Series "Chance" - from classic to "Chanel Tender"

With the history of the aromas of "Chanel Chance" - "Tender", "Fresh" and classical - is associated a little myth, which is strongly supported by the Fashion House itself. He says that in his youth he made a guess: “If I have a chance to make my dreams come true and succeed, I will create a magical scent and give it the name“ Chance ”.”

Perhaps this legend is no more than a beautiful advertising move, but, nevertheless, in 2003 a fragrance appeared, the inscription on the bottle of which read: “Chanel Chance”.

Classic fragrance: composition

Creator of the fragrance, perfumer Jacques Polzh, of course, hoped for success, but did not expect that he would become a cult of a whole generation.

The fragrance, created for girls from twenty to thirty years old, carried the maximum political correctness. As they say, both in a feast, and in the tender

This chypre perfume was appropriate in the office, and on a date, perhaps that is why millions of women from all over the world have become so loyal to him. The initial notes of the perfume are bright,sparkling citrus aroma, in which pineapple is clearly heard, combined with a delicate bouquet of iris and hyacinth flowers and spicy spices. Heart notes - jasmine fragrance. Sweet vanilla, musk and vetiver in combination with a peculiar smell of patchouli complete this whole composition. At first glance, a rather complex composition, however, he completed his task: young girls and women made Chanel Chance, probably the most popular fragrance of the first decade of the 21st century.

First flanker

Four years after the birth of “Chance”, perfumers of the fashion house create its successor - the fragrance “Chance Fresh”, which has become as popular as the next flanker “Chanel” - “Tender”.

The whole essence of it is reflected in the title. The perfume turned out clean and fresh, ideal for keeping a strict dress code, but at the same time very chance tender

Aroma also belongs to the category of chypre-floral. Top notes are revealed by the mossy and deep smell of cedar combined with the ease and playfulness of citrus. In the heart notes - spices and flowers. In basic chords - teak, vetiver and musk combined with earthy patchouli.The new fragrance, although kept in the same vein as the classic “Chance”, has become lighter and more neutral. Girls choose this perfume for office work or everyday meetings.

A sharp turn in the world "Chanel": "Chance Tender"

After almost a decade of success of the original and its flanker, the company received a logical result - sales began to fall. It was decided to release a new fragrance in the already beloved clients of the “Chance” series - “Chanel Tender”. But the product had to be completed with a significant difference in another perfumery category.

So, in 2010 a sweet floral and fruit Chanel Tender tender reviewsIn the heart of the fragrance - a lush bouquet of white flowers, and in the final chords - cedar, amber, irises and musk. The pink color of perfumed water in a transparent bottle of Chanel Tender reflects its light and playful essence as well as possible. His advertising campaign promotes the image of unobtrusive sexual attractiveness, and the composition begins with notes of citrus and quince.

Chanel Tender: customer reviews

The marketers of the Fashion House claim that on the planet Earth every day a new bottle from the “Chance” series is bought: classic, “Fresh” or “Tender”. With such popularity in the reviews there is no shortage.Find out what customers say and their second half about these fragrances.perfume chanel tender

Feedback from women on the entire lineup is mostly positive. Customers report that the flavors are perfect for daylight hours, they are politically correct and permissible at work. Only in opinions about “Chanel Tender” one can come across recommendations to wear this perfume in the evening, as its playful disposition adjusts to flirting and pleasant pastime.

The whole line, many girls call their favorite scents. Reading the reviews of the tremendous durability and saturation of the odors of the “Chance” series, it is easy to understand why it is so popular. Another undoubted advantage, with which, however, it is worth being careful, is a long train from this perfume.

From the entire “Chance” series, the men most distinguish the perfume “Chanel Tender”. They like the sheer sweetness and sexuality of this fragrance. According to them, with a girl who is fragrant with such perfume, I would certainly like to meet and start a relationship. This fragrance is designed to bathe in compliments from the opposite sex.

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