Club Caretta Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey): room description, service, reviews

Our article will be interesting to those who are planning a vacation in Turkey. Choose a good hotel, as you know, is not easy. The most popular are four-and five-star complexes, which promise tourists good conditions and a variety of entertainment. In this article we will talk about one of these places called Club Hotel Caretta Beach.

A little about the hotel ...

Club Hotel Caretta Beach is located in a quiet place in the village of Konakli, near Alanya. The hotel was built in 1993. Not so long ago, in 2014, the hotel underwent major changes, the result of which was a complete renovation of the complex. Currently, the hotel offers comfortable rooms, high-class service, developed infrastructure and a large selection of entertainment for travelers of all hotel caretta beach

Club Hotel Caretta Beach is located on the coast, 12 kilometers from the center of Alanya. The hotel consists of one six-storey building, all rooms of which have a full or partial view of the sea.In total, the area of ​​the complex is 12 thousand square meters. The pride of the place is a small, but incredibly beautiful and well-groomed territory.

Number of rooms

The rooms of the Club Hotel Caretta Beach are not very diverse. In the assortment of the hotel there are standard apartments. In total, there are 301 rooms, among which there are standards with bunk beds for children.

All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators, satellite channels and flat-screen TVs, as well as mini-bars, telephones and safes. The hotel building is designed in such a way that at least a partial view of the sea opens from all balconies. The hotel provides daily cleaning and towel change.


Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 * works on the All Inclusive system. The main restaurant offers visitors a buffet. In addition, the hotel has several bars and cafes. A good selection of dishes in the restaurant will satisfy even the most captious guests. Every day on the tables you can see: scrambled eggs, pancakes, cereals, potatoes, seafood, rice, cheese, chicken, beef, fish, salads, vegetables, a wide variety of fruits and desserts.Sometimes in the evenings the chef delights guests with grilled hotel caretta beach 4

The All Inclusive concept also includes drinks (only local alcohol), which can be taken in any bar up to 23 hours.

Hotel infrastructure

Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 * is located one kilometer from Konakli. The territory of the hotel is a beautiful tropical garden by the sea. Peacocks and cats live here. And in the green areas, surrounded by palm trees, there are recreation areas with sun loungers. The hotel has a playground for children with swings and slides.

In total, the hotel has three swimming pools, one of which is for children. All ponds are equipped with slides. In addition, the hotel has a sauna, dry cleaning, hairdresser, laundry, free parking, a shop and car rental.

Sports and entertainment

Many tourists prefer Turkish resorts to others precisely because of the presence of children's and adult animation. After all, active events help to make the rest more vivid and rich. Hotel Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 *, as in many Turkish complexes, has animators. Activities entertain guests from early morning until late evening. Tourists can attend aqua aerobics classes, play water polo, darts, beach volleyball.

caretta beach club hotel 4 reviews

In the evening, the animators collect children for an incendiary mini-disco, after which a romantic disco or an entertaining show for adults begins.

Beach holiday

Beach Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 * is only fifty meters from the building. The local coast is covered with small pebbles and has a comfortable, smooth entry into the sea. There is a bar on the beach where you can not only order cocktails and drinks, but also have a snack during the day.

Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 *: reviews

Continuing the review of the hotel, I want to draw attention to the reviews of vacationers who have recently visited it. Club Hotel Caretta Beach (Turkey) refers to those complexes about which tourists leave the warmest reviews. But let's discuss everything in order.

The hotel is a six-story building in which there are only standard rooms. All of them are designed to accommodate three guests. Some of the rooms are equipped with bunk beds for children, in such apartments families with two babies can relax. The rest of the room is practically no different from each other. They all have the same equipment. Description of rooms Club Caretta Beach 4 * was given by us earlier. All apartments of the hotel are equipped with balconies, most of which have a direct or at least partial view of the sea coast.

Rooms are cleaned daily and fairly high quality. Bed maids are changed once every three days, and towels every other day. Unfortunately, the hotel does not provide beach caretta beach 4 restaurants and bars

Hotel apartments, though small, are new and equipped with everything necessary. The minibar has a supply of drinking water and other drinks, in addition, during the day, you can order juices, cocktails, beer, and local alcohol at any bar.

Nutrition Reviews

Special attention is given to restaurants and bars in Club Caretta Beach 4 *. It is no secret that the quality of food always causes a lot of complaints from tourists. However, this does not apply to Club Caretta Beach 4 * (Turkey, Alanya, Konakli). All hotel guests are satisfied with the amount and variety of food, and thank the chef of the main restaurant. The daily menu offers a good range of vegetables, salads, snacks, cheeses, meats, fruits and desserts. The restaurant staff copes with their duties. Resting at the hotel, it is simply impossible not to get better. Many tourists at lunchtime do not even want to leave the beach, because there is a bar in which there is not only drinks, but also snacks and salads. In addition, after dinner, Turkish flatbread, hamburgers and hot dogs are prepared at the bar and distributed to guests.

General impression of the hotel

Positive reviews about Club Hotel Caretta Beach 4 * are the main recommendation for those vacationers who are looking for a place to rest. According to tourists, the hotel is a great place for couples with children of different ages. Of course, young people here will not be bored either, but lovers of active night parties may need to look for another place.

For children, the hotel has good conditions. Children's animation set at the proper level, as evidenced by the feedback from parents. During the day, activites work with the kids, taking them up with contests and all sorts of activities. Every evening, children will enjoy an exciting mini-disco under the guidance of animators. Pleasantly pleased with the presence of a children's pool with slides and playgrounds with caretta beach 4 room descriptions

Do not forget the animators and adults. Anyone can start the morning with yoga and aqua aerobics. During the day, activists invite guests to play volleyball, water polo and other events. After the children's disco in the evening for the guests organize themed shows with acrobats and dances, and the most active awaits the disco in the beach bar.In general, tourists are incredibly satisfied with the organization of the animation in the hotel.

The small beautiful territory of the hotel is maintained in good condition, there are many beautiful places where you can have a good time and make beautiful photos for memory.

The Club Caretta Beach 4 * service is up to par. The hotel has a young and energetic staff that does a good job. Of course, there are minor issues, but they should not be paid attention.

Pleases and operational work of the reception. Check in at the hotel is quite fast. There are no problems with early registration and settlement.

As for the Internet, it is paid. Using it for the entire stay costs about 10 dollars. Paying for Wi-Fi at the reception, you get the opportunity to use the Internet throughout the territory.

Beach Vacation Reviews

The proximity to the sea is one of the advantages of the complex. The distance between the hull and the coast is no more than 50 meters. The beach of the hotel is quite large and well equipped. A large number of sun loungers makes it possible to take the time in the morning to take a seat, since free sun loungers are always caretta beach 4 turkey alanya konakli

The local coast has a sandy surface mixed with small pebbles. Convenient gently sloping sunset makes the beach comfortable for bathing children. Between the beach and the hotel there is a green area with sun loungers, many vacationers prefer to be located on it.

A little bit about the resort ...

The village of Konakli is a typical beach resort on the coast of Turkey. It is distinguished from other places by a favorable location near Alanya. The town itself is small, so there are no special attractions here. About 30 hotels have been built on the local coast, which may be of interest to those tourists who seek to break away from civilization and devote their holidays to staying in the sunshine by the sea. After all, clean sea, sun and sand - this is what the resort has to offer.

Each of the hotels of Konakli has a good infrastructure, promising tourists a good and complete rest. If you belong to the lovers of shopping and excursions, then in ten minutes by dolmushi you can reach Alanya with its bazaars, boutiques and sights.

On Wednesdays, in the center of Konakli, a large bazaar is arranged where you can buy all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs, as well as Turkish tea and sweets.

Excursions and attractions

Resting in Club Caretta Beach 4 *, you should definitely diversify the beach holiday with sightseeing. In the lobby there is a representative of the travel agency, who will tell you where to go. However, experienced travelers recommend to go on dolmushi to Alanya by yourself. Here you will find a lot of interesting places that deserve your attention.

The main attraction of the city is the tower Kyzyl-Kule, located in the port. Every tourist considers it his duty to visit the building that has come down to our days since the times of the Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keykubatu. The height of the tower is about 33 meters. At one time it was built for defensive purposes. Much time has passed since then and the building lost its direct purpose. Now there is an ethnographic museum in its walls. And for the most courageous tourists who are not too lazy to overcome 85 steps, there is an observation deck at the top of the building, which offers a truly amazing view of hotel caretta beach 4 beaches

Thirty kilometers from the city is the famous Water Planet water park. It is one of the largest such parks on the Mediterranean coast.It is located in a beautiful place on a huge rock near the sea. The unique architectural solution allowed harmoniously fitting the building into the natural landscape.

The water park is equipped with 24 slides, which are designed for different guests. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate the Kamikaze Hill, which is 25 meters high, and its length is almost 90. In addition, the water park has four pools, fountains, a jacuzzi and waterfalls.

Guests of the city may be interested in the archaeological museum, which is located in the center, near the city park. The museum exposition is constantly updated with brand new exhibits from the constantly ongoing excavations. In the halls of the museum you can see the unique finds of the bronze period. Here are collected historical monuments of ancient Rome. Ancient Greece, Byzantium and other states. Among other things, in the museum you can see coins of different eras and an extensive collection of weapons. The museum exposition will certainly interest all lovers of antiquity.

Far from all tourists who have been to Alanya know about such a place as Dim Chai. But the locals love to visit him, organizing picnics and holidays. Dim-Chay Valley is located near the city center.Not long ago, a dam was built here, as a result of which a reservoir was formed. It is forbidden to swim here, but you can admire the beauty of nature from the observation deck. In addition, in the valley there are a lot of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious fish. Here, guests are offered a lot of entertainment, including: fishing, riding on a bungee and a boat. Due to the fact that water in a mountain river is never above +11 degrees, there is no heat and heat in the valley, which attracts locals.hotel club hotel caretta beach

Tourists with children should definitely visit the park "Sialanya", which is located 20 minutes from the city. The complex consists of a dolphinarium and many other entertainment. It’s simply impossible to get around the whole park in one day, but it’s quite likely to drive around it on the “slow river” attraction. Visiting such local attractions will make the holiday unforgettable, filling it with vivid impressions.

Instead of an afterword

Given the positive reviews of tourists about the hotel, we can recommend it as a quiet and relaxing place for a family holiday. Good infrastructure, diverse, tasty food and close proximity to the sea make the complex incredibly attractive to resort guests.

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