Chris Gardner's amazing story. The film "In pursuit of happiness." Actors, roles, plot

There are films of depressing, generatingpessimistic moods, but there are, on the contrary, inspiring hope and faith in tomorrow. The latter includes a film directed by Gabriela Muchchino "In pursuit of happiness." Actors and roles, the plot and the history of the film - all of this will be discussed in today's article.

in the pursuit of happiness actors

The picture was released in 2006. The performer of the main role was awarded the Oscar. In addition, the film has collected many prestigious awards, has caused approval of the audience. One of the filmmakers, listing the merits of the picture, mentioned "lack of freshness". High praise from the mouth of a skeptical critic!

What is the film "In pursuit of happiness"? The actor, who played an episodic role in this film, is the prototype of the protagonist. About a man who seemed to accidentally hit the frame, it is worth saying a few words.

History of Gardner

It is this man that appears only a fewseconds in the movie. His face is not visible at first, but before the final credits the episode with his participation repeats. And then the viewer can view his face - it's Chris Gardner. Although he starred in the film, but he is not an actor. He is a millionaire who published an autobiographical book on which the picture "In pursuit of happiness" was created.

Actor Will Smith

The main role in the film about which he is goingspeech in this article, became famous in the early 2000s. Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for the role of Mohammed Ali. Later he appeared in the films "People in Black", "Bad Guys". In the filmography of Smith a lot of bright movie images, but one of the most famous - Gardner in the drama "In the pursuit of happiness." Actor, as already said, for this work received the most prestigious American film award.

Content of the film

The plot line of the painting takes the audience to San Francisco in 1981. In the center of the narration, the Gardner family (Chris, Linda and their little son), forced to exist in very cramped conditions.

Having decided to correct the difficult financial situation,Chris risks and puts all available savings into a deliberately failed project. The man begins to sell portable scanning devices, which make it possible to make better pictures than a conventional X-ray machine. But a number of undeniable advantages over traditional equipment overshadows the high cost. Buying an innovative device can afford only the most successful medical specialists.

Linda, too, can not find a job that wouldbrought a decent income. She works in the laundry of a local hotel, where she is paid a mere penny. The family barely has enough money to rent cheap housing - arrears on rent are skyrocketing. Soon Linda moves to New York, in search of a more profitable vacancy. The son remains with Chris.

in pursuit of happiness actors and roles

After the departure of the wife, the protagonist becomesit's harder to survive, so he throws his unprofitable business and settles in a brokerage office. But the competition is great - employers have to choose only one employee from more than twenty applicants. The tenant evicts father and son for non-payment. Gardner and the boy have to move to the church shelter to have at least some roof over their heads.

"In pursuit of happiness": actors

This is the plot of the film. And this is the story of the man who wrote the book "In pursuit of happiness." Actor Will Smith performed the role of a man who managed to go from beggar to millionaire. Gardner was hired. In the 90's he opened his office. This time the business turned out to be successful. A new millennium, the former seller of a medical equipment that nobody needed met with a millionaire.

actors in the pursuit of happiness

Gardner Jr. played the son of Smith - Jayden. The role of the wife of the hero of this amazing story is Tandy Newton. It is worth saying that Gardner took an active part in the creation of the film "In pursuit of happiness." He did not select actors, but acted as a co-producer, and during the filming he made some changes to the script. Brian Howie, Dan Castellaneta, Scott Clays, Kurt Fuller and, of course, Chris Gardner in the role of a casual passer-in also played in the film.

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Chris Gardners amazing story. The film In pursuit of happiness. Actors, roles, plot Chris Gardners amazing story. The film In pursuit of happiness. Actors, roles, plot Chris Gardners amazing story. The film In pursuit of happiness. Actors, roles, plot Chris Gardners amazing story. The film In pursuit of happiness. Actors, roles, plot Chris Gardners amazing story. The film In pursuit of happiness. Actors, roles, plot