Causes of Autism in Children

Autism is a disorder of brain development, which is characterized by three main symptoms: a violation of social interaction, problems with verbalcauses of autism(verbal) and non-verbal (non-verbal) communication and unusual or severely restricted activities and interests. Autism is a complex developmental disorder with symptoms that usually appear during the first three years of life and are observed throughout life. The most severe disorders in a group of developmental disorders are called autism spectrum or developmental disorders, which cover a wide range of behaviors and symptoms. All of them are associated in one way or another with a violation of social and communication skills. In the most severe form, autism can include self-harm, very unusual and aggressive behavior.

The spread and causes of autism

According to the World Center for Quality Control and Prevention of Diseases, children with autism are born in 5 cases out of 1000. The disorder is four times more common in boys, it is completely unrelated to racial, social or any other affiliation.causes of early childhood autismpersonThe causes of autism are still not fully understood. Scanning shows that the shape and structure of the brain in autistic children is different from the structure of the brain of ordinary children. Scientists have conducted a lot of research and established a stable relationship with heredity, genetics and health problems of parents. Although no gene has been identified as causing childhood autism. The reasons may be hiding in certain segments of the genetic code, which the person inherits. More often, autism can be observed in those who have certain diseases: sclerosis, congenital rubella, phenylketonuria.

Causes of Autism and Symptoms

Symptoms of the disease are in a wide range of combinations, can be either mild or severe form. It is caused by physical disorders of the brain.childhood autism causesWhen can one recognize the causes of early childhood autism? Symptoms may be noticeable already in infancy, but become obvious in early childhood (from two to six years). There are five signs in a child’s behavior that can and should alert parents and make them consult a doctor. It is necessary to guard, if the child does not walk and does not speak up to 12 months,if he has a wandering gaze to one year, the absence of separate words to one and a half years, phrases from two or more words to two years, loss of speech and social skills at any age. The presence of one of the five signs does not mean that the child has a disease. To identify the presence and causes of autism, the baby is examined by a team of doctors: a neurologist, a psychologist, a pediatrician, a therapist, and other specialists. In fact, there are no specific tests that can identify autism. The final diagnosis can be made only when the child shows six or more of the 12 signs in the three listed areas: social interaction, communication and behavior.

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