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A clutch bag is a small handbag that fits easily in your hand. Sometimes such a thing has a thin handle so that you can hang it on your shoulder. This accessory is almost universal. You can pick it up for any event. How and with what to combine a clutch to create an interesting image, tell our article.

History of

Small handbags appeared in the XVI century. The word "clutch" in translation from English means "to embrace", which determines the way of wearing the accessory. Initially, a clutch bag is a rectangular handbag that played the role of a wallet, since ladies carried money there. Then, gradually, the size of the handbag increased, it became possible to carry with them also cosmetics, perfumes, love letters. Any woman tried to decorate her handbag, embroidering it with beads and precious stones, embroidery or ribbons.

Of particular popularity among women of all sectors of society, these bags acquired in the XIX century. At this time, no self-respecting girl would not leave the house without a neat clutch.In the twentieth century, a special love for small handbags was observed in the famous Coco Chanel, which made them their business card. Since then, the clutch did not go out of fashion.

clutch is

How and with what to combine clutch

Creating an image with a small female clutch bag does not seem to be anything complicated. Stylists advise to combine it with the most diverse clothing, because a clutch is a universal thing. There are several generally accepted rules for wearing an accessory:

  1. The clutch is combined with all styles except sport.
  2. A handbag should match the color of at least one more element of the image, it can be a belt, shoes. The decor of the thing should be chosen based on the event, for example, a bag, generously embroidered with rhinestones, it would be inappropriate to look at a simple evening walk.
  3. The number of decorative elements on the bag should be inversely proportional to the complexity of the dress cut. For example, the simpler the dress, the harder the bag, and vice versa.

Despite the fact that the clutch is a bag for carrying in your hand, shoulder straps are also allowed. The option depends on the convenience in a particular case.

The variety of handbags allows you to find successful combinations with any things from the wardrobe.

Leather bag

The classic version is a leather or leatherette clutch.It has a universal design and a rectangular shape. This option is suitable for both classic dress and evening dress. It is interesting to look at the options for combining a miniature bag with a short fur coat or a leather jacket.
genuine leather clutch

A clutch bag made of genuine leather may have small elements of decor, for example, a large lock or fringe. For a cocktail dress, it is preferable to choose classic models of patent leather, which are usually worn in the hand or on the shoulder.

Decorated accessories

For the event, the dress code of which allows for bright things, handbags embroidered with rhinestones, beads, sequins or bows are the perfect solution. They are suitable for self-confident girls who are not afraid to be in the center of attention. As a rule, such handbags have miniature size and are placed in the female palm. The classic version is considered to be a clutch bag of metallic leather of silver or golden hue in combination with an evening dress of dark tones.

Extravagant models

Modern designers offer many options for an unusual type of handbags. They can be made in the form of animals, hearts, fruits.Usually they also have a non-standard finish, which distinguishes them from the variety of miniature handbags. For the manufacture of unusual accessories often use materials such as fur, leather, reptiles, metal, artificial polymers.

clutch bag

Such clutches are suitable for special occasions or friendly meetings. It is important to remember that the more complex the decor of the accessory, the simpler the suit should be.

Large size clutches

Despite the fact that small-sized swirls are considered classic, in recent years, large clutches have become popular. Often they resemble an envelope and do not have additional decoration. Such bags attract attention with their large size and variety of colors.

A large-sized clutch can be combined with both jeans and a business suit, and its dimensions make it possible to wear it even for work.

men's leather clutches

Textile models

Often for the manufacture of small handbags using a variety of fabrics. With the help of the texture of the fabric, you can create both everyday and evening thing. Often used materials such as velvet, velvet, satin. The shape of the accessory resembles a beautician, only larger.Sometimes the accessory has a frame for durability.

The models embroidered with ribbons, beads, beads, and rhinestones look advantageous with cocktail dresses. While simple velvet or linen clutches with a shoulder strap help create simple looks for exploring the city or meeting with friends.

Clutch for men

A man's clutch differs from a woman's one, first of all in size: it is larger than the classic woman's. This is due to the fact that a man with a small wallet in his hands looks strange.

small women's handbags clutch

The men's clutch helps to comfortably place all the necessary things that many carry in their pockets: keys, cigarettes, money, documents. There are many varieties of such bags, the most popular ones:

  1. Wallets - have a rectangular shape, and the sizes correspond to the size of an ordinary wallet. They have departments for money, documents and keys. Traditionally be carried in hand.
  2. Bags over the shoulder are considered the most convenient option, as they have a large capacity and wearing comfort.
  3. Hand bags are small solid bags with or without a handle. They are often preferred by business men, who also need to carry a notepad and tablet computer for work.

Traditionally, men's clutches are made of leather, but there are models made of suede and fabric. They also look expensive and stylish. The size of the bag is determined individually depending on what you need to wear in it. Smaller models contain only the most necessary, but there are modifications to carry gadgets - tablets, smartphones.

The color scheme directly depends on the clothes with which the image is created. Often, men prefer the classic black clutches, as they are suitable for any clothing option. They perform not only practical, but also decorative function. Like the women's bag, the men's clutch is combined with all the stylistic trends, except sports and safari. Men's bags do not have age restrictions - they are worn by both young men and respectable men of age.

Clutch care

To miniature handbag served for many years, you need to properly care for her. Clutch should be cleaned regularly from dirt, especially if it is made of materials of light or bright colors. Cloth bags are traditionally considered to be summer, so in the winter they should be hidden in a place protected from dust, as it is difficult to clean such a bag, especially if it has a complex decor.

male clutch

Classic models of a small handbag never go out of fashion, so you should not save on such a fashionable accessory. He, like shoes and watches, helps to create a first impression about a person. This accessory is suitable for almost any life situation and allows you to create a lot of great images.

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