Brown rice: the benefits and harm. Cooking Brown Rice

Rice respectfully styled bread of the East, and probably not without purpose. After all, its use is constantly associated with the life expectancy of Asians and with their good appearance, even in old age. Excellent skin condition, vigilance, flexibility - all this is inherent in them, and so many health problems they simply lack.

brown rice is useful

Asians have a high potential of vitality and competent medical approach to everyday life, ranging from sleep and ending with food. One of the main side dishes for the population is unpolished rice, it is eaten constantly and is recommended absolutely for all - the elderly, children, and it is mandatory for those whose health needs to be maintained. Any athlete will confirm that the rice included in the diet accumulates strength and energy, makes the body resilient and strong, but this article will tell you more about what brown rice is useful for.

Unpolished rice

Since time immemorial, the East, where rice is grown due to the climate, has been famous for its practicality and wisdom. The same brown rice, the benefits and harms of which are being so actively discussed today, is nothing but the most common cereal that we used to see as white. The difference in appearance is caused only by the technology of grain processing. For example, brown rice unpolished (its benefits and harms are discussed below) is quite good for human consumption and, although it looks a bit unaesthetic when boiled, it is very useful.

Its shell, which remains on the grain, either fully or partially, contains all the most useful trace elements. The structure of the rice grain is directly white grain, a bran shell of red, brown or black color and covering all this pale yellow husk. If you clear the latter, brown rice will remain directly, the benefits and harms of which cause controversy. But one thing is certain: if you know how to cook it competently, the benefits are obvious.

brown rice unpolished benefit and harm

How is brown rice treated?

Purification of brown rice involves the removal of the husk, small grinding, which allows you to save a significant portion of the useful bran, and therefore the nutrients remain almost in full composition.Such properties are endowed with steamed rice, the steaming of which saves up to 80% of the microelements of the grain (despite grinding). In brown rice, they are preserved almost in the original volume.

The effect of rice on the body

  • Reducing cholesterol due to the natural antioxidant gamma-oryzanol. The same substance reduces triglycerides (fats) in blood serum, which affects the state of the fat layer. This quality is popular among lovers of dietary products, and brown rice is not exactly harm here.
  • Saturation of the body with amino acids. When consumed, brown rice is fuller and faster because its proteins are more valuable than other cereals.
  • The optimal distribution of macronutrients. The greatest amount of phosphorus, and then potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulfur.
  • The presence of trace elements in the form of iron, manganese, zinc, silicon, copper, fluorine, nickel, selenium, cobalt, iodine and other elements, which allows us to saturate the body with only useful substances.
  • Saturation of the body with B vitamins (which are responsible for the state of the nervous system), E, ​​PP, etc.

 brown rice reviews

However, this cereal is absolutely gluten-free, which is a very useful quality for people with allergies or diabetes.

Brown rice - the benefits and harm

Cooking brown rice involves soaking for a few hours. This allows the grains to gain moisture and slightly swell, because the structure of brown rice is much denser due to the peel, and during the cooking process it hardly allows water to pass through, so it cooks longer. If rice is soaked in advance, this process will accelerate.

Swollen grains are washed, poured with water in containers and put on fire. At that moment, when the rice begins to boil, mark 10 minutes. Remove from heat and rinse with cold water. After washing, pour the semi-cooked rice with cool water and bring it to the boil again. Now it should cook 15 minutes. over low heat. When cooking unpolished rice, when cooked, the formation of a black layer of flakes or foam (at the level of the liquid) on the walls of the pan.

brown rice benefit and harm cooking

Turning off the saucepan with rice, it is removed from the heat, immediately covered with a lid, wrapped in a warm and well-preserving heat matter, blanket, left in a warm place for half an hour.This method of cooking rice retains all the useful qualities in it and makes it razvaristym and lush.

Other ways to cook brown rice

Sometimes for cooking rice using a different technology. The recipe of some traditional dishes, for example in Italy, implies that brown rice should be slightly undercooked. Perhaps it saves more nutrients in the grains, but in this way it becomes not so easy to chew them.

Mediterranean recipes speed up the cooking process: after heating the rice grains in a frying pan, they are white, add spices and pour water, cook under a lid until the water evaporates.

brown rice harm

Dietary properties of rice

As a plant growing in water spaces, rice helps to normalize the water balance in the body. Therefore, nutritionists often prescribe it as a prophylaxis for people prone to edema. Such dietary courses remove excess fluid from the body, which, in turn, helps to normalize blood circulation and lowers blood pressure (which allows hypertensive patients to systematically reduce blood pressure easily and without medication).Unpolished rice, if it is used without salt, normalizes the work of the kidneys. The cells of the body in a diet on brown rice are saturated with microelements, so it is not debilitating or debilitating.

The beneficial effect of brown rice on the body

Modern physicians recommend including it in the diet, because the substances in its composition have a beneficial effect on the tissues of the joints, cleanse the body of toxins and slags.

brown rice benefit and harm

The benefits of rice are evident in the fact that its systematic use strengthens the immune system; processes of the endocrine system are established, carbohydrate metabolism is normalized. Do not be afraid of those who have problems with the digestive tract. Brown rice in moderate quantities is simply not capable of harm, on the contrary, it will improve digestion, relieve heartburn, and reduce the increased acidity of the stomach.

Due to the structure of the grains and the gluten, starch the intestinal microflora will recover faster with the rice menu. Brown rice, reviews of which are only good, will also affect sleep, the nervous system, the appearance of hair and skin.

What harm can be from brown rice?

Brown rice is used not only for dietary side dishes, everyday casseroles and cereals,but also for pilaf and puddings, its taste is well emphasized by vegetables and meat, fish dishes, gravy with seafood, mushrooms.

brown rice is useful

Despite the fact that the main quality, which is famous for brown rice - good, and its harm in some cases is possible. Usually white polished cereal remains intact for longer. Due to the fact that the shell on the grains of brown rice remains and the substances it contains, make it susceptible to oxidation, the shelf life of brown rice is small. To poison with this grain, alas, perhaps, if its expiration date has passed. But it is possible without the risk of keeping it frozen, brown rice will not lose its properties due to this.

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