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Bruno Ganz is a famous Swiss actor who made a career in German cinema. For fifty years, he starred in films and on television in Germany. He has repeatedly collaborated with such a famous European director and producer as Wim Wenders. International recognition came to him after he played the role of Hitler in the film "Bunker" in 2004. The actor also starred in many English-language films such as Strapless, Manchurian Candidate, Reader, Unknown, Remember. He also played outstanding roles in the theater, in particular, in the production of “Faust”.

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Bruno Ganz was born on March 22, 1941 in Switzerland (Zurich). His father was a mechanic and his mother, a housewife, came from Northern Italy. The young man began to think about his acting career during admission to a higher educational institution. He received a special education in the music and theater school in his native city.Bruno Ganz began to play on stage at about the same time as filming a movie. He first appeared in the film “A Gentleman in Black Derby” in 1960, when he was nineteen years old, but his debut was not very successful. Therefore, he later chose the theater.

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On the stage

This is where Bruno Ganz found himself. The actor devoted the first twenty years of his career to the theater stage. He was a huge success. In one thousand nine hundred and sixty second year he moved to Germany, because he believed that it was easier to realize his potential. At first he played in the Bremen theater troupe. Then he was invited to Berlin. The German magazine "Theater Today" in 1973 declared him "the actor of the year." Then came the "cinematic" stage of his biography. But even after Bruno Ganz tried his hand at films no less successfully, since nineteen eighty-two, the actor returned to the theater and continues to regularly appear in various productions.

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First success

Bruno Ganz made a dizzying film career in 1976, starring in the films “Summer Guest” and “Marquise O”. Then, along with Dennis Hopper, he played Yonatat Zimmerman in the art-house thriller “American Friend,” about how two random people share complicity in the murder.It brought him fame. In 1979, the actor is invited to the role of Jonathan Harker in the film about Count Dracula "Nosferatu: the ghost of the night." The ominous ending of the mystical picture, when the protagonist killing a vampire turns into a “nosferatu”, had a great effect on the audience and discovered the actor’s dramatic talent. In the film "The Sky Over Berlin", he played the angel Damiel, who leaves the sky in our world for the love of the earthly woman. In a very interesting film “Luther” he played the role of the greatest reformer, and in the film “Do not be afraid” - Pope John Paul II.

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Bruno Ganz: movies that made him famous

The greatest fame came to the actor in the eighties of the last century. Consciously or not, Bruno constantly addresses the topic of the Second World War. In The Boys from Brazil, telling about the underground organization of the Nazis who fled from Europe to Latin America, he plays criminal professor Bruckner, and the hunter for those who are hiding from retribution is Laurence Olivier.

But in what role is the most famous actor Bruno Ganz? Hitler in the film "Bunker" became the most famous in his cinematic career.This picture of the last days of the Third Reich was filmed according to the documentary memories of the Fuhrer’s personal secretary. The actor himself was preparing for this role for four months. Ten years after the release of the film, Bruno was noted on the popular WatchMojo website as the world's best performer of all time, having played the real life of the “bad guy.”

The films of the last years with his participation were also favorably received by the public. He appeared in such films as The Unknown as Jürgen as a private detective, Night Train to Lisbon, presented at the sixty-third Berlin International Festival, the crime thriller The Councilor, and the black comedy Bad Case Is Not Simple. In 2015, he received the prize “Special Golden Camera” for his acting achievements. This year there should be a film with his participation called “Party”, shot by British directors. In addition, he works in the TV series "Vatican" on the current problems of the Roman Catholic Church.

Private life

The actor owns houses in several European cities. First of all, it is his hometown - Zurich. He also lives in Berlin and Venice.In nineteen sixty-five, the actor married, but now lives separately with his wife Sabina. The couple have a son, Daniel. Bruno Ganz is currently the owner of the Ring of Iffland. This diamond jewelry gets the best German speaking actor. Then he must pass it on to his successor. The actor loves to act as a speaker and speaker during a public performance of classical music.

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