Cleaning the throttle car

By means of the throttle valve, the air supply is regulated to form the fuel mixture. Therefore, even small deviations in its position can lead to engine malfunction. The main symptoms are floating idling and “freezing” of the tachometer needle after the gas has been released. If the car jerks at low speed, the throttle valve (DZ) may also be to blame.

How often should I clean?

The purity of both the DZ and its hull is directly dependent on the quality of the fuel. The higher the tar content in gasoline, the more often it will have to be cleaned. On average, the need arises after a run of 80-100 thousand. Although on some models of cars, this procedure may be needed much more often. An example of such a car can serve as a Ford Focus. Cleaning the throttle body is required twice as often.

cleaning throttle

I am glad that the processing procedure DZ simple, and most motorists will be able to implement it themselves. Without nuances, of course, will not do.But read more about this below.

Particularly sensitive to the purity of the valve fuel systems with electronically controlled air supply. Due to dirt, the position sensor indicates that the damper is ajar, but in fact the air is not flowing in the proper amount. Therefore, the engine starts to malfunction.

What you need to know before starting work?

Some auto models require adaptation and training after cleaning the throttle. This can be avoided if you can clean the DZ without removing the case. But in this case it will be incomplete cleaning. Without removal it is almost impossible to flush the air ducts.

For information on the need to calibrate the position of the valve after cleaning, look for specialized forums. Since even the same car models, but of different generations, can have different settings. For some, you can adapt yourself by manipulating the ignition key and the gas pedal. And others will not be able to go without setting up with the help of dealer equipment.

cleaning the vaz throttle

Be sure to prevent the cleaner from getting into the rubber and plastic parts in the engine compartment. Its composition is very aggressive and can damage parts.If it is impossible or difficult to completely detach the housing with the flap, then cover the possible contact area with a dense cloth.

If the official dealer insists on replacing the entire assembly DZ, then just clean the throttle. If there are no changes, then change or look for the cause of unstable work in other nodes (candles, nozzles, etc.). In Europe, fuel quality is much higher, so the problem of contamination of the valve is extremely rare. Many automakers do not even have a cleaning procedure according to the maintenance schedule. That is why instead of an inexpensive troubleshooting method, they recommend a complete replacement.

How much is?

Cleaning the throttle valve VAZ or foreign cars is not very different in the technological process (if there is no need to train the throttle). Therefore, the cost of such a procedure when doing it yourself is also the same. All costs are reduced to the purchase of cleaning fluid. The price of this tool is in the range of 80-200 rubles.

after cleaning the throttle

The situation changes dramatically if you decide to contact an authorized dealer to perform the necessary work.For example, for Ford Focus 2, cleaning the throttle body of an official will cost 2900 rubles. The difference is significant, especially since you will spend one hour of time for self-cleaning.


It is better to perform cleaning work when the engine is cold. The car doesn't care, and you can get burned. It is also recommended to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Especially if you plan to clean the throttle completely, without removing it, since you will disconnect the connectors and use the cleaning fluid. The closure is unlikely, but it is better not to risk it.

cleaning throttle ford

Next you need to prepare a simple tool. Conventional screwdrivers and a socket wrench for 13 are needed if the throttle 2114 or other domestic equipment is being cleaned. In the case of foreign cars may need nozzles in the form of asterisks and the actual liquid itself for washing. The most commonly used tools for cleaning carburetors. Please note that this substance is “aggressive”, so do not neglect personal protective equipment (at least gloves).

We begin to disassemble

On any vehicle, the throttle valve is located at the other end of the nozzle that goes from the air filter housing. Since this element always has a large diameter, it is easy to find.It is necessary to loosen the fastening clamps with a screwdriver and disconnect it from the valve body. At this stage, you can first assess the need for cleaning. You can look inside the case and see the degree of contamination. If there is no dark bloom, and the walls of the housing DZ clean, then the cause of unstable engine operation in another.

Ford Focus Throttle Cleaning

If there is visible dirt, then you have two options - partial or full cleaning. If you do not want to remove the throttle mechanism completely (or are afraid to break something), then you can limit yourself to cleaning the visible part of the mechanism. Simply spray the cleaner through the straw inside the valve body and wipe with a cloth to remove excess material and dirt. Repeat this action several times, pay special attention to the end parts of the flap and the walls of the housing. Contamination of these parts has a greater effect on engine performance. Perhaps the result will be noticeable even after such a partial procedure.

According to the full program

If you decide to go further and clean the throttle more thoroughly, then let's look at how to do it. Disconnect all electrical connectors and throttle cable, if there is one (electronic control often occurs on foreign cars).After that, unscrew the mounting bolts and remove the two small hoses of the cooling system in the upper part of the housing. To prevent antifreeze from leaking, use clamps or bolt holes with bolts of suitable diameter. In most cases, it is enough to fix the hoses at the top of the engine compartment, then the fluid will not flow out.

focus 2 throttle cleaning

You can now pull the entire enclosure out and proceed with global cleaning. Since you got out from under the hood, you can not be afraid of falling cleaner on the plastic parts of the car. Do not restrain yourself in plentiful watering of the casing and damper with cleaning agent. Pay attention to the air ducts, in some neglected cases, it may require additional cleaning with a needle or thin wire (only very carefully). Do not use hard brushes or other things that could scratch the walls of the case. In case of physical damage to the mechanism, it will be possible to remedy the situation only by replacing the part.

Be sure to unscrew and clean the idle speed regulator and its seat. If the bad condition of the regulator rod is conspicuous (backlash, production or jamming), then it should be replaced.


Putting it in reverse order.Check that the fastening clamps of the cooling hoses and air corrugations are tight. Tighten the bolts of the valve body strongly, but without fanaticism. Be sure to check the condition of the air filter and replace if necessary.

cleaning the throttle 2114

The machine may not start the first time. This is because the treatment fluid remains in the channels. Cleaning the throttle "Ford" will lead to unstable engine operation (for a while). But the engine control unit quickly adapts to the new position, and the work stabilizes.


If the cause of poor performance of the idling or jerking of the car was in a dirty damper, then you will immediately notice a significant improvement. The machine will start up faster and respond to the gas pedal. And the procedure itself, as you can see, is simple and inexpensive. By the way, change the gasket of the throttle body, it costs 20-30 rubles, but you eliminate the risk of air leaks.

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