"Business lines": reviews of the company

In Russia, the issue of employment of the population has always been an extremely important issue. Finding a good and honest firm is difficult. What about a corporation called "Business Lines"? Feedback on any organization has the right to leave anyone. It is in such opinions that applicants and clients form an approximate impression of the employer. Especially if you do not believe everything that people write. No one guarantees that the reviews are true. Users will have to learn to tell lies from truth. So what is the "Business Line"? What features of cooperation and employment will have to learn? Is organization as good as it seems at first glance?


To understand all this is very difficult. Especially considering the fact that often the comments left do not give definitive answers to the questions posed. What is the company "Business Line"?business lines review

It is nothing like a transport company. The company is engaged in transportation and logistics services.The organization does not conduct any other activity. This fact pleases many customers. And employees as well.

Need any logistics services? Welcome to "Business Lines"! Want to work in the field of logistics and transport? Then the doors of the organization are open for applicants! No shadow activity, only transparent and understandable sphere of employment.

About services

What they say about the organization called "Business Lines"? A review of the corporation leaves a considerable number of people. Many customers are satisfied with the range of services that are provided to the corporation.

Among them are:

  • delivery and transportation of groupage cargo;
  • courier service;
  • road haulage;
  • air freight;
  • container services;
  • delivery to shops and hypermarkets;
  • warehouse services;
  • travel arrangements.

Accordingly, it is possible on any occasion related to the movement of goods, contact the corporation. Employees will quickly help you find the best solution for each person.

About prices

"Business Lines" customer reviews earn a different type. It is from these opinions that the study of any firm often begins.After all, if customers do not like this or that corporation, then the applicants will not reach for it.business lines customer reviews

An important role is played by such a nuance as the prices of the services offered. Customers say that the pricing of Business Lines is not too high, but not small. Acceptable in the middle price category.

Despite this, sometimes there are citizens who indicate that the firm provides logistics services at an inflated price tag. Such statements are easily refuted by examining the price list. Prices for the transportation of goods depend on many factors, but usually the final result is lower than competitors offer. And this can not but rejoice the population.

Work speed

What other "Business Lines" does customer feedback earn? It can be noted that often positive opinions are left for such a nuance as the speed of work. An important component of service for transport companies!

It is noted that customers are generally satisfied with the fast performance of certain works. Cargoes arrive quickly, without much delay (sometimes they happen). And the presence of the courier service makes it easy to pick up certain packages.Turning to the "Business Line", wait for the cargo for a long time does not have to!

Along with this, sometimes there are not the best opinions of customers regarding the speed of performing certain tasks. Single reviews indicate that in the "Business Lines" constantly violate the terms of cargo delivery, you have to wait a very long time. But such opinions, as already mentioned, are few. Claims on the speed of work "Business Lines" do not receive.transport company business lines reviews

Attitude towards customers

But that's not all. Reviews about the company "Business Line" left by many applicants and customers. What useful of them can be learned, besides all the points listed earlier?

For example, not the best attitude towards customers by employees. Often, citizens complain about incompetent, unfriendly and even rude employees. It is not too pleasant to communicate with a part of subordinates employed by "Business Lines". Someone rude answer, to someone do not convey important information about the transport of parcels. All this has a negative impact on the organization.

But everything is not as bad as it seems. In some regions, there are no complaints about employees of “Business Lines”. They are spoken of as bona fide and attentive personnel who communicate in a very cultural way.

Unfortunately, there are more complaints in this area. But they should not be afraid.After all, the transport company "Business Lines" receives a variety of reviews. And even those who, in principle, have not contacted the organization can leave them. There is no evidence of the negative shown to the employees of the corporation. Therefore, it remains only to wonder how such opinions are true. But at the same time, hope that the employees in the logistics company are polite and pleasant people.


For transportation is important one more thing - the safety of delivery and the integrity of the parcel. It is not a secret for anyone that during transportation the goods tend to be damaged. The more such incidents occur, the less the population uses the services of one or other logistics companies.

In this area, "Business Lines" (a review about a corporation can be left by each client) an organization earns mixed opinions. Why?

Some customers say that parcels are delivered safe and sound, and also without damage. Therefore, the work of "Business Line" pleases. Such reviews are relatively common.

But at the same time the negative is also enough. Most customers emphasize that "Business Lines" are not very careful about parcels. Often they come in dented boxes or damaged.Accordingly, such people do not recommend using the services of a logistics company.business lines employee testimonials


TC "Business Lines" receives positive feedback for such a feature as distribution throughout the country. This logistics company is known in Russia. It has branches and offices in almost all cities of the Russian Federation.

It follows that the corporation is not a fraud. And at 100%. This is despite the fact that the "Business Lines" are sometimes referred to as a dubious firm.

The head office of the company is located in Moscow. And in the other cities, the “Business Lines” only have branches and parcel delivery points. Nevertheless, customers in different regions of the country leave approximately the same feedback on the activities of the corporation. This fact should be remembered by all.


Now a little about what constitutes a firm as an employer. This is an important point that many applicants pay attention to. How good is TC "Business Lines"? Anyone can leave a review about it! But even this fact does not repel applicants from studying the numerous opinions of the population about the company!

Jobs are offered a variety of.Only employees are somewhat upset by the fact that there are no leadership positions. Usually among the vacant places you can find ordinary positions. For example:

  • driver;
  • loader;
  • courier;
  • operator.

Nevertheless, there is always a choice. And almost every job seeker is able to choose something in his "Business Lines" for himself. Executive positions sometimes appear, but they quickly close. Therefore, it should be noted that employment is possible mainly as an ordinary frame.

Employment Promises

Work in the "Business Lines" reviews earns mixed in general. Only most people agree that the company initially offers good conditions for cooperation. She attracts applicants with loud promises.business line drivers reviews

What exactly? Usually in the announcements and at the interview you can hear the following guarantees:

  • Employment is completely official;
  • convenient and flexible working hours;
  • decent earnings;
  • many bonuses and bonuses;
  • friendly team and corporate ethics;
  • experience in a developing corporation;
  • social guarantees;
  • official transport (available on some vacancies);
  • free education;
  • constant career and professional growth.

It is tempting, especially for newly graduates. After all, if all these promises are not a joke, then you can work in a really good corporation that will allow you to earn and build a career. Just what so many workers need!

About employment

"Business Lines" receives feedback from employees of a different plan. Ambiguous opinions are left on the issue of registration of personnel for work. Why?

Someone says that the company keeps all its promises. Accordingly, an employment contract is signed with all employees, and a record is made about the hiring of a person to work in the workbook. No cheating or informal work!

There are also those who talk about the absence of official employment. It is, but to achieve it is problematic. Basically you have to work without a contract and employment. Therefore, the transport company "Business Lines" receives different reviews.

What to believe? The studied company is a bona fide organization. She does not conduct shadow activity.And he makes all his subordinates in accordance with the rules established in Russia. Believe the absence of official employment should not be.work in business lines reviews


Despite this, it will be necessary to work a little without an employment contract. All employers have this practice. It is about the period of study. During it, the applicant does not enter into an agreement with the future boss.

The “Business Lines” receives good and not so good feedback from workers in this field. However, like any other organization. Some people say that during training a person really learns to fulfill his duties, you cannot skip this period, otherwise there will be problems. And someone considers this practice using free labor of applicants. After all, in fact, it turns out that the prospective employee performs the work duties of an official employee, but without guarantees and full wages.


Special attention is paid to the schedule of work in the transport company. And on all vacancies the situation is approximately the same.

What "Business Lines" reviews drivers and other personnel receive? Not the best, mostly negative.The thing is that the contract concluded with each employee will be violated. Initially promised a clearly specified time of work. And the first time an employee will really work as much as prescribed in the agreement.

After some time, the citizen will be asked to stay for overtime work. We often have to work from 7 in the morning until 20-22 in the evening. Such a schedule pushes away. Moreover, no one warned about it. Sometimes even for lunch is not the time.

Only a few say that the schedule in “Business Lines” is fully respected. Sometimes it is necessary to stay for a side job, but such work is paid according to the established rules.

Working conditions

"Business Lines" driver and other personnel reviews earn different. If you believe the opinions of subordinates, the organization as a whole offers good working conditions, but only on some vacancies. Warehouse workers are dissatisfied with the place of work, but the drivers and operators are completely.

Official transport is really provided to all drivers. The only thing that is required of the applicant - the presence of a driver's license. This is normal.Otherwise, there are no complaints. Office personnel work in equipped and comfortable rooms where there is everything you need.Company Business Reviews

But couriers are not always satisfied with the proposed conditions. "Business Lines" employee reviews are not the best received from such people. Often you have to either use your own transport to deliver something, or pay for public transport. Compensation is not provided.

About earnings

"Business Lines" (Moscow) receives not the best reviews for the level of salaries that are paid in the company. What do subordinates say about how much they are paid?

It is indicated that mostly in the "Business Lines" they promise a lot at the interview, but in practice they pay little. Low salary and the actual lack of opportunities to increase earnings. If we also take into account the workload that is offered after employment, the salaries in the company can be called meager.

Only a few opinions suggest otherwise. Responses about the company "Business Lines" are left ambiguous. In general, this is a good employer, though not too honest. The claims that a corporation receives often look like a template.Working in "Business Lines" reviews earns a different type from both subordinates and clients.

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