City of Hong Kong - the capital of which country?

Is Hong Kong an amazing, mysterious country, city or island? Some ordinary people believe that Hong Kong is the capital of China. Of course, this opinion is wrong, since the capital of China is Beijing. In fact, Hong Kong is part of the PRC. This is a large administrative region, located on the Kowloon Peninsula and another 260 islands. One of the islands has the same name as the whole area - Hong Kong.

Hong Kong District

The official name of the territory is the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. Long since part of China, located in the southeast, belonged to the Chinese Empire. It was inhabited, mainly by ethnic Chinese, in the XIV century. Over time, this territory was at the intersection of trade routes of the sea and land routes. Many Europeans decided to settle in this advantageous place. In the period from 1856 to 1860, when the opium war was going on, Great Britain seized part of the Kowloon Peninsula. And after a while and the rest of the peninsula, she rented for 99 years: until July 1997.

And it became unclear: who owns the country of Hong Kong, whose capital is the city of the same name? In the early 50s, a mass of Chinese refugees rushed to the peninsula, along with money capital. This determined the status of the district. In 1984, China and the United Kingdom signed a declaration, according to which the British side returned China to its territory. China, on the other hand, pledged to maintain the social, economic, and legislative systems in effect at that time for exactly 50 years, starting from the end of the lease.

Hong Kong is the capital of which country

Hong Kong - the capital of which country?

As a result, in the southeast of China, an administrative unit of more than 1000 square meters was formed. kilometers and with a population of over 7 million people. This area is very distinctive. In determining the state borders, the British checkpoint remained, and only through it you can get to the territory of Hong Kong and China. The visa is issued by the Chinese Embassy. The official language is Chinese and English. The local currency is the Hong Kong dollar. The symbol is the white dolphin. There are several religious concessions: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

country hong kong capital

Finance center

Today, Hong Kong is one of the leading financial and commercial centers of the world and a major exporter of Chinese goods. He owns 44% of imports. This is a free trade zone, convenient for opening any business. Hong Kong is a territory of contrasts. Along with technical progress, ancient culture and centuries-old Chinese traditions closely coexist here. Here you can meet a fortuneteller at the temple, and next to it is a large financial center where transactions with oil and gold are made. Business people do not have a question: "Hong Kong is the capital of which state?". Everyone knows that the country of the same name!

Hong Kong is the capital of China

The entire territory of the region is built up with high buildings: in terms of the number of skyscrapers Hong Kong occupies one of the first places in the world. Special attention is drawn to the airport, located on the whole island. The presence of the latest equipment, radio equipment provides air passengers with comfortable conditions. Cleanliness and order, comfortable soft benches, silence and unobtrusive light - all this makes it possible to have a good rest before the flight. No less favorable conditions for movement.

country hong kong capital

Hong Kong Infrastructure

Not only at the airport, but also everywhere roads and sidewalks have clear markings and signs. Strict observance of traffic rules, the absence of sound signals, the colorful design of the streets unwittingly suggest: "Hong Kong is the capital of which country?". He is very different from the rest of China. Huge buildings, shopping and business centers, restaurants, residential buildings - everything is convenient and beautiful.

Hong Kong is the capital of which state

Suspended pedestrian crossings with a length of a kilometer, bridges, tunnels can significantly shorten the path and arrive at the designated place in a timely manner. Including to work. A convenient means of transportation are escalators, which provide all business districts of the city. Mid-Levels is also located there: one of the world's longest open-air escalator systems. As a public transport used double-decker buses and trams. It is surprising that they are all of the old type with wooden benches that were made in the early twentieth century. At first glance, this seems strange, but does not spoil the overall impression. Even gives the city a charm. Such is he - Hong Kong. Which country's capital would refuse such a developed infrastructure?

Hong Kong is the capital of which country

For communication between the islands are the metro and ferries, decorated on a high class.Phones, computers, free Internet are available.

Attractions of the area

country hong kong capital

In Hong Kong, you can see a lot of interesting and unusual. Among the skyscrapers, on the roof of the IFC shopping center, there is a park with beautiful lawns, fountains, benches and tables for visitors. On one of the towers there is an observation deck. It offers a magnificent panorama. The city has many museums and a large bronze statue of Buddha.

You can relax and have lunch in one of the many restaurants and sushi bars, in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Conditions for living in the country are very favorable, especially for professionals: their work is always in demand.

Now it becomes clear what Hong Kong is, the capital of which country, where it is located and what is interesting for tourists and travelers. Practically it is a separate country, but in fact it is a region of China, Hong Kong, very beautiful and unique.

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