Blueberries: health benefits and harm

Blueberries - wild berries, similar in taste to blueberries, having a pleasant aroma and taste, useful trace elements, biologically active substances and properties.

General information

It has the appearance of small shrubs belonging to the heather family, it can grow both in forests and in gardens in northern areas. At the same time cottage berries are larger, unlike wild forest ones. Blueberries bloom in early summer, and as early as July, you can harvest a crop, savoring it in fresh or any other form.


Valuable on biologically active substances blueberries. The benefits and harms of berries in percentage are not comparable, since the necessary components are present in them to a greater degree.

blueberries benefit and harm

Fresh blueberries are rich in such vitamins as thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, tocopherol, C, K1, which is involved in the blood clotting process. Of the macronutrients in its composition is magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and of the microelements - a little iron, which is completely absorbed in the body.

Phenolic compounds, which contains blueberries - what are the benefits and harm from them? Of course, only benefit from them, sincethey strengthen the capillaries and accumulate ascorbic acid in the body, saving its consumption. Berries also have in their composition nicotinic, oxalic, malic, acetic, benzoic, citric acid. They contain a high content of pectin, which removes radioactive metals (strontium, cobalt) from the body.


The surprisingly organic combination of trace elements, sugars, vitamins makes blueberries very beneficial for humans. It removes slags, toxins, salts of heavy metals and generally has a positive effect in the form of:

  • improve digestion;
  • regulating blood circulation and the circulatory system;
  • normalization of the intestine, pancreas.

blueberries health benefits

Blueberries, the benefits and harms of which are described in the article, have a moderate magnesium content, which stabilizes the work of the nervous system and has a sedative effect. Berry can be consumed even with diabetes mellitus, because its components reduce blood sugar levels.

With regular and proper use of berries confront pathogenic microbes that cause colds and infectious diseases.

It is necessary to consume blueberries for everyone, but there are categories of people who especially need its beneficial properties.

1. Children.

They are very useful these berries because of the high content of vitamin C, which strengthens their immunity and helps to avoid SARS and flu. And if the child is already sick, the berries will help you to transfer the illness faster and easier. Still, the main treatment, of course, should be carried out with antiviral drugs.

2. Vegetarians.

When meat products do not enter the human body, iron deficiency appears, convulsions, fatigue, fainting are observed. If vegetarians include blueberries in their vegetable diet, then they may not be afraid of anemia.

3. Nearsighted.

Blueberries are a berry of health, the benefits and harms of which are to some extent dependent on the amount consumed. So, those who suffer from myopia with frequent use will help restore their vision no worse than blueberries or carrots, and all because they contain easily digestible carotene.

blueberry during pregnancy benefits and harm

4. Diabetics.

In their case, fragrant fruits will enhance the effect of sugar-lowering drugs.

5. Losing weight.

Blueberry is a low-calorie product (39 kcal), so you can enjoy its taste without thinking about the shape.Rather, on the contrary, the berry will help break down fat cells, turning them into energy.

6. Residents of the northern regions

For them, this berry is the main source of vitamins, which, among other things, helps them to avoid scurvy.

The necessary qualities have not only the blueberries. The benefits and harm to health may be its juice. It contains the average daily rate of vitamins, antioxidants, tannins, organic acids. Fragrant fruits slow down the aging of the brain, protecting it from radioactive exposure, improve memory, attention, normalize metabolism.

80% percent of blueberries consists of water. Traditional medicine claims that you can use both fresh berries and juice from them.

And still use the twigs and leaves of blueberry. There are benefits and harms from them too. The foliage contains less valuable for the body trace elements, but this does not prevent the use of decoctions for the prevention of heart disease.


If a person suffers from cardiovascular diseases and uses blood thinning drugs, then he should not use blueberries. After all, it enhances blood clotting.When it is impossible to refrain from eating juicy berries and it is difficult to remember the count of eaten fruits - this is not very good, because an excess of antioxidants leads to a decrease in the supply of oxygen to muscles, disrupting their functioning.

berry blueberries benefit and harm

Berry blueberries, the benefits and harm of which are proven, with excessive use can lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions.

Blueberry for pregnant women

How does the berry affect future mothers? Doctors recommend blueberries during pregnancy. Benefit and harm from her future mothers need to know. As for the harm, it is minimal, but the benefits are enormous. One glass of berries will satisfy a woman’s need for vitamins (P, PP, B, C) per day. With the help of berries, hemoglobin decrease in blood is prevented, the appearance of varicose veins is prevented, the condition of the walls of blood vessels is improved, arterial pressure is reduced.

For pregnant women, the anti-inflammatory, choleretic, antiscorbutic properties of blueberries will be valuable. It can be used fresh or as a decoction of dry berries. It normalizes intestinal dysfunction in various infections (salmonellosis, dysentery), helps prevent constipation.

In general, the berry strengthens the immunity of pregnant women and keeps it in good shape, increases the body's resistance to many diseases, helps with general weakness.

Indications, contraindications

Blueberries, the benefits and harms for health of which are incomparable, have practically no contraindications. But they still have:

  • allergy;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • in pregnant women - intoxication or allergies, because high content of the active substances of the berry in the mother’s blood can be dangerous for the child.

Blueberry leaves benefit and harm

Doctors advise not to overeat berries they have a laxative effect and can lead to diarrhea. And also you should not use them as food for lactating mothers, because a child may have diathesis due to weak protective functions of the body.

Useful blueberries will be suffering from avitominoz and its consequences, as well as those who live in harmful conditions.

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