Can the author's thoughts be briefly conveyed? Nekrasov, "Grandpa": a poem about the hero

Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov - the famous Russianpoet. His works are permeated with compassion for the common people. They show love for their native land. This is also the poem of the poet "Grandfather". Will acquaint the work with a brief summary.

Summary of Necras "Grandfather"

Nekrasov, "Grandfather" - the beginning of the poem

First, readers will learn about the boy Sasha. He does not go to school yet, but he is already very curious. Once the child saw a portrait of a man in his father's office and asked who it was. Papa sadly replied that it was Sasha's grandfather. The boy began to find out from my mother why he had never seen his grandfather, maybe he was bad? She replied that her grandfather was good, only unhappy. So begins his poem N. Nekrasov ("Grandfather"). The summary tells about further events.

Once the boy saw that his parents were cleaning the houseand look very happy at the same time. Soon he found out why. Sasha's grandfather came to them. In this scene, the reader learns how much respect and respect was given to the eldest in the 19th century: the father washed his grandfather's legs, and his mother combed and kissed his curls. And the grandfather was very happy from a meeting with relatives. Where did he disappear all this time? This question will be answered shortly

Nekrasov, "Grandfather" - the continuation of the narrative

a short summary of the story "Grandpa" Nekrasov

The child and the grandfather became very friendly. In the summer they sailed in a boat, went for walks together. During one of these walks Sashin grandfather saw a peasant who plowed the land. He told him to rest, and he himself was harnessed to the plow. When asked by his grandson, he replied that he was sorry for the peasants, because they have a hard share and hard work. He told Sasha about one flourishing village, whose name is Tarbagatay. The settlement is far away, beyond Lake Baikal. It was there that several peasants were exiled during the church schism. There people live well and happy. They have such competent cows, which are as thick as city merchants, and horses can at least now be sent to the exhibition. There are so many geese that when they are near, it seems as if it is a huge white carpet that extends to the horizon line.

That's how such a prosperous village was told by a shortthe content of the story "Grandpa". Nekrasov really wanted to have such a village. But the slavish position of the peasants at that time precluded such an opportunity.

The singer of the people, who was very sympathetic to the peasants

To show the terrible situation of ordinary people insociety, Nicholas Alekseevich through the mouth of one of the main characters tells a sad story. Once in one church there was a wedding. Young people already wanted to put on rings, then one landowner came to pray to God's temple. He began to resent why the wedding passes without permission? He gave the groom to the soldiers, and then the service could last for 25 years. The peasants were deprived of their rights at that time.

nerds "Grandpa" a concise statement

This is indicated by a brief summary. Nekrasov (Sasha's grandfather brings the author's thoughts to the reader) could not look indifferently at such a terrible situation of the poor people. Apparently, the elderly man participated in the uprising of the Decembrists. It was for this that the tsar was exiled to Siberia. This is not directly written in the poem, but the author hints at this in every possible way. After all, my grandfather in the evenings, something master, sang songs about freedom, about the terrible share of the peasants. He also sang about Volkonskaya and Trubetskoi. These women followed their husbands to Siberia, who were exiled there after the uprising. They were not afraid of difficulties and shared their fate with their husbands.

End of the work

But Sasha did not know about all this. The adults did not answer his questions about where the grandfather was all this time. This is a brief summary, Nekrasov. Grandfather said that his grandson learned about everything when he studied history and geography. The boy really wanted to learn, and now he is 10 years old. He became a diligent student and, of course, realized that his grandfather was a real hero. He fought for the rights of the peasantry, worried about the heavy share of ordinary people and it was for this that he was exiled to Siberia. This is not said in the work, but the thinking reader will understand this.

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Can the authors thoughts be briefly conveyed Nekrasov, Grandpa: a poem about the hero Can the authors thoughts be briefly conveyed Nekrasov, Grandpa: a poem about the hero Can the authors thoughts be briefly conveyed Nekrasov, Grandpa: a poem about the hero Can the authors thoughts be briefly conveyed Nekrasov, Grandpa: a poem about the hero Can the authors thoughts be briefly conveyed Nekrasov, Grandpa: a poem about the hero