Camping shower will never be over.

Walking in nature, hiking at night, tent camps, or just an unfinished cottage ... What unites these seemingly incompatible places? One small nuance that is hard to give up to a person who is used to the benefits of civilization. Namely - in any, as they say, Spartan conditions, it is impossible to accept water procedures. Simply, in nature or in an unfinished infrastructure can not take a shower. Sometimes it becomes a problem that does not normally relax and plunge into the atmosphere of this holiday. Without looking ahead, we can say: the problem is solved! How? Another, no less interesting question.

Marching shower

Yes, that only creative people will not think up. The country dush shower is no exception. Why "country"? The fact is that often, looking over the fences of gardeners, you can see a simple design that is carried out every evening and brought into the house. That is why she was called dacha.marching showerBut the lack of benefits on your favorite piece of land does not limit the possibilities of the above invention. Hiking, long walks, overnight stays - everywhere you can come in handy such a necessary thing as a walking shower.

Easy choice

Needs do not go unnoticed, so smart Chinese have learned how to massively make these constructions. Camping shower can take any form, for every taste and for any preference. Need a closed type - please. A tent with a built-in tank is ready for use. It remains to pour water. Ten, fifteen and even twenty liters - at the disposal of a neat traveler. There are also lighter designs: a frame with cellophane curtains, at the top of which you can see a small camp showerA marching shower of this type has no drawbacks. Among the advantages you can consider the ease and cheapness. All these options are good for trips and trips, but the question arises: "Why buy?" You should not pay money for what you can build yourself. For example, you can make a camping shower with your own hands. It will perform its functions as well as its commercial "brother".

How to make a camping shower with your own hands

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel in this matter, everything has long been invented and tried. There is only one task - to make a good camping shower with your own hands,which should have such properties as simplicity in construction, low cost (it is desirable that all materials for the construction were at hand) and relative comfort.

First construction

How to make a camping shower when there is almost nothing around, only nature itself? It does not matter, simple options will always find their application. All ingenious - elementary. So you can say about the design of the soul. The first thing that comes to mind for such a thing is plastic bottles. Yes, there are no limits to fantasy. For the construction of marching shower from plastic bottles a lot of material is not to make a camping shower with your own handsFirst and foremost is capacity. The bigger it is, the better. After all, the water will pour longer, which means that the soul is enough for a leisurely swim. Ten or five liters with proper and rational use is enough. So, the egg is there. Need to start building. This option will be the most comfortable, so you have to work. An empty container should be placed slightly higher than its own height. Otherwise, when taking a shower, you will have to bend down, which is not very pleasant. But here it is important not to overdo it; otherwise, the procedure of filling the pads with water will take a lot of time and effort. In the "shower" capacity you need to make a small hole. Water will flow from it.In this hole you need to insert a small hose, it will be easier to take a shower with it. No need to wriggle in front of the jet. It is desirable to process joints well with resin or clay so that water does not leak. The first walking shower with his hands made. Of course, you can add something of your own to it, it's up to fantasy.

Second building

There is the most reliable and proven way that everyone probably used. This is a bucket. No, do not pour it in one gulp: there will be little effect. This design should be redone. A couple of actions - and a bucket will turn out to be a marching shower. For this design, you need a few tools and materials: a drill, a large and long bolt, emery, nail and nut (of course, the same size as the bolt). So, in the bucket drill you need to make a hole. If you do not have such a delicate instrument at hand, you can make a hole with a to make a marching showerBut it will not be neat, so the edges should be further treated with emery. It remains for small: thread the bolt into the hole and do not fully tighten the nut. Thus, it turned out a large sink. You raise the bolt - some water flows, you let go - the water does not flow.This is very convenient, because the liquid does not run empty, only when necessary.

How to equip a shower

Usually, a shower is built for short periods. Day, two - no more. Therefore, many are not too worried about the design arrangement. But if it comes to constant use, then you really need to rely on convenience. For example, shower curtains.marching country showerThey will add home comfort. Curtains should be made of waterproof material. The film is perfect. How to fix it? Around the tree, with the help of branches, you can pull a rope, then hang a curtain on it. It should be well examined place in the shower. There should be no extra branches, needles, spikes, fragments and cigarette butts. Taking a bath next to the garbage is not only unpleasant, it can harm health.

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