Clear Vita Abe Shampoo: structure, types and reviews of customers

Not only hair, but also the scalp requires careful care and nutrition. This has been proven by dermatologists and specialists from CLEAR vita ABE. They have developed a special formula NUTRIUM 10 for men and women with fundamentally different composition.

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Shampoo properties

We spend a lot of time and effort on facial, body and hair care, but we completely forget about the scalp. But the appearance of our curls depends on her good condition. Insufficient nourishment of the skin in this area leads to problems such as dandruff, itching and dryness, which, in turn, is the root cause of weakening and hair loss. CLEAR shampoo is designed to combat this problem, it includes a large number of minerals and vitamins, which provide good nutrition and a brilliant look, not only hair, but also deep layers of the scalp.

New innovations

Dermatologists of the company have found that the skin on the head in women and men behaves differently. Thus, the male sex is more prone to dandruff due to the intensive work of the sebaceous glands.It follows the fatness and hair loss. CLEAR MEN shampoo is specially designed to meet these problems, helps eliminate dandruff, oily shine due to a number of active substances (climbazole and zinc pyrithione). In women, the problem is a feeling of dryness and itching of the scalp. Therefore, a separate formula has been created for them, which helps to eliminate these problems, nourishes the hair and skin with the necessary substances, relieves tension and other unpleasant sensations. It has been proven that most people having tried CLEAR shampoo no longer buy products from other brands.

Quick popularity

Back in 2007, the first CLEAR vita ABE shampoo appeared on the shelves of stores. He created a real sensation in the detergent industry, immediately bringing down a lot of inviting advertising on the gullible viewer. And it had its effect. The bottles began to quickly buy, and after promotion the product was no longer needed. The shampoo was appreciated. He really eliminated dandruff and improved the condition and appearance of hair. All thanks to a unique formula developed by the company, which during its existence, she managed to improve, releasing a whole line of tools with a targeted action to a specific problem.In 2011, CLEAR vita ABE shampoo was researched by the International Institute of Beauty, and as a result, it was proved that this remedy really has the most positive feedback from the consumer and fully nourishes the skin and hair with all the components they need.

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Proper use

Today, CLEAR shampoo is the only remedy that individually, and most importantly, effectively approaches the elimination of hair problems in men and women. Climbazol is not added to the series for women, as it has a drying effect, but the zinc content is required here. It fights dandruff and all its manifestations perfectly. For an integrated and more effective approach to solving problems, the company has released a line of tools that provide complete care, consisting of three stages:

  1. Casual care - shampoos and balsams for women and men.
  2. Nutrients - deep-acting masks with enhanced composition.
  3. The treatment course, designed for a week, to quickly eliminate dandruff and itching.

The results will be seen very quickly, if all means are used correctly and regularly, and in particular CLEAR shampoo.

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Women reviews

The choice of shampoo is a very individual matter, and here you should focus exclusively on your own skin type and hair condition. Reviews of most girls say that this product eliminates all uncomfortable sensations after the first or second use, perfectly fights dandruff, eliminating it from forever. For many, this is the only means that, after long and painful attempts, it helped, and they never again intend to change him. It is also noted that the CLEAR vita shampoo, which is very important, does not fatten or dry out the head, moisturizes and nourishes the hair even without the subsequent use of the balm, has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma. It is very thick and foams fine, and consequently, economical, one bottle of money is enough for a couple of months of frequent use. The company offers a range of products suitable for a particular type of hair, but they are all equally effective.

Specialized shampoo for colored hair will help not only to restore the health of hair, but also to keep the color bright. Especially positively noted shampoo that controls hair greasiness, which not only successfully and permanently relieves dandruff,but also makes the hair bulky and healthy from the roots, eliminating their fat content during the entire use of the product. Hair shine and look good, and most importantly, after applying this shampoo, inflammation, redness and other unpleasant sensations on the skin completely disappear.

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Men reviews

A strong half of our planet notes that it is thanks to this tool that they have forever forgotten what dandruff is, and now they enjoy the brilliant look of their hair. They, like women, no longer want to change CLEAR shampoo to any other and highlight a number of its positive qualities. Of course, this is a price, for a product with such a set of useful properties, it is small. It is spent economically at once for three reasons - it foams well, is very thick, keeps the head fresh for a long time, and therefore does not require frequent use. Most men noticed that they began to wash their hair much less frequently after they changed their usual shampoo to CLEAR. Here they add that, apparently, the tool is addictive, since attempts to switch to another shampoo end with a riotous appearance of dandruff. Men do not like dependence, and they note this fact as negative, although, most likely, other means simply do not possess such a therapeutic composition and turn out to be less effective.Especially distinguished shampoo against hair loss, which helps to solve two problems at once, and with maximum efficiency.

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In general, reviews of both men and women converge to one thing - all means of this brand, after a single use, act positively on the condition of the hair. They unanimously declare that to fight dandruff and itching it is better not to find a shampoo.

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