Church service

Service in the church is a service to God, which consists of appropriate rites and prayers. It reflects the inner religious content. Temples are specifically designed for church service. Every day, public day, morning and evening services are held in Orthodox churches.
Each service in the church consists of three types of worship. Together, they form the daily circle of worship, starting with the evening (from the ninth hour, vespers and povecheriya) and ending with the daily (from the third hour, sixth hour and the Divine Liturgy). Between them, there is another morning service in the church (half-night, matins and the first hour). It is not difficult to count that the whole daily circle contains nine services.

church service
How is the service in the church?

The Orthodox church service borrowed a lot from the Old Testament worship. Thus, a new day begins not at twelve o'clock at night, but at six o'clock in the evening. Therefore, the daily circle of worship begins with vespers. This service in the church is significant in that it announces the main biblical events, starting with the creation of the world, the fall of Adam and Eve, the Moses' commandments and ending with the ministry of the prophets.Orthodox parishioners thank the Lord for the day they lived.

Prayer for the next dream

After supper in the churches there is an ephemera. What is such a service? This is a kind of church prayer for the next dream. Believers remember the descent of Christ into Sheol and the release of the righteous from the power of Satan.

Seven daily services

how long does the service in the church

At midnight, the third service of the daily cycle, the midnight plate, takes place. This service should remind the congregation of the Last Judgment and the Second Coming of Christ. Matins is served before sunrise. This church service is one of the longest. It is dedicated to the events of the earthly life of Christ. Numerous thanksgiving and penitential prayers are offered on it. The first hour is spent around seven in the morning. This service is short. It recalls the stay of the Messiah at the trial of the Jewish high priest Caiaphas. The third hour is served at nine in the morning. This service is dedicated to the events in the Zion upper room, where the Holy Spirit descended on the companions of Christ, and in the praetorium of Pilate, where the son of God was sentenced to death.The sixth hour is held at twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and the ninth hour is served at three in the afternoon. This time is considered the moment of Christ’s death on the cross. Therefore, these services are dedicated to this event.

Main worship service

The main Orthodox church service in the daily cycle is the Divine Liturgy. This divine service makes it possible not only to recall the moments of the sacred history, but also to unite with Christ through the sacrament of Communion, which, according to church tradition, was established by him during the Last Supper. This service is held between the sixth and ninth hour, as a result of which it is also called impost.

How long does the service in the church last?

how is the service in the church

From 1-2 hours, depending on the service itself and the temple in which it is held. Today, some changes have been made to the regulations of the church charter. In parish churches, pastures serve only during the period of Lent, and on the eve of Easter the night is made once a night. The ninth hour is also almost not served, and the remaining six divine services are combined in 3 church services.

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