is necessary to pass through the holeaudio cord. Now it should be connected to the transistor. After this, all the LEDs must be connected in series to the plus of the battery or the adapter. After that, all the parts must be assembled in one housing. The adapter must be connected to the transistor via a minus. This is the main rule. A series of LEDs should be connected to the transistor.

Particular attention should be paid to the audio cable. It can be taken from old headphones. Under the braid are three cores. This is one common wire and several wires for the right and left channels. To collect the scheme, only two are needed. Usually this is common and one for channels. The third wire remains unused. The transistor is usually connected to both cores. But the adapter is to the channel cable involved. That's all, LED color music, created by hand, ready.

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