Central symmetry - the source of life

If there were no symmetry, what would our world look like? What would be considered the standard of beauty and perfection? What does central symmetry mean for us and what role does it play? By the way, one of the most significant. In order to understand this, let's get acquainted with the natural law of nature closer.

Central symmetry

central symmetry

To begin, we define the concept. What do we mean by the phrase “central symmetry”? It is proportionality, correlation, proportionality, exact analogy of the sides or parts of something relative to the conditional or well-defined core axis.

Central symmetry in nature

Symmetry can be found everywhere if you look closely at the reality around us. It is present in snowflakes, leaves of trees and grass, insects, flowers, animals. The central symmetry of plants and living organisms is completely determined by the influence of the external environment, which still forms the appearance of the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

central symmetry in life


Do you like to pick mushrooms? Then you know that the mushroom, cut vertically, has an axis of symmetry along which it forms. You can observe the same phenomenon with round centrally symmetric berries. And how beautiful the apple is in the cut! And absolutely every plant has any part that has developed according to the laws of symmetry.

Faunacentral symmetry in nature

To notice the symmetry of insects, they, fortunately, do not need to be anatomized. Butterflies, dragonflies - as if alive and fluttering flowers. Graceful predators and domestic cats ... You can endlessly admire the creations of nature.

Water worldcentral symmetry

As the species diversity of the inhabitants of the aquatic environment is limitless, so often there is a central symmetry. Surely everyone can give a few simple examples.

Central symmetry in lifecentral symmetry in life

Throughout its centuries-old history from ancient temples, medieval castles and up to modern times, man has come to know beauty, harmony and learn to create, observing nature. The urban world in which most of the world's population lives is full of symmetry. These are houses, appliances, household items, science and art. Analogy is the key to the success of any engineering structure.

Symmetry in art

central symmetry in nature

Central symmetry is not only a mathematical concept.It is present in all areas of human life. The harmony of rhythmic composition never left a person indifferent. Reflection of these principles can be found in the decorative and applied arts: embroidery of authentic masters of completely different nations, patterned wood carving, self-woven carpets. There is a uniform construction of repetitions even in oral song creativity and the art of versification! And, of course, the craftsmen made jewelry according to the same laws of central symmetry. It is then that the decoration accepts individuality, unique beauty and becomes a true work of art. So symmetry fosters humanity, revealing the magical principle of order, harmony and perfection.

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