Character, fate, meaning of the name Efim for a boy

The man who received the name Efim, has a proud disposition, is always straightforward and overly emotional, and also has a fine mental organization. He is very difficult to experience the offenses that cause serious emotional distress. I am ready to empathize and let through another's pain. But despite this, the meaning of the name Yefim implies excessive egoism.

Name Efim: the meaning of the name and fate

meaning of efim

Efimka from a young age is able to surprise and delight loved ones, as he has innate acting talents. He is cheerful and sociable, easily finds new friends and feels confident in big companies. In the meaning of the name Efim it is indicated that he can become a good friend, bring true and strong feelings throughout his life. Until the last moment, he keeps in touch with his comrades and never breaks it first.

The meaning of the name Efim for a boy says that he is able to quickly assimilate the information received, carefully analyzing it and highlighting important points. With the right upbringing, Fima will surely graduate from high school and university.It will delight parents with medals brought from the Olympiad, and also show a sincere interest in scientific work.

Often commits rash steps that provoke the occurrence of unpleasant or conflict situations. Outwardly, he bears a great resemblance to his mother, but his father is his authority. It is to him that he will always go for practical advice.

The fate of the child depends not only on the meaning of the name Efim, the character may vary depending on the sign of the zodiac. The name will suit the boy who was born under the sign of Pisces or Taurus. The watermark will help Fima to fully unleash her acting potential, to find her “me.” He will grow up sensual in nature, able to empathize, and will be betrayed to close people. Taurus will reveal a real psychologist in Efimka. He will simply “read” people, understand their state of mind. As an adult, he will become a pragmatic, independent and peace-loving person.

efim name meaning

Adults need to control his psycho-emotional state, especially in adolescence. Experienced stress or fright can be a cause for health problems (for example, stuttering).To have an idea of ​​the behavior of an adult man, it is necessary to carefully analyze the meaning of the name Efim for a child. From an early age, children who are so named avoid team sports, preferring to act independently, demonstrating their individuality. Incredibly purposeful and looking for logic in everything.


Egocentrism makes it overly sensitive even to trivial situations. And failures on a love front can cause not only a pessimistic mood, but also a prolonged depression. Even being an egoist, Fima is able to spend hours pleasing his darling, because a satisfied girl is the best reward for him.

The choice of companion for him is very difficult. Union is possible only with a wise, understanding woman who loves diversity in sexual life. Sometimes able to arrange a baseless scandal, enjoying the pleasure of love suffering. If he has to choose between family and passion, he will choose the first option. Yefim is a homely man who experiences incredible mental anguish while away from home. A long trip is a real nightmare for him.

A family

name efim origin and meaning

If you decide to associate life with such a man, then it should be remembered that in the meaning of the name Efim lies a tendency to conflict situations. Only a woman who is wise will be able to avoid clarifying the relationship. And also the meaning of the name Efim can warn you that this man prefers only homemade food, which was prepared by his beloved wife. If you have not achieved success in cooking, perhaps your life together will become unbearable, and you will file for divorce.

For marriage, he always chooses a prominent girl, as his appearance is of great importance to him. Fima is able to maintain his romantic nature even after many years of marriage. In order to receive unexpected and pleasant courtship from him, the wife will also have to put a lot of effort into it. To create a family, it is necessary to choose girls with the name: Vera, Tonya, Lena, Ira, Laura, Sveta, Sonya, Ella. Nothing sensible will come of relationships with the ladies, whose name is Agnia, Hell, Zoe.


name efim meaning of name and fate

The meaning of the name Yefim says that he is incredibly hardworking and never spares his strength to achieve the proper result.Having a strong character, he is able to achieve success in his career by working:

  • oculist;
  • book illustrator;
  • speech therapist;
  • film and theater actor;
  • culinary;
  • the designer;
  • an artist;
  • an architect;
  • travel company manager;
  • a historian;
  • a sculptor.

Name Efim: origin and meaning

This is a rare male name, which appeared in Byzantium, which means that the origin has ancient Greek roots. It means “sacred”, “pure soul”, “pious”. In the modern world, men called Yefim are a huge rarity.


The man with this name is very tactful. He is able to understand the state of mind of even a stranger. He has a good sense of humor and knows in what situation to joke, and when it is necessary to hold the horses. He also understands who can make a pun, and with whom it is worth staying at a distance, talking seriously. With such a quality, he surprisingly avoids unnecessary conflicts.

meaning of efim for a boy

Fima always tries to be busy with useful work, not wanting to waste time on trifles. He is ready to help parents and even complete strangers by volunteering. He likes to change the situation in the house, as well as to make repairs.Any activity for the benefit of others brings him a sense of satisfaction. Only by helping people, he begins to feel his importance, raising self-esteem.

The meaning of the name Yefim tells us that he is an incorrigible romantic who has a penchant for unbridled fantasies. Because of his reverie, he can head off into the virtual world, sitting for hours at a computer, trying to play another game. She likes to sleep very much, remembering dreams to the smallest detail. Interested in the interpretation of dreams, fully trusting everything that is written in the dream book.

Here is the meaning of the name Efim. The character and fate of its owner are often equally calm, since a person with that name is not always active enough.


efim meaning character name

He has few real friends. Surrounding sometimes alarming excessive eccentricity, which is inherent in Phime. But he does not experience a lack of communication, even being completely alone, which does not bother him. Often makes casual connections for one night, relaxing in a club or restaurant.

When meeting Fimo, pay attention to his middle name, which often has a greater impact on a person than his name.He will be happy to talk to you about art, if you have at least some idea about it. Try to avoid outright flattery during intercourse, such behavior is unacceptable for these people. But rare compliments will fall to their taste.


Fima was not used to complaining about his health, which is quite strong. However, it is worth paying more attention to vision, as well as controlling blood pressure. Perhaps in adolescence there will be problems with the nervous and digestive systems. Inclined to be overweight, but can avoid obesity, if you observe proper nutrition.

Famous people

efim meaning name character and fate

You can talk a lot about the meaning of the name Efim, but to keep the words from being empty, you should pay attention to the outstanding people whom the parents called Fima. One of the greats was Efimiy Bolkhovitinov, born in 1763. His life was incredibly tragic, and in 1800 he lost not only his beloved wife, but also three children. Desperate, the man decided to go to the monastery. Being in the status of a monk, he devoted almost all the time to reading, expanding his own horizons, and also doing research.He was very different from the people who surrounded him in the monastery. Having a passion for books, as well as the nature of a skeptic, he hardly expected that he would climb so high, building a career as a clergyman. He was a reasonable man with an incredible sense of humor. Efimy Bolkhovitinov never was an ardent fan of religion and tried to look soberly at the world. And three days after his tonsure, he began to laugh at the monks who, like spiders, entangled him in a robe. Becoming a metropolitan, he began writing his own works, which are still relevant today. And also thanks to him, the foundation of the Kiev Tithean Church was excavated.

Next Fima is over 2000 years old! The great athlete who became a three-time winner at the Olympics was a fist fighter named Yefim. This athlete represented the Italian city of Locri and became a real legend, winning at the 74th, 76th and 77th Olympiads, which took place in 484-472 BC. er Competitions were held in Pereponessa (Olympia), in the immediate vicinity of the sanctuary of the great Zeus. The winner in the Olympics was equal to a holy man who was honored and respected.

The meaning of the name, character of Efimto a large extent is built on the personality of the ancient fist fighter, who was a friend of Odyssey himself. According to the legends, he managed to drive a demon from the city called Temes by the name of Polit. Having grown old, the Italian Fima disappeared without a trace, not knowing the usual death for people. Evidence of the existence of the legendary fighter was the statue, which was found during the excavations of ancient Olympia.

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