Cinema about the zone. Russian films about the zone: the list

Cinema about the zone very often goes on domestic television. These films are popular with viewers. Prison romance like many Russians.

"Prison romance"

cinema about zones

Especially popular cinema about the zone began to use in the early 90s. And this has its explanation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country was in a difficult economic and political situation. Many social institutions functioned, frankly, poorly. As a result, a large number of criminal elements emerged that began to play key roles in many areas.

In 1993, the drama of Yevgeny Tatarsky, The Prison Romance, appeared on Russian screens. The picture is based on real events. The plot is based on the story of one of the most famous Soviet and Russian raiders, Sergey Maduev, who committed a series of robberies, including with the use of weapons. Madueva, in the film he has the surname Artynov, played by the famous Soviet actor Alexander Abdulov.

The director focuses on the story of the daring escape from the “Kresty” remand prison, which the criminal managed to accomplish thanks to a revolver given to him by the investigator. In the film, the investigator plays Marina Neyolova.

Despite the fact that the film is a lot of fiction, the film became extremely popular in its time.

"Nicknamed the Beast"

films about the prison and the zone

In 1990, Alexander Muratov screened a novel by Viktor Dotsenko's "Deadline for Frenzy". On the screens of the film goes under the name "Beast". The main role is played by Dmitry Pevtsov.

The singers are played by Savely Govorkov, who is returning from Afghanistan. The country he returned to has changed a lot. He finds a place only as a bodyguard for the so-called first-wave merchant Alik, who also has close ties with the bandits.

In this case, the life of Savely develops quite well. He has almost everything that is needed for a comfortable existence in a post-perestroika country. There still appear romantic feelings for Alik Larisa's mistress. He is so easy to leave everything unwilling. He accuses Savely of illegal currency transactions, and Larisa in retaliation places in a psychiatric hospital. The former Afghan takes the brunt and sits in the colony.

Films about the prison and the zone, which were massively released in Russia in the early 90s, were often similar to each other. Really fascinating stories came across infrequently. Action "Nicknamed the Beast" - one of these films.

In the colony, Savely does not want to bow before prisoners and guards. This, of course, many do not like. Very soon comes the order to eliminate it. Quite unexpectedly, he is assisted by a renowned crime boss named King. Thanks to him, Savely makes a successful escape with two more prisoners. In fact, they were supposed to kill the hero Pevtsov in the general turmoil while trying to escape. Instead, his two accomplices die. One of them, before his death, reports that a certain Korean has to die. The task of Savely now - revenge and restore justice.


series about the zone

Films about the prison and the zone became popular already at the sunset of the Soviet Union. In 1989, the picture "Lawlessness" was published after the essay of the same name by Leonid Nikitinsky, which was published in the magazine Ogonyok.

The main conflict of this film was the clarification of the relationship between prisoners in the colonies in the position of slaves, and a minority of cons who were the so-called thieves in law.The third side in this conflict is the administration of the colony, which has its own interests.

It should be noted that in those years in the USSR the number of prisoners significantly increased, therefore such problems became relevant for the majority. The film premiered in 1990.

Militants about the prison and the zone had a great success among the audience. In the film "Lawlessness", the main character is prisoner Yuri Kolganov, who receives 4 years in prison. He refuses to work in prison, so in the very first days he is sent to a punishment cell. Here he meets a reputable criminal named Prince, who is watching over the zone. Assessing the free and independent nature of Kolganov, the Prince decides to bring him closer to him. Because such uncompromising people are always needed. Soon he becomes a brigadier in the barracks.

Details in the picture describes the position and administration of the colony. There are also officers who treat prisoners humanly. For example, this is Senior Lieutenant Kasimov, who plays football with convicts. True, his superiors for this frankly does not like.

The conflict enters an acute stage when prisoners go on strike, refusing to work.The new head of the colony, who does not know how the prison system is organized, is trying to change it, but others understand that these undertakings are doomed to failure.


Russian films about the zone

Listing films about the zone, a list of which is in this article, it is impossible not to recall the picture "Convoy". She was released in 2012. It was shot by Russian director Alexei Mizgirev. The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in the non-competitive program "Panorama".

The main character is Army captain Ignat, who suffers from mental disorders. In particular, migraine and visions. However, he does not feel physical pain, but suffers from internal problems.

Mental suffering began to overcome him even more after his daughter died. He suffers from remorse of conscience, believing himself responsible for her death. At the same time, it is not going to make excuses and apologize to anyone. Once he finds himself in a drunken brawl with street thugs. He faces criminal prosecution. The authorities, who are in his position, decide to send him on a business trip until everything is settled. Ignat leaves with his partner for detection and convoy to the part of the two deserters who stole the money.

One of the criminals kills a policeman and commits suicide.The search for the other continues.

Russian films about the zone are often filled with anticipation and fear of the upcoming conclusion. He is experiencing and the protagonist of this picture. In the future, events unfold unexpectedly. During a migraine attack, his partner hides with the money they confiscated from the deserters. And Ignat now have to return the full amount.


militants about the prison and the zone

Series about the zone began to gain popularity after the feature films faded into the background. It happened in the 2000s. In 2007, Nikolai Dostal shoots a multi-part biographical drama "Lenin's Testament." A total of 12 episodes in the picture.

This movie about the zone came to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Soviet writer Varlam Shalamov. His "Kolyma Tales" most vividly describe the consequences of the Stalinist repressions that millions of people in the Soviet Union had experienced.

Shalamov himself spent in camps as much as 17 years. In conclusion, he was in favor of distributing Lenin's letters to party members in which he sharply criticized Stalin. Stalin did not tolerate any criticism, even from the mouth of the leader of the world proletariat. The regime severely punishes the writer, who for many years finds himself in Magadan camps.

In the film, the most vivid stories of Shalamov are screened in detail, which narrates about the difficult everyday life of ordinary Soviet prisoners.

"Zone. Prison novel"

movies about zone list

Bright film about the zone of recent years - the television series "Zone. Prison novel." The events of the film take place in one of the Russian pre-trial detention centers. It is noteworthy that originally the series began to be broadcast in prime time, but many viewers were outraged by the large number of explicit and naturalistic scenes. As a result, the release of the series was postponed to a later time. But even despite this, the rating, which the series about the zone reach, remains quite high. The viewer, they are interesting.

Russian films about the zone are often built on two storylines. This one is no exception. The viewer is watching Captain Bagrov, who is trying to investigate the alleged suicide of his former chief Weller. In parallel, he finds out the secrets of the institution. Moreover, some of them are unknown even to the head of the detention facility.

The second storyline concerns the prisoner Pavlov. He is under investigation on suspicion of murder, which he did not commit.The film is very similar to real life, in which tragedy coexists with comedy. For example, characters who were initially tragic, fall into comic situations, which is very animated by the series.

The series "Escape"

Russian films about the female zone

Soaps about the zone like to shoot not only in Russia but also abroad. So, the multiseries film “Escape”, the national adapted version of which appeared in 2010, became very popular.

Militants about the prison and the zone traditionally have high ratings. This series is about two brothers who left the orphanage. In the future, their fate is not easy. The brothers are imprisoned.


Russian films about the female zone occupy a special place in the national cinema devoted to prison romanticism.

In 2011, the series "Reflection" was released. He talks about the ex-major of the police, Elizaveta Kruglova, who was imprisoned in the post-perestroika years for organizing a gang of racketeers. The life of a female colony in Russia is not like a man’s. With the features of such a prison device has the opportunity to meet the viewer.

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