Cashew Nuts: Calorie. Use and harm, application

Cashews - nuts that can be added to the diet without the slightest threat to weight. So characterized the fruits of the original form, resembling a comma, the Spanish scientists. The product was first discovered in Brazil. At the moment cashew nuts, whose caloric content is not at all high (in comparison with indicators of almonds, hazelnuts), are grown in India, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries with a warm climate.

Cashew Nuts: Calorie

Exotic fruits, whose nutritional value has received high marks from nutritionists, are served on the table only after roasting. Culinary processing gives a delicate sweet taste to a product that is poisonous in its raw state. Roasted cashews calorie gains 572 kcal.

cashew calorie

Slimming people who intend to make overseas nuts the main dish of the diet menu, it is useful to know their composition. After frying, the ratio of fat, carbohydrates and proteins in the product is as follows:

  • fat - 42 g;
  • carbohydrates - 30 g;
  • squirrels - 18 g.

If you list all the positive properties of cashews, caloric content will be far from the main one. The use of exotic nuts is the reason why the product is involved in the fight against many diseases.

Cashew Nuts: Healing Properties

Unusual fruits are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that promote health. Overweight people are shown cashew nuts. Caloric content is not as important as the struggle that the product leads to harmful cholesterol due to the presence of omega-3 acids.Cashew nuts benefits and harm calorie

The possibilities of nuts are also praised by dentists who have proven their antibacterial properties. In many states, the dish is actively used in folk recipes, with its help inflammatory processes occurring in the oral cavity are treated. Strengthening the cardiovascular system, normalization of blood sugar, treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract - the healing effects of cashews are used in various medical fields.

A product rich in vitamin E must be included in the diet of a couple who cannot conceive a child. Tests have confirmed the beneficial effects on the cashew reproductive system.Calorie natural aphrodisiac while eliminating the side effects such as weight gain.

Are Cashews Dangerous?

Many people are confused by the impossibility of eating raw fruit. There is a debate about how safe cashews are. The benefits and harm, calorie dishes are carefully studied. However, overseas food is a threat only to people who are allergic to its constituent components. For everyone else, the fried product is completely harmless. His individual intolerance is found in exceptional cases.

Cashew benefits and harm calorie

It is also important not to get involved in nuts, to limit their daily consumption to 30-40 g. Otherwise, such overdose effects such as skin rashes, nausea and vomiting, and stool disorders are possible.

Cashew Nut Diet

Nutty-kefir diet, involving the abandonment of other products for a short time, has become very popular in recent years. Cashew is often chosen as the main dish, the caloric content of 100 grams is the reason. Kefir should be characterized by minimal fatthe use of plain water is also permitted.

Cashew calorie 100 grams

The duration of adherence to a strict diet should not exceed five days, it is best limited to three. If a three-day program is chosen, the daily consumption of 100 grams of nuts is shown, which are divided into 4-5 servings. The amount of kefir and water is not limited.

If losing weight chooses a five-day program, the main dish of which is cashews, add cucumbers, boiled fish and unsweetened tea to the above products. The volumes of servings are minimal, the fish, if desired, can be replaced by meat, which is also served in boiled form. To adhere to such a diet for more than five days is absolutely not recommended in order to avoid negative consequences.

Cashew in cosmetology

Cosmetologists also did not remain indifferent to the glory of cashews. Benefit and harm, the calorie content of the product underwent numerous tests, after which he was allowed to treat the skin in the form of oil. Peanut extract is valued above all else as a tool for rejuvenation. It is actively involved in creams, lotions, masks, designed to fight against the laxity of the skin, deep wrinkles and facial expressions.

The healing power of exotic oils is also involved in hair care. To speed up the growth of the strands is useful to rub the extract into the scalp. The procedure contributes to the solution of such problems as dullness, lifelessness, fragility of hair.

cashew roasted calories

Walnut oil is ideal for massage. It is mainly mixed with extracts of other fruits, but it can also be used in its natural form. Proved the effectiveness of cashews in the treatment of cracks that are formed on the feet, eliminating corns.

We buy and store cashews correctly

The medicinal properties of the product will manifest themselves in full force, if you follow the rules of its selection and storage. Before buying, make sure that the color of the fruit is uniform and free from damage. The optimal place to store food is the freezer, in which they can lie down for a year without harming themselves. A bitter taste is a signal that cashews have gone bad. In this case, it is safest to throw them away.

Cashew is a Brazilian miracle that has a vivifying effect on the body, even when consumed once a week. The main thing - do not exceed the permissible rate, which is 30 g per day.

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