Coffee toys do it yourself

Every day coffee toys are gaining popularity among fans of unusual decor. They can decorate the kitchen, living room or any other room. Their unusual and at the same time laconic design will certainly attract the attention of guests, and when they ask about where you bought such beauty, you can boast that you did it yourself.

Simple and beautiful

The pleasant aroma of the drink used to paint these cute knick-knacks will spread throughout the house and make its atmosphere even more cozy. It is not difficult to make these crafts even to a person who does not have much experience in cutting and toys

Coffee toys, made with your own hands, will become an indispensable gift for any occasion for your friends, because the best gift - made independently and with love. You can make as simple as possible, without additional details, and decorate it with a pretty face painted with paints, and dress up in any clothes.

A bit of history

There is a legend about how these products appeared. One woman sewed an uncomplicated doll for her daughter from old, unnecessary rags. For a long time she was lying in the attic of a coffee factory.

Occasionally the girl played with her when she visited her mother who worked there. But for many years the toy was covered with dust, burned out and smoked. And most importantly - it is completely saturated with the smell of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. From her and went coffee toys, a master class for the creation of which we consider.

Bear cubs, bunnies, cats, doggies - this list of animals that you can make, can be continued indefinitely. You can come up with an individual character and facial expression for each of your creations, give it any mood, even endow with any kind of profession you like. Just turn on the fantasy and enjoy the process, then you will be able to create unique characters, each of which is interesting in its own way.

What are they?

Coffee toys - a great way to please yourself and loved ones, and creativity will help you to abstract from stress and relax. Arrange a holiday by making this wonderful piece of puppet art! It is very easy to learn.All that is required of you at the initial stage of work is to collect the necessary materials, tune in to the creative wave and enjoy the process.

The world of coffee toys is full of joy and positive, and he is ready to open his doors to you! To begin with, let us examine in more detail the question of what these cute little animals are toys master class

What is this miracle? Coffee toys are made from fabrics of natural origin - flax, cotton, calico. They are different in style and level of detail, but often look extremely simple and even primitive.

They can be made from two or even one piece of cloth. This conciseness is the key to success and popularity. Stuff crafts with any soft filler such as padding polyester, cotton wool or even dry grass.

The secret is in flavor

Why are coffee toys so called? The fact is that to work on them, plain light (preferably white) fabrics are used, which at the end of sewing are dyed with a special solution. It consists of two large spoons of coffee, one spoon of salt, five tablespoons of water and a bag of vanillin. From the main ingredient and the name went.

Masters advise another recipe for the brown dye. It is made from a small spoonful of the most common PVA glue, the same amount of coffee, a glass of water, as well as cinnamon and vanilla to make a coffee toy

You can independently determine the amount of ingredients that is necessary to obtain the intended color. By adding some components and reducing the volume of others, you will observe how the solution changes its shade from light to dark (or vice versa) until you find the proportions that are optimal for yourself.

At the end of the work, the product is dried in the oven. Because of this, it is perfectly soaked with the smell of coffee and vanilla. Because he was called flavored toy. It is also called the garret because of the casual vintage look and the dark color that gives the impression that the fabric has burnt out due to old age.

Without fantasy anywhere

When making coffee toys with their own hands, the patterns are actually not needed. The fact is that the whole charm of the crafts is in its simplicity, and it does not need preliminary detailed drawing of every detail. And since each master invents his “chips” for products, the most interesting options are born in the process of work.But still some blanks can be used. For example, you can make a gingerbread man and even dress him in pants and a toys patterns

Coffee toys, made with their own hands, fascinate at first sight thanks to the unique faces, which can be easily drawn with the help of fabric acrylic paints. Thus, you can create unique author's works, giving each of them a unique character, mood, and even history. And small details like claws on paws, light triangles on the ears or a blush on the cheeks will make the images even more alive and interesting.

What do we need?

We will understand in more detail how to make a coffee toy. We have chosen an elementary example that any beginner master can easily repeat. In the process, you can come up with your own interesting details that will make the image more vivid.

To make an attic animal, you will need:

- Pattern;

- linen fabric;

- safety pins;

- a simple pencil;

- coffee (you can use both natural and soluble, but the second option is preferable),

- vanilla, cinnamon and salt (the last ingredient for the dye is optional);

- brush for drawing;

- needle with threads;

- sewing machine (although you can do without it);

- synthetic winterizer, cotton wool or any other soft filler (scraps of fabric, grass, cereals, etc.);

- any accessories that can be used for decoration (buttons, ribbons, etc.).

We work with a pattern

If you decide to sew coffee toys, patterns need to be done first. To do this, fold a small piece of fabric in half, pin a pattern outline cut out of paper to it (paper fixing is best done with safety pins) and toys do-it-yourself patterns

Unhook the blank, separately fasten the halves of the fabric together and cut the figure along the drawn line. As a rule, the patterns are made taking into account the additional space for the seams, so safely move the scissors along the line, leaving no indentation.

We paint

Prepare a mixture with which to give the material the effect of aging. Choose one of the above options or create your own. Combine all the ingredients, carefully mix them and boil for a few minutes, bringing the composition to a boil.

If you want to achieve a dark tone, take instant coffee. And in the case when you need to get a rich natural color, it is better to use natural. You can also combine both types to get the best from each one.

When you see that the contents of the saucepan boil, immediately remove it from the burner. Then gently, so as not to burn yourself, strain the liquid through a small strainer or gauze folded several times and proceed to painting.

coffee toys do it yourself mk

MK recommends coffee toys with their own hands to cover with two layers of pigment in order to achieve a more saturated tone. But even at one time you can get a beautiful color that you like. For drying, you can use a hairdryer, but it is better to hang the blanks in a slightly heated oven and wait until its heat removes excess moisture from them.

After drying, coffee toys (patterns) must be smoothed iron. It is recommended to do this by putting gauze over the item. This is necessary so that the device does not leave stains from the coffee composition, which is covered with cloth.

We sew and stuff

The master class recommends coffee toys to be stitched, folding the halves with their faces together.First you need to brush over them with bright threads to clearly see the line of connection, and then process them using a typewriter or manually.

Do not forget to leave a small hole in the seam, through which then turn the workpiece out. Also make small cuts in the corners of the pattern. Due to this, you will achieve the absence of folds in the finished product in these problem areas.

do-it-yourself coffee toys

Put the pencil in the left hole and turn out the craft with its face facing out and a seam inside. Now fill your creation with a filler and finally sew it up. Make sure that the sintepon (or other material that you use) is distributed over the calf and limbs evenly and not lumped.

Sew a hole and proceed to the appearance of your character. Make him a face, clothes, attach buttons or ribbons on the body - and you will have a wonderful coffee toy.

MK, the pattern considerably facilitates the process of work, it will take only a couple of hours, but the joy that the hand-made article will bring you will last much longer.

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