Child development at 9 months. Physical development of a child at 9 months

Scarce has overcome a long way from a helpless newborn to an individual who has his own opinion and is able to perform meaningful independent actions.child development at 9 months

The development of a child in 9 months will bring a lot of new achievements - both in the psychomotor and in the social line. During this period, he learns a lot of new things.

The rate of physical parameters

A monthly visit to a pediatrician is relevant for the entire first year of life. The specialist measures the main physical indicators and evaluates them. Using the table, you can find out whether the physical development of a child at 9 months meets the standards developed by WHO.


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Height, cm

Weight, kg

Head circumference, cm

Height, cm

Weight, kg

Head circumference, cm

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Below the average














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Very tall







How to evaluate the performance?

Approximately one out of ten kids will have parameters that go beyond the average statistical intervals, and it will be the norm for him. Why? It's simple - on the girth of the head, the weight and height of the child at 9 months, as at any other stage of development, the main influence is made by the hereditary factor. Therefore, experts not only compare the crumbs with the table, but also evaluate its general condition and heredity (height and weight of mom and dad, their nationality). If the parameters of the little ones are in the range “below average - above average” - physical indicators are normal. The figures obtained in the measurement, which are in the “very low - low” and “very high - high” interval zones - this is not a reason for panic, but a reason for adequate expert advice. The weight and height of a child at 9 months depend on the sex of the child. The rate for boys is slightly higher than for girls.height of child at 9 monthsEstimation of the parameters of the baby is important for monitoring health and detecting malnutrition. For example, intense weight loss for no apparent reason may indicate various diseases, and increased weight gain may indicate an incorrect nutritional diet.But the rapid increase or decrease in the circumference of the children's head indicate certain pathologies. One of these serious disorders is intracranial pressure.

Vertical position

Nine-month fidget almost does not sit in one place, therefore, requires constant attention of parents. The development of a child at 9 months brings new achievements: he not only crawls, but already stands on his feet, holding onto a support, and even tries to stand without it. The first time it can happen spontaneously. But, having estimated a new skill, the crumb will not stop on the achieved success. The vertical position is very like the curious baby. By the end of the month, he is likely to be able to stand up without support.child development 9 10 months

Nine-month baby can move around the arena, holding the handles on the crossbar. You can help the baby to know a large territory. To do this, you need to organize the position of the furniture so that when you move the baby was always holding on to the handles. Mom should be aware of caution, so when creating a territory for the crumbs, consider all the potential dangers. It is necessary to exclude objects and things that can cause injury or harm to a little restless: household appliances, sharp corners, vases, chemicals, and so on.

What is important crawling?

Among some parents there is an opinion that crawling crumbs is optional. This view is wrong. Crawling develops muscles throughout the body. Crawling, the crumb strengthens the back for walking and improves the handles for the development of fine motor skills. In the process of crawling, the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain is strengthened, which directly affects the development of the baby’s speech and intelligence. Crawling through the rooms, the kid gets the experience of movement, improves the vestibular apparatus, learns to navigate in the surrounding space, develops curiosity, independence and self-confidence.

How to help baby crawl?

Crawling is a necessary developmental skill, peculiar to a child of 9 months. A baby does not crawl more often because he is physically weak or is not interested in him. Most often, he simply does not have such an opportunity. This refers to the crumbs that spend all their waking hours in the arena, on their arms or in a high chair. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to go through this necessary stage. Having organized a free safe zone on the floor, it is recommended to leave the baby on it.9 months old baby does not crawlIt is possible to induce to crawl, having organized games with a child of 9 months, aimed at the development of this skill.For example, put a fidget on a tummy, place new objects and toys at an elongated adult hand, show how interesting they are, and leave them on the floor. Surely curiosity will prevail, and the baby crawls to learn new things. If this happens, then the next time the distance between him and the objects increase. You can have fun crawling yourself or invite a crawling toddler to visit.

In the development of this skill will be useful toys for children 9 months, encouraging crawling. It should be noisy bright objects, conveniently grabbing crumbs with one handle and easily throwing or rolling away, for example, a roly-poly or a jingle ball. They roll for a short distance, and the crumb wants to move and take again.


The little one is improved every day and actively learns new speech combinations. He can pronounce vowels and consonants. The development of a child at 9 months brings new success - the baby moves from babbling to verbal speech, that is, to a landmark treatment. During this period, you can hear how he refers to a particular person. This appeal is filled with meaning and can be in the form of various words: "mom", "dad", "woman","Lala" and others. They may sound imperfect, but the main thing is a meaningful consistency in their use. That is, wanting to draw the attention of mummies, the crumb says exactly “mom”, and the “dad” refers to the daddy who appeared on the horizon.

Mental development

The little mist knows his name and responds to it. He perfectly understands who is mom, who is dad, who is granny or granddad, and also remembers the names of everyone from the inner circle (brother, sister, etc.). In addition, the baby is familiar with the names of many items that occur daily. If you ask him to give a ball or a cube, then the baby will choose the necessary one from the pile of toys and stretch it. If you ask where the sofa or table, he correctly selects the given object and points to it. The peanut can show where the nose and eyes are - both on oneself and on the mother or a large picture of a person in a book.playing with a baby 9 monthsHe likes to imitate close people - he copies intonation, manner of speaking, facial expressions and gestures. The kid expresses his emotions: he rejoices at the achieved goal, is indignant at taking away the desired object. Scarce remembers the order of things. If you put a plate in front of him upside down, for sure the kid will turn it over correctly.The development of a child of 9-10 months brings new achievements of fine motor skills - he can already take small objects with his thumb and forefinger.

Daily regime

The time of awakening and falling asleep depends on the restraint's own internal biorhythm, but at this age it is very important to maintain a regimen. Night sleep crumbs should be 11-12 hours, and daytime - 2-3 hours. During the day, he can sleep twice or once, but longer. If you properly organize the regime of the child in 9 months, then the psyche of the baby will not be overloaded, problems with digestion and falling asleep will disappear. baby's regime at 9 monthsIt is necessary to remember the importance of walking on the air in the schedule of the day: in the summer they should be 3-3.5 hours, and in the winter - about 2 hours. For the baby, sleep in nature is very useful, so one day nap can be organized outside. Bathing before bedtime - favorite crumbs ritual in the mode of the day. The optimal temperature for splashing water in the bathroom is +34 ° C, and the duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

Play together

It is no secret that the pussy, with whom they practice daily, develops faster than their peers. In addition, the activities of the child with their parents play an important role in the development of friendly relations between them and lead the educational for children 9 monthsGames with a child of 9 months have the following directions:

  1. The development of fine motor skills.At home, you can offer the kid cardboard cardboard books for browsing together, play picking up small objects in a bag or box. On the street, the baby will enjoy working in the sandbox with shovels, buckets and tins, and while bathing it will be interesting to pour some water from the mold into the mold.
  2. Speech stimulation. Every day, as much as possible, you need to communicate with your baby for a walk and at home. People and surrounding objects should be presented to the child, and daily actions, deeds and events are described and explained. This is how his passive vocabulary is formed. It is necessary in the form of a game to encourage the child to repeat the sound combinations for parents. At this age it is useful to tell short rhymes and fairy tales, sing songs together.
  3. Physical development. Useful games aimed at the development of creeping skills. At this stage, the first steps for the handle with parents are important for him. Whenever possible, you need to drive your baby home and outdoors more often. It is necessary to monitor the position of the baby's handles - do not lift them high. He should use his mother's arms as a support, and not hang on them.
  4. The development of intelligence.Lay out mittens, socks, gloves and offer him to find a pair. When bathing, you can wash the doll and call it body parts. It will be useful to hide the object under the child, call it and look for it together.

What toys to buy?

Filling the game area, you should not overwhelm her with a huge number of toys. They should not be too much. It is better to periodically hide some, and get others. Toys for children of 9 months should be diverse: light and heavy, soft and hard, small and large. The main requirements for the gaming arsenal: it must be certified, well made and safe (did not have easily detached small parts). At this age, it is useful to choose a favorite toy for sleeping. It will help calm the crumbs and quickly fall asleep.

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