Cartoon "Final Fantasy": a list of all parts

“Final Fantasy” is a cycle of full-length animated films, the plot of which is based on the computer game of the same name Final Fantasy. Some of them were once released as separate pieces, while others were in addition to the game mentioned above. How many parts of the Final Fantasy cartoon? There are only six episodes of this picture. The cartoons of this series can be viewed in any order, since their events are not interrelated. In the center of the plot, as a rule, a group of characters who save the world from the forces of evil. In this article, you can find a list of all parts of the "Last Fantasy", as well as their plot.

“Final Fantasy: The Legend of Crystals” (1994)

On a wonderful planet R, life is supported by four magical crystals. Each of them represents a certain element - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. Of course, there is a villain who wants to destroy the planet by stealing the Crystals. He manages to take possession of three of them.On the planet remains the last crystal of the wind. Young heroes named Frets and Linali must protect him. Will they be able to cope with such a difficult task?

“Final fantasy: Perfume inside” (2001)

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In the world hire this cartoon has managed to collect more than seventy two million dollars. At one time, it became a fundamental breakthrough in the field of visual technology and opened up incredible prospects for the entire world of animation. Thanks to the painstaking work of artists and programmers, the characters of “Last Fantasy: Spirits Inside” looked like real people on the screen. For 2001, this was indeed a wonder. In addition, the same year, the last fantasy anime series “Final Fantasy: Almighty” was released, consisting of 25 episodes.

“Final Fantasy: Advent Children” (2005)

The events of the picture unfold a couple of years after what happened in the game Final Fantasy VII. The cities and the industry of the planet are destroyed, but it has become a very quiet and peaceful place. Everything would be fine if it were not for the Star Scar syndrome, which most of the population has contracted. The main character, whose name is Cloud, feels guilty about what happened and will try to fix it.This film is the third of the list of all parts of the "Last Fantasy".

“Final Fantasy: Last Order” (2005)

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The duration of this cartoon is only twenty-five minutes, but they are enough to plunge into a unique atmosphere and enjoy all the twists and turns of the plot. The main characters in this short film are three - Treasure, Zak and Tifa. It is worth noting that at the animators, this time they turned out very similar to the game predecessors. Compared to the list of all parts of The Last Fantasy, the episode "Advent Children" is good in that it gives answers to many questions that arise when watching previous episodes, and it closes up plot holes.

“Final Fantasy: The Nuclear Crisis” (2007)

In the center of events of this series of soldiers named Zach. Even if you have not watched the previous parts, this is not a hindrance. The story becomes clear from the first minutes even to those who are not "in the subject." This animated film has it all: rebel wars, secret scientific experiments, and even a touching love line. Special surprises prepared for real fans of the cycle: flower shop on wheels; a broad sword that has already changed three masters; and even Sephiroth.

“Final Fantasy: Towards a Smile - Danzel's Story” (2009)

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“On the Way to a Smile - Danzel's Story” is the latest episode from the list of all parts of The Last Fantasy. This animated screen version is dedicated to the universe of the cult game Final Fantasy VII. Its author was the chief screenwriter Kadzusige Nojima. The protagonist of this part is called Denzel. He is a little boy with a sad childhood. The hero had to endure both the attacks, the advent of Meteor, and the mysterious epidemic. Danzel is not a superhero at all, but this makes it even more interesting, because you are watching the events of the picture through the eyes of an ordinary little man who is trying to survive in this big and dangerous world.

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