Carrots: planting and care

carrot planting and careBy its nutritional value in the first place among the various table root vegetables is carrots. She participates in the preparation of a huge number of different dishes, is used as a seasoning in the processing of other vegetables. Also, this wonderful vegetable is very often consumed raw. Grated carrots, both raw and boiled, are widely used in various salads and in pure form, and its juice is often used as a medicine for a wide range of serious diseases, such as anemia, for example.

When to sow and how to fertilize

carrot seedsCarrot seeds are extremely small. In addition, they germinate very slowly. The first shoots of this plant can be expected only in two weeks. If the gardener decides to grow carrots, planting and caring for which does not require much effort, then he should prepare the ground well. The land should be very well loosened, thoroughly cleared of weeds, saturated with moisture and nutrients. It is in this case that carrots seed well multiplies.Usually carrots are planted in 3-4 years after putting manure into the soil. Immediately before sowing, it is necessary to apply a certain amount of mineral fertilizers, namely: 5 kg of superphosphate, 2 kg of ammonium nitrate and 4 kg of potassium salt for every 100 square meters. m plot allocated for the cultivation of such vegetables as carrots.

Carrots - Planting and Plant Care

Sow this unpretentious vegetable should be a little earlier than other crops. In order to mark the seedlings, they usually add a small amount of seeds of ordinary lettuce or radish. Because of the rapid germination of these plants, it is very convenient to use them to indicate the direction for the timely loosening of the soil between the rows. Such a simple technique allows for good drainage to the growing shoots and not to touch their delicate and extremely sensitive roots. Carrots, planting and caring for which will not bring any special problems, loves space. Sow this vegetable belt method, 3-4 lines each. The distance between the ribbons is usually from 30 cm to half a meter, and between the lines - up to 20 cm. Seeds should be immersed in the ground for a maximum of 2 cm. It should be remembered that 100 square meters.m gardener will need about 100 g of seeds. Plant care consists in the timely loosening of the soil, thorough destruction of all weeds, watering and feeding of crops, as well as thinning. The first thinning is made when the first leaf of carrots appears. Along with him remove the shoots of lettuce or radishes. After thinning leave only strong and well-developed plants.

seed multiplies

Carrots: planting and maintenance of podzimny sowing

This bright orange vegetable is very good at wintering. In order to get such a crop, the crop is planted in the ground in late autumn, hoping that the carrot seeds did not have time to germinate before the onset of winter cold. In the spring, such carrots please gardeners with very early shoots and abundant crops.

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