Cafe "Anderson" (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The city is expanding, trying to be like large European centers. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Moscow catering companies are trying to open new branches in this city. Children's cafe "Anderson" (Kazan) is located in the center of the capital Tatarstan, in a favorite place for children and adults. Of course, this location helps the institution to get a stable profit.

Location of cafe "Anderson" (Kazan)

In the center of the metropolis is Central Parkculture and recreation named after Gorky. Near the green zone is the shopping and entertainment complex Korston. The park itself was recently completely renovated and refined. As a result, many new sites appeared, and the nature corner became very popular. Here often come tourists.

In the territory of Gorky Park you can find several sports towns. In addition to the horizontal bars there are more modern simulators, and, suitable for people with disabilities.

cafe anderson kazan

Several beautiful avenues allow you to strollin the woods by a big company. If you want, you can go deep into the forest zone along small paths. This is often used by cyclists who do not want to encounter passers-by. Local people often come to this park to feed squirrels. For these lovely animals are equipped feeders.

On the main avenue of the park there are cozyshops, beautiful lanterns, which allows you to take walks at any time of the day. Also worth noting and singing fountains, which work only in the official season of the park. They are geysers that are backlit. In the evening you can see a performance in which the fountains change beautifully to the music.

Why is Anderson Cafe located in the park?

The Gorky Culture Park has become a place forfestivities with children. This is facilitated by the presence of several playgrounds. Here are both areas for the youngest, with sandboxes and slides, and places for older children. For them, there are special attractions - various swings and carousels.

Also on the territory of the park there is a locomotive withmusical accompaniment, which is popular with tourists and local people. Of course, after a walk in the fresh air, an appetite is played out. In the park there is another institution, which in most cases is used as a banquet hall. Therefore, the cafe "Anderson" (Kazan) has practically no competitors. In addition, the only nearby café is fast food, and many parents try to restrict the use of such products by their children.

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What do they offer to eat in a children's cafe?

Children's cafe "Anderson" (Kazan) offers a menunot only for the youngest. For example, adults can be fortified with chops, shish kebabs or soups. Children are offered a wide variety of vegetable and fruit salads: penne with tomatoes, fillet of duck breast with pumpkin.

Cafe "Anderson" (Kazan), the menu of which containsa lot of dishes for children of different ages, emphasizes desserts. According to the workers of the establishment, baking and cakes are made on the territory of the cafe, so it is always fresh.

Also in the institution you can buy special sets of sweets or candies that will become a beautiful, delicious and original gift for any children's celebration.

children's cafe anderson kazan

Cafe "Anderson" (Kazan): entertainment

This institution, in addition to delicious cuisine,offers also numerous ways to entertain the kids while the parents are resting. For this, special cafes are equipped in the cafe. In one of them with the child will conduct interesting master classes. For example, he can learn to bake ginger biscuits or cook simple breakfasts. Heads of the establishment often attract masters from all over Kazan. As a result, children can also learn modeling or soap making.

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In the other zone, almost everything is allowed for children. They have flour, dough, sweets. All this can be fun to run into a neighbor or try to create a masterpiece. Of course, every child is offered clothes to avoid getting dirty. There are soap bubbles everywhere, chunks of chaotically decomposed polystyrene. All this forms a game room.

Interior institutions

Cafe "Anderson" (Kazan), whose phone number can befind on the official website, allows you to book tables in advance. Often, this institution is used as a place for children's parties. There are two floors in the cafe "Anderson" (Kazan). The first is made in a more restrained style, so it is often used by adults. On the second - there are game zones. Interesting is the fact that in addition to the usual ladder, children can use a pipe, which is easy to get down from the upper floor.

All in the cafe "Anderson" made for the familyrecreation. Even the summer veranda is equipped with beautiful handicrafts and toys. Everything says that the institution is really meant for parents with children. A successful location, delicious cuisine and a large number of children's entertainment makes the cafe popular.

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Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment Cafe Anderson (Kazan) - tasty menu, good entertainment