City Polyclinic № 170, Moscow: review, specialists, contacts and reviews

In Russia, every citizen has the right to choose a clinic in which he will be monitored free of charge. This is an important point. The level of satisfaction with medical care often depends on it. Today it is necessary to understand what polyclinic 170 in Moscow really is. What services does this institution provide? How good conditions does it offer? What do patients say about treatment here? All this will be discussed later. What information do you need to familiarize every resident of Moscow who has not decided on the choice of a clinic for further observation?polyclinic 170


First, a little about what is a polyclinic 170. Moscow is a big city. In it every day thousands of people in need of medical support. The institution being studied is a multidisciplinary polyclinic of the state type. She leads the adult and adolescent population. Kids are not accepted here.

It should be noted that the polyclinic has several branches. A kind of multidisciplinary center that allows you to get free access to a consultation with a doctor or visit this or that procedure. There is nothing surprising in the activities of the institution. The most common state clinic, of which in the capital, and so many. But what are its features recommended to pay attention to?


For example, the fact that the range of services of the institution does not leave indifferent. If you believe the description of the medical center, the clinic 170 offers advice and reception of specialists of different directions. Virtually any health related issue can be addressed here. What some polyclinics are missing!

Services in the institution are divided into paid and free. The bulk of the patients are clients participating in the CHI program. All polyclinic services are provided initially for free. But the patient has the right to pay for some of the opportunities and get increased comfort in return.polyclinic 170 moscow

Among the main services of the clinic there are the following areas:

  • specialist advice;
  • laboratory research;
  • massage and exercise therapy;
  • procedures aimed at treating ailments;
  • x-ray and ultrasound.

As already mentioned, the activity of the medical institution is not surprising. The city polyclinic 170 in Moscow performs the functions of the most usual budget-type institution in which various specialists conduct reception.

Clinic specialists

What problems can I contact with the institution? This is an important question that can save the lives of thousands of people. After all, in case of serious diseases it is necessary to select a specialist in the shortest possible time and sign up for an 170 branch

Fortunately, Polyclinic № 170 is a universal place for treating and monitoring the health of the population. Here you can meet:

  • ophthalmologist;
  • allergist;
  • a gastroenterologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • nephrologist;
  • urologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • therapist;
  • Ultrasound specialists;
  • a surgeon;
  • orthopedist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • a neurologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • oncologist;
  • infectious disease specialist.

From the foregoing, it follows that the institution being studied allows you to contact the clinic in case of any deviations in health. If there is no specialist in the medical organization, then the therapist will give a referral to another hospital.


Where is polyclinic 170? Moscow is the city where the institution is located. It is important to understand that he has several branches. And each has a separate address.

The head branch can be found at the following coordinates: Moscow, Podolskoy Kadetanov Street, 2, building 2. It is here that the population often turns to receive medical care.City Clinic 170

Branch number 1 is located at the address: Chertanovskaya, 62, building 1. The second branch of the institution can be found on Varshavskoye shosse, building 148, building 1. Another polyclinic branch is located at 11 Gas Pipeline.

All specified institutions conduct reception according to the established schedules. But the reviews and terms of service for each branch are left approximately the same. What can be said about the clinic 170?


A very important point is contacts for communication with the institution. With their help, you can find out the schedule of work of a doctor, get advice on the services provided, as well as make an appointment to specialists. What phones to use in one way or another?

It all depends on which department you are talking about.In addition, the service required by the citizen is taken into account. It is necessary to take into account the fact that reference and calling a doctor at home are different possibilities. And you will have to call on different numbers.

Polyclinic 170 makes a call to the specialist’s home if the citizen uses a multi-channel number that allows him to call a specialist from any branch.

You can reach the registry using the numbers located on the official website of the institution.

If you believe the numerous reviews about the clinic, you will have to take into account that using these contacts is not so easy. It is problematic to call the receptionist - they either do not pick up the phone, then they’re clinic 170

About making an appointment

City polyclinic 170 (Moscow) is a place where it is often necessary to register before consulting a specialist. Today, you can realize the idea:

  • by phone specified on the website honey. institutions;
  • make an appointment with the doctor at his appointment;
  • use the online portal for recording;
  • personally contact any branch of the organization.

It is noted that there may be problems with writing to narrow specialists. Some doctors take a live turn.Therefore, in order to get to a specialist without any problems, it is necessary to record in advance.


In general, the situation in the institution is not much different from the conditions of an ordinary state clinic. Polyclinic 170 reviews in Moscow receives quite good for the presence of cosmetic repairs in all branches. From time to time equipment is updated here. Not scary to go to receptions to specialists and procedures.

But the positives end there. Polyclinic № 170 earns a lot of negative reviews for problems with writing to specialists, the work of the registry, the constant queues to doctors. Some say that in a medical institution both specialists and non-medical staff are rude and rude. The situation is tense, heavy. At the reception, patient cards are lost from time to time. Yes, they are soon, but an unpleasant aftertaste remains.polyclinic 170 home call

About the work of doctors

What can be said about the work of specialists in the institution? Polyclinic 170 (branch 1 or any other is not so important) recruits only experienced specialists. Here work the real experts in their field. But this is not a reason to speak with confidence about the integrity of employees.

The bulk of doctors in the clinic 170 in Moscow receive positive feedback from patients. They are spoken of as doctors who really save lives. They try to find an individual approach to patients, do not delay the analysis, make diagnoses quickly, treatment is carried out promptly and effectively.

Only some doctors do not earn the best reviews. For example, in the clinic 170 speak negatively about gynecologists. They are said to be "not treated, but crippled." Similar opinions can be found about other experts. Someone rude and rude, someone prescribe a lot of unnecessary tests, some are not able to make a diagnosis. But this kind of feedback is not confirmed by anything.


On the whole, polyclinic 170 (Moscow) is a typical urban advisory center. The doctors here work different - there are also good specialists, and not so much. The work of the registry is not happy, the queue and voltage, too. But a similar situation occurs in all public clinics.City polyclinic 170 Moscow

The institution being studied is well suited for monitoring the health. Contact here is not recommended for people who are accustomed to comfort and quick entry to specialists.Not a single state polyclinic will be suitable for such citizens; it is better for them to go to private centers.

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