Biography and Prayer to St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky)

Archbishop Luka (Voyno-Yasenetsky) is one of the newly glorified saints, who, however, is already surrounded by the enormous veneration of Orthodox Christians. His life was cut short in the early sixties of the 20th century as a result of a long illness. But his name is not forgotten, the prayer of St. Luke to the Crimea is daily offered from the mouth of many believers.

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The formation of the personality of St. Luke

Before turning to the texts of the saints' prayers themselves, it is necessary to sort out a bit the biography of this person. This will give an understanding of why he asks prayer at all. At birth, Saint Luke was given the name Valentin - Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky. He was born in 1877 in Kerch. In childhood, he was distinguished by his penchant for drawing and dreamed of becoming an artist, but in the end he chose the path of a doctor. After graduating from Kiev University, Valentine as a surgeon worked in the Far East, operating with wounded soldiers who took part in battles during the Russian-Japanese war.In 1917 he moved to Turkestan, where he continued to practice medicine in a hospital in Tashkent. In 1920, he heads the department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the University of Turkestan, lectures.

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Adoption of holy dignity

During his life in Tashkent, Valentin Voyno-Yasenetsky begins to take an active interest in church life. Thanks to one of his speeches in 1920 regarding church life in Turkestan, Valentine was noticed by the Tashkent Bishop Innokenty, who ordained him deacon and then the priest. Having entrusted the burden of pastoral care and carrying the obedience of the cathedral preacher, Valentine did not leave medicine and scientific activity, while continuing to be engaged in operating and teaching.

The persecutions and references of Archbishop Luke

The persecutions of Father Valentin began after he took monastic tonsure in 1923 with the name of Luke in honor of the evangelist, who, according to legend, was also a doctor. In the same year, Hieromonk Luke was ordained to the rank of bishop, followed by the first reference to Turukhansk.

While imprisoned, Bishop Luke worked on his book, Essays on Purulent Surgery, for which he will later be awarded personally by Comrade Stalin.Soon the Most Reverend Luka was sent to Moscow, where the authorities allowed him to serve and live in an apartment. Fourteen years later, during the anti-religious persecutions of 1937, Bishop Luke’s second exile followed, this time to Krasnoyarsk. When the war began, he was sent to work as a doctor in the Krasnoyarsk evacuation center. Since 1943, he also occupies the Krasnoyarsk bishop's department. However, only a year later he was again waiting for the move. Now he, as a bishop, goes to the Tambov region, but does not cease to engage in medicine, coordinating under his authority about 150 hospitals in the region.

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Awards and canonization

With the end of the war, Archbishop Luka will face a church award - the right to wear a diamond cross on the hood. And on the part of the government, he is awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."

In 1946, Archbishop Luka was awarded another award - the Stalin Prize of I degree - for his contribution to the development of national science in the field of medicine.

In the same year he was transferred as a bishop to Simferopol, instructing the Crimean department. There, Bishop Luke will spend the rest of his life.By the end of his days he will completely lose his sight, but still he will not stop serving.

The Council of the Moscow Theological Academy at this time accepts His Eminence Luke as an honorary member of the Academy. A posthumous worship of him among the church people led to a legitimate canonization: in 1996 in Simferopol, Archbishop Luka was glorified as a saint and confessor of the faith.

Lifetime ministry by the doctor determined his place in the Cathedral of the Saints - the prayer to Saint Luke became a means of healing and healing. To him, as well as to St. Panteleimon, are people who are obsessed with various ailments and diseases. However, praying for something else is also not forbidden. Many parents read, for example, the prayers of St. Luke about children, about family well-being. As a patron of the area, Archbishop Luka is remembered at the places where he carried his pastoral ministry in the Crimea, Tambov, Tashkent, Krasnoyarsk and others.

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Common prayer to St. Luke

In personal prayers, you can pray in your own words, but joint services are subject to a certain order and have a standardized set of texts. Below we will give the prayer to St. Luke of Crimea in Russian:

O all-blessed confessor, prelate, our father Luke! Great saint of Christ! In affection, bending the knees of our heart, as the children of our father, we implore you with all diligence: hear us, sinners. Lift up our prayer to the merciful and human-loving God, to whom you are in the goodness of the saints, with angelic faces coming. For we believe that you love us with the same love that you loved all your neighbors with when you were on earth.
Ask Christ, our God, so that he may establish his children in the spirit of right faith and godliness. May he give the shepherds holy jealousy and care for the salvation of the flock entrusted to them. Let them protect the right of believers, strengthen the weak in faith, instruct the ignorant, expose those who resist. Give each of us a gift that we need and which will be useful both for eternal salvation and in this life. Grant our cities approval, earth fertility, protection from hunger and disease, consolation to the bereaved, recover the sick, erring on the path of truth, return, bless the parents, bring up the children in fear of the Lord and grow up, help the orphans and lonely. Teach us all your archpastoral blessing so that we, having this prayerful intercession, get rid of the confrontation of the devil and avoid all enmity, disorder, heresy and schisms.Lead us on the road leading to the villages of the righteous, praying for us all-powerful God, that in eternal life we ​​should be honored with you incessantly glorify the one and all inseparable Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Such is the common prayer of St. Luke, read during official services. In prayer books, intended for private use, are other options texts. One of them - the prayer to St. Luke for health - will be given below. For the convenience of understanding the text, it will also be presented in Russian translation.

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Saint Luke: A Prayer for Recovery

Oh, blessed Saint Luke, hear and accept us, sinners, who pray to you! You are accustomed in your life to accept and help all who need your help. Listen to us who mourn, who cry with faith and hope to your intercession. Give us ambulance and miraculous healing! Let not your present be squandered to us, unworthy mercy. We who are suffering in this bustling world and are nowhere to find comfort and compassion in spiritual afflictions and bodily diseases are healed. Deliver the temptations and torments of the devil, help bring your life cross, bear all the difficulties of life and not lose in it the image of God and preserve the Orthodox faith.Give us the strength to have firm hope and hope in God, unfeigned love for our neighbors, so that when the time comes to part with life, we can reach the Kingdom of Heaven together with all that please God. Amen

So in the Orthodox Church revered St. Luke. A prayer for recovery in this case can be read not only during physical exhaustion, but also during depression or any mental illness. In addition, spiritual problems, such as faith doubts, are also included in the circle of diseases in the church tradition.

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