Car "Lada Kalina Cross": reviews of owners

One of the most popular Russian-made cars today is a station wagon based on the station wagon, known as the “Lada Kalina Cross”. Reviews of the owners, left about this car, make sure that it has a lot of weighty advantages. Anyway, the comments of real motorists - the best source of reliable information about the model. That is why now I would like to delve into their study.

Lada Kalina Cross owner reviews

Lada 1.6 (87 hp.)

This is the most popular and least powerful version of this car. Accordingly, reviews of owners of the “Lada Kalina Cross” with a 87-horsepower engine are most common.

The first thing they note about attention is calm, pleasant traction, starting at 2,000 revolutions. The engine is not particularly powerful, but there are enough horses to carry out the overtaking of trucks on the tracks.

But the expense is economical. At a speed of 100 km / h in 5th gear, consumption is about 6.8 liters of 95th gasoline.And when driving in the city takes only 8 liters.

It is convenient to manage the gearbox - transfers are translated clearly and pleasantly, except that the rear is not the first time, but you can quickly get used to it. But the extra vibration on the lever does not arrive.


This important topic is paid attention to by many people who leave feedback about “Lada Kalina Cross”. Owners of the suspension are satisfied entirely. Many say that the item dedicated to her, you need to write in red in each booklet on this model. Driving sensations are as if she could “swallow” any irregularities. It does not swing on the waves, it does not roll when cornering, it does not break through on potholes.

Another significant plus, marked by motorists - silence in the cabin. The suspension really provides a comfortable ride in all plans. By the way, 208-millimeter clearance, according to drivers, is enough for the passage of easy off-road. So with the "crossover" purpose Lada copes.

reviews owners frets viburnum cross


Many reviews of the owners of the Lada Kalina Cross make it clear that this car is valuable for good equipment. And indeed, even the basic equipment pleases.

There is an immobilizer, security alarm, rear headrests, ABS + BAS, EBD, on-board computer, gearshift prompter, folding 60/40 rear row, option to turn off the headlights, electric power steering (equipped with adjustment), cabin air filter and factory toning.

But that is not all. There is also a seat belt adjustment, a 12-volt power outlet, power supply center with remote control, power windows, heated seats and mirrors, climate control, and an audio system with 4 speakers (plus Hands free, Bluetooth, SD card, USB and FM).

Considering that the version with this configuration costs 465-525 thousand rubles, the positive and optimistic reviews of the owners of the Lada Kalina Cross become quite reasonable for themselves.

 Lada Kalina Cross reviews of real owners


An important nuance that you can learn from the many reviews of the owners of the Lada Kalina Cross with a photo. The interior, in principle, does not cause delight in anyone. Because inside everything looks like a familiar passenger version of all. Only bright color accents distinguish the SUV from the station wagon.

But the improved insulation - a nuance that no one ignores.In addition, in the arches of the rear wheels you can see additional protection screens, which is also a plus.

In terms of roominess, of course, opinions differ. One grabs the space that is inside, the other is not enough. The luggage compartment holds only 355 liters of cargo, which is certainly not enough for a car positioned as an SUV. But if you fold the back row, then this volume will increase to 670 liters. By the way, judging objectively, four people will feel most comfortable in this car as much as possible. Five can be cramped.

Lada Kalina Cross reviews the owners disadvantages

About versions with AMT

You can find a lot of feedback from owners about the Lada Kalina Cross with automatic transmission. Everyone knows that the “automatic” is extremely convenient, especially for people looking for a car for the city. There is a demand, so AvtoVAZ released a version with automatic transmission. And she, I must say, gets good reviews. True, some features she has.

Speed ​​switching, for example, a robot can be indicated by pressing the gas pedal. As the owners say, until the momentum falls off - he is already changing the transmission.

If the braking is intense, the robot not only switches the stage, but also opens the clutch.That is, waiting for the driver to press the gas to close it. Therefore, it is recommended to brake smoothly.

Also, the owners of “Lada” with automatic transmission notice that when moving uphill, the robot instantly determines the increased load on the motor and drops the gear.

Even when switching down, during an intensive set of speed, the system performs rebidding. The kickdown mode is triggered instantly.

And finally, it is worth noting another important fact. When driving on the highway, the robot keeps pace and gear well. Drivers say that the effect of cruise control is created - even if you remove your foot from the gas pedal, the speed will remain for some time. The same applies to revolutions.

 new Lada Kalina Cross reviews of the owners


They have every car. Lada Kalina Cross is not an exception - the reviews of real owners are able to confirm this.

Steering wheel - something that does not like many. A lot of motorists consider it uninformative. It rotates easily due to the electric power amplifier, but there is nothing on it that could be useful. Still not enough adjustment for departure. If you need to move the seat a little further - you have to reach.

The windshield is too thin.Enough of a few hits with small stones to get a couple of chips. Which, by the way, easily diverge in half of the glass.

Light is another minus. It seems to be bright, but where exactly it is directed is not clear.

There are other disadvantages of the Lada Kalina Cross. Reviews of the owners say about the low quality of the materials used in the interior trim, creaking rear shelf, weak seat heating, “hanging” janitor, insufficiently comfortable second-row seats. But all this, as noted by the same motorists, does not make much of the weather. The machine is inexpensive, and the manufacturer can forgive such shortcomings.

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What else is worth knowing?

So, the main shortcomings were considered, now you should pay attention to other features of the car, which are described in detail in all the reviews of the owners of the Lada Kalina Cross (photo available in the review).

Many motorists do not like the option of an unmovable cigarette lighter ignition switch. Because it does not give an opportunity to activate the DVR on a permanent basis. The same applies to the radio - some forget that you need to turn it off separately, and it continues to work in the garage / parking lot, because of what the battery sits down.

An unpleasant trifle, easily eliminated by the purchase of a braid - slippery steering wheel (claim to the materials used). I have to hold him tight, which is annoying to many.

Also, discontent causes a small delay in the management of windows. Often you have to re-turn on the ignition to raise the glass.

Another nuance (although there is already a matter of taste) - the devices are unusually located. Even people who have moved from VAZ are surprised. On earlier models, the tachometer was on the right, and the speedometer on the left. It became the opposite. Many do not understand why it was necessary to do such a strange and unjustified "permutation."

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Cost of

So, the owners' reviews about the new Lada Kalina Cross made it possible to make sure that even if it is a pseudo-crossover from AvtoVAZ, it has its merits, and quite weighty ones. And the most significant advantage for many people is the price of this car.

The version with a 87-horsepower 1.6-liter engine can be purchased for about 465-525 tons. P. The price for the most expensive model is not great much - for it will have to pay about 530-590 m. P. For this amount, a person will receive a SUV with an automatic transmission, a 106-horsepower engine and Luxe in the maximum configuration.By the way, still all potential buyers are offered metallized body painting for a nice price (about 6,000 r.).

Summarizing, you can say: Lada Kalina Cross is a great car for people who want to become owners of a comfortable, new, but inexpensive and economical to operate the car.

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