Cardsharing - what is it, how to set it up?

Modern technologies have gradually been relegated to the background and the majority of citizens today use satellite channels transmitting digital streams for receiving information. Providers providing access to the most popular TV channels use such demand and set high prices for the opportunity to watch certain channels. This is done through the need to purchase special access cards. But relatively recently, even economically unprotected segments of the population have made such channel packages available due to setting up card sharing.

What it is?

Channel access cards are ordinary plastic cards that contain certain programs that can decode information streams from a satellite and display a full-fledged image on the TV screen. The card is inserted into the receiver and is used on one device.

Cardsharing, how to use

What is card sharing, people learned relatively recently.By itself, the term is defined as "map" and "sharing." That is, this action makes it possible to use the resources of one card at once on several devices that are far from each other. It is impossible to divide the streams of channels only if the packet is decrypted by the chip, but these are very rare.

What you need to connect?

So, before setting up cardsharing, you need to take care of the availability of the necessary equipment for this. To connect to the distribution channels, you must have:

  • actually, TV;
  • satellite dish;
  • stable internet (the higher the speed the better);
  • receiver with cardsharing function.

Today, satellite cardsharing is available to a huge number of users due to the emergence of specialized servers about channel distribution. To get acquainted with the principle of operation of this service, you can order a special free trial period on many resources, which will open access to a specific channel package without an advance payment, but only for an hour, just to get acquainted.

Cardsharing reviews

If you want to watch your favorite shows always, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription, but its cost will be insignificant compared to the purchase of the original card.

Process features

What is card sharing for ordinary people? This is an opportunity to watch paid channels for a minimal material fee, but you should be prepared for having to pay by your own time, because due to the instability of your Internet or the provider’s work, the signal may disappear and the picture will hang.

Cardsharing - what is

This procedure has nothing to do with illegal hacking, since all the original keys used are sent by one real card to all users, who simply do not “understand” who exactly is sending the decryption and sends it to all requests. This feature has not yet allowed anyone to invent an effective method of dealing with cardsharing.

Opportunities to save

According to reviews, card sharing is available even to users of a GPRS Internet connection, as it requires a minimum of traffic for its work. Of course, saving additional funds and connecting the minimum speed for this is still not recommended, since any hitch of the Internet provider will instantly affect the quality of the transmitted signal of the TV channels, and the picture will hang for a few minutes at best.With more serious problems, such situations can develop quite often, and sometimes due to problems with the service provider, the image may disappear for several days.

Satellite cardsharing

Thus, saving on the purchase of an individual card by connecting the cardsharing (what is described above) must be prepared for certain difficulties.

A bit of history

Initially, the procedure of separating packages of paid channels was used by small groups of people who simply changed the signals available on each other's cards. Thus, buying only one package, you could immediately watch several. Today, how to use cardsharing, it knows a lot of subscribers of satellite TV, because this feature is available to a wide audience on the Internet through special commercial servers. Such sites enable users to access paid channels for a certain time for a symbolic cost, reducing it even for certain promotional periods. To ensure that the signal transmission quality is equally good for everyone, the sites use several original maps at once.Certain channel packages are shared between servers, others buy themselves and distribute to users.

Home Cardsharing - what is it?

In addition to the commercial sale of broadcast channels, many use the ability to separate the signal from one card and within the same house. This is most relevant in homes or apartments with multiple TVs, when you want to watch different programs on different devices, independently of each other. Such a network can, if desired, be created between the neighbors of an apartment building, the main thing is that they all be near and each has its own antenna.

How to set up card sharing

To create a network between only two TVs, it is enough to connect the server receiver with a null modem cable to the other. For more receivers, you can use a Sezam receiver, Dreambox or a programmer, that is, a constantly running computer, as a server. At the same time, any device can be connected by the client, the main thing is that the exchange protocol is the same. You can also use a network of identical devices, with the server being the card splitter, and the device’s receivers with special cards.

Internet using

Among the cardsharing options for the masses, the easiest is to install a special card into the computer, which will allow you to watch TV on it and simultaneously download some files from the network.

satellite cardsharing

Less popular is the acquisition of a receiver that you want to connect to a computer. This system works only when a special program is enabled on the computer.

Most often, users use the ability to view paid channels using a direct connection of receivers to the World Wide Web. Today, such cardsharing is available only on the Dreambox receivers and is connected via GPRS or ADSL.

Most popular package

Today, such is the satellite TV "Tricolor", which cardsharing is also possible with the right settings. To get free access to viewing the channels of this package, you need to install a specific SP on the equipment used. Most often, the newcamd, camd3, cccam and cs357 protocols are used for this. It is also important that the receiver or other receiving device has a fixed IP address in order to send the appropriate code questions to the server for decryption.

Cardsharing setup

The Tricolor Sharing is very popular today because it allows you to receive high quality services at low cost. It is also important that you don’t have to overpay for an Internet connection, the traffic is limited to a maximum of 500 kilobytes per hour of use, which is much less than even the popular IPTV in some regions today.


Among the many possibilities of connecting cheap satellite TV using a cardsharing system (what is described in the article), the most popular devices are Dreambox receivers operating on the Linux operating system. Of course, these are not the only devices with this function, but they are the most convenient to use, because they connect directly to the Internet and do not require additional computer operation.

Naturally, you will have to pay back for this convenience with your own time, since setting up such an option is the most difficult, but you will not have to turn on the computer all the time to watch TV.

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