Bicycle lamp: a review of models

The choice of a bicycle lantern is a very significant moment. But for many strange reasons, many cycling enthusiasts ignore the importance of this element and buy the first light fixture it has encountered. This is a completely wrong approach. Today we will consider the issue carefully.

Varieties of bicycle lanterns

Initially, you need to find out why you need a flashlight. Will it be the main source of light or just a “beacon” for safety on the road.

Most bicycle lights have a removable mechanism and are installed only when riding in the dark. But there are also models without quick-detachable mechanisms, usually such light devices have external powerful batteries.

It is worth noting that the lantern can be used to illuminate the road from the front, and there is also a rear bicycle lantern, which acts as a side lamp. Sometimes the models of the rear lights are additionally equipped with sections of the designation of turns (the control lever placed on the steering wheel).Also, there are models that are equipped with a "stop signal" function (the trigger button is built into the handle of the brake lever).

Bicycle lantern on the steering wheel

Main characteristics

Light technology can differ from each other very noticeably. The first difference is the shape and design. Another difference is the method of attachment. Another nuance is the light indicators of the flashlight (brightness, power, angle of illumination, spectrum, and more). By the way of food, you can also distinguish between devices.

It is a remarkable fact: some twenty years ago, a method of powering bicycle lanterns was actively developed with the help of special small mechanical electric current generators, which through a special fastening system adjoined to the rubber surface of the wheel, thereby generating electricity for the needs of lighting engineering on the go. The system in common is called "speaker". The best glow effect was at high speeds. Now such systems are no longer found.

Old bicycle lantern

After the bicycle LED lights appeared with a minimum consumption of electricity, it became possible to manage rechargeable replacement batteries.It is LED lighting and replaceable batteries that are the most common option for cyclists today.

LED pluses

Light-emitting diodes, as we have already found out, are practically uncontested in this niche today, so we’ll talk about them. The main advantage of LEDs is good light output with low power consumption.

They are quite strong with mechanical effects on them. Relatively low cost is also a big plus of LEDs. Also in the case of fatal damage, they do not give fragments, do not emit any poisonous gases.

Light stream of a lamp

This indicator of a forward bicycle lamp is the most important. Luminous flux is measured in lumens. The larger the indicator, the more powerfully the lantern shines. It is worth saying that it is better to choose models more powerful, because at night a lot of light does not happen. In addition, there are models with adjustable brightness of light, but they are more expensive.

Powerful bicycle flashlight

Light scattering

The entire luminous flux of a bicycle lantern has a divergence angle from the source. Depending on your preferences, you should choose a comfortable angle for you.As a rule, it is 120-180 degrees for a regular lantern. For flashlights with a point orientation, an angle of 15-20 degrees is considered comfortable. Such devices are needed to illuminate objects at a considerable distance.

LED Bicycle Light

Illumination of a bicycle lamp

This parameter has a measurement scale in lux. This parameter shows the illumination of a particular point, which is located at some distance from the light source, in our case from a bicycle LED lamp. By this parameter, you can choose a flashlight for your bike.

Someone likes the illumination of the entire width of the road with moderate light, while someone likes a bright narrow stream, directed almost strictly forward.

Types of mount lights

As we have said, there are lights with quick fixings and without them. In addition, there are also bicycle flashlights, which are mounted on the helmet. This is a good solution, because by turning the head you can change the direction of the main light beam. You need to get used to this flashlight.

Another fixing option is using adhesive tape directly on clothing. Such devices are extremely rarely used as the main source of light.More often it is an additional lamp to the main or flashing light for other road users.

Another universal mounting option is an elastic belt, with its help you can fasten a flashlight in almost any place convenient for you. These straps are very comfortable and practical, but short-lived and are afraid of low air temperatures.

Bright bicycle lantern

Popular manufacturers

The market for lighting for cyclists is filled with various companies that are called Noname, but they sometimes do good things. But buying such products is always taking risks.

  1. The company MagicShine offers the buyer good and relatively inexpensive options. The brand is from Hong Kong.
  2. The CatEye brand is the elite of bicycle lighting. Japanese quality at a high price.
  3. The German company Sigma is a frequenter in matters of cycling equipment. The company also did not miss the moment with lighting engineering. High quality and reasonable prices.
  4. BBB is an elite Dutch manufacturer. Everything is very expensive, but beautiful and reliable. This brand is often chosen by professional cyclists.
  5. Fenix ​​Lights is China, which is called quality.The lighting technology of this manufacturer uses American diodes from the company Cree.
  6. Cyclotech bicycle lights have earned a lot of positive feedback from customers. The brand is relatively young, but it has a good growth trend in demand for products around the world.


The choice of a flashlight for a bicycle is an important point, which should be based not only on theory, but also on personal practice. Not the fact that you are on the first attempt to buy yourself a perfect flashlight. Perhaps you guess only from the second or third time, but two or three lanterns on a bicycle in the dark are better than none.

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