Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity

American cinema is one of the mostloved and revered in the world. All directors are equal to him. The most successful period for the American film industry was in the 1960s and 1980s. It was then that Brenda Vaccaro shone. She began her career in the best theater in the world, and then consolidated her success with participation in cult films of the 20th century. Today, few people know Brand, but to love this actress and recognize her talent, it's enough to watch at least one film with her participation.


The future Hollywood star was born in 1939 inBrooklyn. Brenda Vaccaro is a member of the family of Italian immigrants. Her parents opened a family restaurant in Dallas, the actress's childhood is closely connected with him. After receiving school education, Brenda decided to conquer New York, where she moved to 1958. There she received an acting education and already in 3 years after moving she became the star of the Broadway musical "Everyone loves Opal". For this role, the girl received her first major award - "World Theater Award".

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Until 1969, Brenda Vaccaro shone on Broadway. She participated in many productions that led to the nomination for the Tony Award. It was noticed by filmmakers and began to be invited to Hollywood films. In the seventies, Brenda began film career. Her partners were world celebrities, who are revered in our time.

Filmography and awards

The first and most beloved of the audience wasShirley from the movie "Midnight Cowboy". Brenda Vaccaro, whose films were included in the "Golden Collection of Hollywood", was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for participating in it. Her partners in the film were Dustin Hoffman and John Voight. Later there were a lot of interesting and brilliant tapes, which are still loved by the public.

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In 1973, Brenda received the Emmy Award forparticipation in the film "The Shape of Things", and in 1976 still took the "Golden Globe" for the film "One Time Is Not Enough." She was mentioned as the best actress in the second plan. Both films were related to the genre of comedy, which is most loved by the actress.

The last time in the filming of Brenda Vaccaroparticipated in the year 2002. This was the film "Gigolo", directed by Nicolas Cage. The actress was chosen for one of the roles of the second plan because of the fact that she approached by the appearance type. The film narrated about New Orleans in 1981, where the main character came after serving in the army. This painting refers to a criminal drama, it received a lot of positive assessments from viewers and critics.

A novel with Michael Douglas

Many contemporaries note how muchBrenda Vaccaro is attractive. Biography confirms that not only the audience likes the beauty of this actress. In her life there were many men, among whom Michael Douglas stands out. In many interviews, he spoke of Brenda as one of the most beloved women.

They had a novel in 1971, when the subculture"Hippies" were in full bloom. Michael and Brenda agreed with the view that love should be "free." They bought a van and spent six years traveling around it in the country. They were connected by passion and thirst for adventure, but one day Brenda left without explaining the reasons. She did not say a word to her lover.

Douglas for a long time could not forgive this act Brenda, apparently, his wound has not healed so far. Most likely, the fact is that he finished the rest of the novels himself, but this time it happened differently. brand Vaccaro biographyVakkaro also did not begin to explain her action,many Americans thought that she was waiting for Michael to settle down, buy a house and make her an offer. The actor came from a wealthy family, and she did not think that he could live in a van for a long time without amenities.

What the actress is doing now

Unsuccessful affair with Douglas did not stop the actressfind personal happiness. Brenda Vaccaro (photo actresses presented in the review) several times was married. Last time she got engaged in 1986 with Guy Hector. She still lives with him. Before that I tried to build relationships with Charles Cannizzaro and William Bishop.

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About her husband Brenda is not known. A couple sometimes appears at social events together. According to Brenda, it is the husband who gives her the strength to move on in her career further. She returned to the theater, and this year will again appear on the screens. Now Brenda is working on one of the series of the company "Netflix" - "Gypsy." Fans do not have long to wait for the appearance of their favorite actress on the screens, on this service the series come out in one day and almost immediately become available around the world. In addition, she participated in the scoring of the animated film "Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai.

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Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity Brenda Vaccaro - biography and creativity