Candles "Viferon 150000": instructions for use, reviews

In the cold season, interferon-based medications are real helpers. They successfully fight viruses. Possess anti-inflammatory properties. In every way contribute to recovery. Candles "Viferon 150000" (instructions for the drug is attached and fully describes all the features of the drug) are intended for children, as they have a minimum dosage of 150,000 IU of interferon. Used in the treatment of influenza, SARS and many other diseases. The medicine is affordable and easy to use. Should be used only as directed by the physician.

Composition and release form

Instructions candles "Viferon 150000" refers to antiviral drugs. Notes that the drug belongs to the group of cytokines. Contains human interferon alpha-2b in the amount of 150000 IU. Additional components in the composition of the drug are:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • sodium ascorbate;
  • alpha-tocopherol acetate;
  • disodium edetate disodium;
  • Polysorbate 80;
  • cocoa butter;
  • confectionery fat.

The medicine is produced in the form of rectal suppositories, which have a yellowish tint. Candles may have a heterogeneous consistency with visible inclusions. Their diameter is 10 mm.

The drug is made in blisters made of PVC. The package may contain 1-2 blisters and instructions for use. Each blister has five or ten candles.

Instructions candles for children "Viferon" (dosage 150000) advises to store at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. In a place protected from the sun and out of the reach of children. The shelf life of the drug is two years. Do not use the drug after the expiration date.

Produced "Viferon" in Russia, the company "Feron".

Pharmacological properties of the drug

viferon 150000 candle instruction

Candles "Viferon 150000" (the instruction describes in detail the effect of the drug on the human body) have antiviral, anti-proliferative and immunomodulating properties. Inhibit the replication of cells containing RNA and DNA viruses. Due to the immunomodulating properties of the drug, the phagocytic activity of macrophages increases,there is an increase in lymphocyte cytotoxicity against target cells, which characterizes its mediocre antibacterial functions.

Ascorbic acid along with alpha-tocopherol acetate enhance the antiviral properties of the drug. Increase immunomodulating activity of interferon alfa-2b. As a result, it enhances the response of the body's immune system when exposed to pathogenic bacteria.

The drug increases the rate of secretory immunoglobulins, which belong to class A. Stabilizes immunoglobulin E. Restores the work of the endogenous apparatus of alpha-2b interferon. Vitamins A and E are considered active antioxidants. Characterized by membrane stabilizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Instructions for use candles "Viferon 150000" calls safe. Notes that they do not provoke the occurrence of side effects. Do not create antibodies that neutralize the antiviral activity of interferon alfa-2b.

Suppositories are often used in complex therapy, which allows to reduce the dosage of other drugs used in treatment.It can be antibacterial and hormonal medications. In addition, "Viferon" reduces the toxicity of the drugs used.

Cocoa butter is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which facilitate easier administration and dissolution of the drug in the intestine. There are phospholipids in it, replacing toxic emulsifiers that are harmful to the body, which are often used in the manufacture of drugs.

When are the candles shown?

viferon 150000 candles

Instructions "Viferon 150000" (candles) recommends the use of viral respiratory diseases. This applies to influenza and pneumonia of various genesis. This drug, due to the low dosage of the active substance, is indicated for use in children.

Suppositories are prescribed for newborn babies who suffer from infectious-inflammatory diseases. Appointment for use is sepsis and infection, resulting in intrauterine development. First of all, it is herpes, enterovirus infection, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus infection, candidiasis of different origin. In all the above cases, "Viferon" is used in complex treatment.

Recommend the drug to use for children diagnosed with viral hepatitis B, C and D. In this case, the drug can be used together with plasmapheresis and hemosorption. It is used to treat viral hepatitis, which is in a chronic stage of development and is accompanied by cirrhosis of the liver organ.
Adults drug prescribed for ailments associated with the urogenital tract. These are diagnoses:

  • chlamydia;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • cytomegalovirus infection;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • ureaplasmosis;
  • vaginal candidiasis;
  • Gardnerellosis;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • human papillomavirus infection.

Candles for children "Viferon" (150000 IU) instructions are advised to apply for herpetic lesions of the mucous membranes and skin. When the infection has a localized form, as well as in severe, moderate and mild disease. Prescribe the drug for urogenital herpes in adults.

Contraindications and side effects

Candles "Viferon 150000" practically have no contraindications. The exception is the individual intolerance to the components contained in the composition of the drug.

The drug can be used during breastfeeding.In pregnancy, candles are recommended to be used starting from the 14th week.

Cases of overdose "Viferon" was not registered.

Suppositories rarely provoke adverse reactions. In rare cases, an allergy occurs, which disappears after drug withdrawal, within 72 hours.

Candles "Viferon 150000": instructions for children

Viferon 150000 candles for children

The drug is intended for rectal administration. In one suppository is 150000 IU of human alpha-2b interferon.
In acute respiratory diseases, the dosage for children over 7 years old and adults is 500,000 IU. This number is for one administration. The drug is used twice a day, morning and evening. The interval between the introduction of candles should be 12 hours. The duration of therapy is five days. If there is a need for treatment with this drug can be extended.

Children younger than seven years old and newborn babies, including premature babies, whose gestational age is 34 weeks or more, the drug is administered one candle twice a day. The dose for a single injection should not exceed 150000 IU. Between the administration of suppositories, a break of twelve hours should be observed.The duration of treatment is five days. If necessary, after a five-day break, therapy can be continued.

Newborns with infectious-inflammatory diseases are prescribed twice a day, one candle each, with a dosage of 150,000 IU. Treatment should occur every day. The interval between administration of the drug is 12 hours. The course of therapy is five days.

For premature babies, whose gestational age is 34 weeks, the medication is prescribed at 150,000 IU three times a day, for five days.

The number of therapeutic courses may vary depending on the diagnosis, so when:

  • sepsis, it is recommended to undergo two or three cycles of treatment;
  • meningitis, two courses are shown for five days;
  • herpes of various origins, two therapeutic approaches are prescribed;
  • enterovirus infection, doctors advise to undergo one or two treatment courses;
  • CMV infections, prescribed for two or three treatment cycles;
  • candidosis or mycoplasmosis; up to three therapeutic courses are required.

The drug in the diagnosis of hepatitis B, C and D is used in complex treatment of children and adults.For viral hepatitis, accompanied by complications that have passed into the chronic form, adults are treated with a dosage of 3,000,000 IU. It is necessary to introduce candles twice a day, every twelve hours. The course of therapy lasts ten days. Then suppositories are administered three times a week, after 24 hours for 6 or 12 months. The duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor, based on the picture of the disease.

Children up to six months are recommended daily treatment at a dosage of 300000-500000 IU. For babies aged 6-12 months, the dose is increased to 500,000 IU. This dose is a daily and maximum allowable.

Children aged 1-7 years prescribed 3000000 IU divided by square meter of the surface of the child's body. This will be the daily dose of the drug, divided into two applications.

Children from seven years old are advised to use a daily dose determined at the rate of 5000000 IU divided by square meter of the whole body surface of the child.

viferon 150000 candles instruction for kids reviews

The drug in the treatment of children is administered ten days in a row, twice a day, every twelve hours. Duration is determined by the course of the disease.
Candles "Viferon 150000" should not be taken independently, without a doctor's prescription.After all, only a doctor, assessing the course of the disease, can correctly assign the duration of treatment and correctly calculate the dose.

Compatibility with other drugs

Candles "Viferon 150000" for children can be combined with all the medicines that are used in the treatment of diseases indicated in the indications. Often these are antibiotics, glucocorticosteroids and chemotherapy drugs.


viferon 150000 candles instruction for children

Usually well tolerated by patients and does not cause negative symptoms for children "Viferon 150000" (candles). The instructions for use describe in detail the contraindications and side effects that may occur as a result of drug treatment. But, if, for some reason, this medication is not suitable for therapy, the following analogs will help replace it:

  • Infagel, price 100-130 rubles.
  • "Genferon", from 350 rubles.
  • "Genferon Light", from 200 rubles.
  • "Laferon", from 100 rubles.
  • "Laferobion", from 270 rubles.
  • Anaferon, 200-300 rubles.
  • "Kipferon", from 500 rubles.
  • "Grippferon", from 250 rubles.

The pharmacy network offers many more antiviral preparations containing human interferon, but what can replace the candles for children "Viferon 150000" should be decided only by a doctor. In order to avoid a negative reaction of the body, it is not worth making the replacement of the drug yourself.

Cost of the drug

Instructions for use candles "Viferon" (150000 IU) is recommended to use in the dose recommended by the doctor and do not use the drug for more than five days continuously. The drug is often used in pediatric pediatrics, as it is very effective and has an acceptable cost.

Thus, the price of 10 suppositories of 150,000 IU each is 250 rubles, candles with a dosage of 500,000 IU cost about 350 rubles, and medication with a dosage of 1,000,000 IU can be purchased for 540 rubles. The drug is widely distributed and sold in every pharmacy. It is released without a doctor's prescription.

Doctors reviews about the drug

candles Viferon 150000 IU instructions for use

Instructions for use for children candles "Viferon 150000" recommends the use of colds during the season, in acute respiratory diseases.

What do doctors say about this drug? Many pediatricians agree that the candles "Viferon" - this is an excellent antiviral agent. They possess antiproliferative and immunomodulatory qualities. Therefore, pediatricians recommend the drug for viral infections that are in the acute stage of development. Often used the drug for SARS, influenza, as well as in different forms of hepatitis. Doctors say that candles can be used not only for the treatment of respiratory diseases, but also for the purpose of prevention. The drug is considered safe.They note that even newborn children and pregnant women can take it. One package is enough for a course of treatment, which is an additional advantage of the use of the drug.

Also, according to the doctors, the drug relieves the symptoms of the disease. Acts quickly and efficiently.

But, not all doctors prescribe and love candles "Viferon 150000 IU" (instruction once again warns that the medicine should not be taken without a doctor's prescription). Doctors from this category consider this drug a placebo. It is noted that the interferon that it contains has very large molecules that simply cannot be absorbed by the intestines and enter the blood. According to them, this fact makes the drug useless.

There are doctors who claim that when using these drugs, children get much worse, and their immune system stops working independently and no longer fights against pathogenic bacteria. According to these doctors, using large quantities and often interferon-based drugs, one can provoke a number of serious side effects, including the cause of autoimmune and systemic diseases.These pediatricians claim that "Viferon" not only does not enhance the immune system, but on the contrary, reduces it. As a result, children begin to get sick more often. Especially at a time when they do not stop taking interferon.

More doctors say that these drugs can not be prescribed on their own, but only in certain cases. It is considered that it is better not to touch the immune system once again, but to stimulate the body's defense system you need exercise, proper nutrition and walks in the fresh air.

Candles for children "Viferon 150000": reviews

viferon candles for children instruction 150000 IU

Instructions to the drug advises to properly store the medicine, and not to use it after the expiration date.

Children's suppositories "Viferon" are among the most common drugs in our country. They are often prescribed by pediatricians. Therefore, on these candles a lot of different reviews.

Some mothers argue that the drug is well boosts immunity. It helps in a few days to cope with the disease and overcome viruses. It is often used for influenza and ARVI. The drug is easy to use. Does not harm the stomach. It is considered safe. And does not cause adverse reactions.Parents of young patients note that they often used this drug in newborns, and it gave remarkable results.

Some mothers use candles at the first sign of a cold as soon as the child sneezes or coughs. Used in the morning and evening. It is said that with such an application, the cold retreats on the third day and the child stops hurting. The parents of these children keep this medicine on hand at all times.

But not all people praise children's candles "Viferon 150000" (the instruction helps many mothers to understand the scheme of using the drug and correctly calculate the dosage). Negative reviews indicate that this medicine is completely useless. Children suffer the same, regardless of its use. It did not bring relief to them and had no effect on the course of the disease.

Some say that the candles give only temporary relief, and after a certain moment the disease comes up again, with all the accompanying symptoms.

There are mothers who have given up giving this medicine to children, because they believe that it has reduced their immunity and the child, after frequent use of candles, began to get sick much more intensively. Colds have become protracted and have been harder.Some individuals claim that the drug is useless for bacterial infections.

Many people noted that the drug is addictive and with frequent use, it ceases to act on the body. The cocoa butter contained in the candles, in some children caused an allergic reaction, which manifested itself in a rash on the skin.
Negative-minded people consider the purchase of "Viferon" a waste of money and call this drug a dummy.

In general, the opinion of the action "Viferon" diverges. Decide on whether to use candles or not should only the doctor, based on the results of the tests and the extent of the patient's disease.

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