Catching grayling on Tyrolean rod. Tyrolean wand: how to catch

It has long been believed that grayling can be caught only by fly fishing. However, most anglers have in their arsenal other ways of “hunting” for these river dwellers. Catching grayling with the help of spinning is an occupation no less fascinating than the same fly fishing. Cheating a cautious fish is a very difficult task, requiring the fisherman to use good bait skills and high accuracy when casting. Tackles for grayling fishing are very diverse. The fish has excellent vision, so it is necessary to use thin accessories to increase the number of bites. A special fishing rod for catching grayling is not needed; any modern rod of quick action and low mass, which can be used for accurate casting at close distances, will do.

Sly "Italian thing"

Tyrolean rod - a snap used as an element of fishing tackle.Invented in Italy, for fishing in reservoirs that have a rocky bottom. Once in the countries of the post-Soviet space, this type of equipment has found wider use, has undergone some changes in shape and has acquired more familiar names to our ears, for example, “ballerina”, “skipjack” and the like. At the same time, not specifically referring to the group of spinning accessories, it was among the amateur spinningists that the Italian invention became very popular.

catching grayling on Tyrolean rod

The Tyrolean rod is a lead sinker in the form of an elongated cylinder, one end of which is wearing a plastic tube that covers the cylinder approximately to the middle. The opposite end of the tube is tightly closed with a metal ring stopper for threading the fishing line. The Tyrolean rod serves as a tool that restricts and allows the bait (for example, the front sight) to keep at a small distance from the bottom. Some anglers use large-sized jigs instead of flies, but using the first one is a more rational solution, if only because there is a large variety of species of this type of bait.The change of flies saved many fishermen when the bite was going down.

Fishing for grayling on Tyrolean rod

The structure of the Tyrolean rod for fishing this valuable fish as a whole has no differences from the same kind of sinker used for catching predators with the help of a jig head or wobbler. The only difference Tyrolean sinkers for catching grayling - is its appearance. The wand should be more subtle. After all, this fish has excellent vision and can notice the unusual behavior of the bait in the layers of water or a different appearance.

Tyrolean stick how to catch

Some anglers often cover their weights with a dark color varnish. Unfortunately, it is a waste of time. In the process of fishing, the lower end of the tube hits the stones and the lacquer easily gets off. The color of the sinker is absolutely not important, therefore, it is not necessary to attach great importance to this. It is important to choose the right weight and size of gear, called Tyrolean wand. How to catch in accordance with the place where you are going to fish, will be discussed below.

The choice of posting bait after casting

For fishing with the help of the Tyrolean rod, preference is given to slow, measured handling of the bait in the water column.In some cases, the slower wiring may be accompanied by a swing of the hooking of the rod with a short amplitude. Often used the method of arbitrary posting bait due to the flow of the river. The choice of posting technology depends on the bait used in fishing. A feature of the Tyrolean rod is the ability to deliver a light bait to great depths.

grayling on Tyrolean rod

The choice of wiring when catching grayling on a Tyrolean stick is limited: use twitching or regular wiring, depending on the bait. Additionally, it is worth taking into account the nature and place of fishing. Twitching when using a Tyrolean stick turns out to be smoother, which allows you to catch even sluggish autumn fish.

Fish habitat

The grayling does not live in shallow water and usually pecks only far from the coast (“in the stream”). Therefore, for throwing over long distances it is better to use a large weight Tyrolean stick. But pay attention - there is a possibility that some of the bites will not be noticeable.

tyrolean stick

Experienced anglers know what a Tyrolean wand is. How to catch with its help the grayling, who tries to stay on the plots,where right after the stone rift a part of the river with great depths can instantly be replaced by a sandbank? The technique of fishing in such cases has a number of fundamental differences. At the selected area of ​​the reservoir, cast bait to the opposite bank from you. Begin posting after playing the tip of the spinning rod. Type of wiring can be any: and uniform wiring, and with twitching. Very often, the grayling is attracted by the "usual" behavior of the lure, which moves at the same pace with the course of the river.

Even when the fly stops, the wand will continue to oscillate in place under the influence of the flow of the river. Consequently, the bait will continue to oscillate in this space and continue to attract the attention of the fish. Remember that being on a stick, the bait does not touch the bottom, so the probability of a hook will not be so great.

How does the grayling peck?

On the Tyrolean stick fish can be provoked to attack the bait by simply moving the stick with the flow (with a few pauses), and there will be a tapping along the bottom, which will necessarily provoke a bite.

It is worth noting that the transfer of the Tyrolean rod to shallower parts of the river will allow the bait to be in close proximity to the predator.In this situation, the fish will respond only one way, pleasant for the angler - a reliable and quick bite.

Some subtleties when burning grayling

To many anglers, biting on this type of fish on a Tyrolean stick seems like a weight on the ground during a fast current. However, with the accumulation of experience, it will not be a big problem to distinguish a false bite.

tackle for grayling

Catching grayling on a Tyrolean stick may cause a weakening of the tension of the upper loop, and the fisherman will additionally be able to change the location of the stick on the snap. When fishing from the bottom and a large number of hooks, such an adjustment will help keep the flies from losing.

Thus, the main task of a fisherman who wants to successfully catch a grayling is correctly and successfully chosen in size and weight Tyrolean rod. It is also important to pay close attention to choosing the correct wiring option and the right place to cast the bait.

It's nice to know that Italian fishermen have come up with such an effective way of catching grayling. Which, however, with some modernization, can be successfully applied in our latitudes.We wish that catching grayling on a Tyrolean stick would bring only pleasure!

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