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In the world there is no person who would not like to play with his own adrenaline. Chilling, scary and creepy movies are gaining increasing popularity. Horrors have the most diverse themes, so fans of this genre argue all the time about which films are the most terrible and interesting. Someone loves slightly creepy stories, and someone likes the paranormal with sharp frightening moments. In this article you will find a rating of the best horrors.

The origin of the genre

Terrible stories have existed since ancient times. Before the creation of the horror genre, people independently tried to cause a feeling of heart fluttering. Famous authors wrote novels about monsters and vampires, people told each other scary stories about mysterious monsters and werewolves. Few people know, but the first screened horror film is considered “The Devil’s Castle”. It was created by Georges Méliès in 1896 and used the most primitive special effects that would have seemed even comical today.His second brainchild was "The Cave of Demons". And in 1910, the Edison Manufacturing Company released the first film version of the novel “Frankenstein” with a duration of just 12 minutes. Also to the films that most approached people to this genre, include the film "Student from Prague." This film was released in Germany in mid-1913. If the best horror rating were created at that time, these films would be absolute leaders. But for now let us return to the modern masterpieces of cinema.

"Destination 4"

This film is a continuation of a series of stories about an accidental and unexpected death. The picture tells about the guy Nick and his friends, who decided to relax with a cheerful company and went to the car race. In a strange way, upon arriving at Nick's place, visions arise in his head, in which he clearly observes a series of accidents on the race track. As a result, a huge number of people die, including horror ratingIn a panic, the guy tries to explain to friends what he saw. Deciding not to risk, the company leaves the affected area. Unfortunately, Nick's visions come true. Everything is embodied with amazing accuracy, but with one exception.Nick and his friends are not among the dead. They miraculously avoid death, but she has completely different plans for them. Therefore, after the tragedy in the most incredible way, the surviving people began to die in the order in which they were supposed to die in car races. Friends are trying hard to change their destiny. But can you cheat death? And who will win this fight for life? "Destination 4" will allow the viewer to tickle his nerves.

"Resident Evil 5"

This film is suitable for all lovers of treacherous zombies. The world has captured the deadly virus, the Umbrella Corporation is to blame. Girl Alice is the last hope of mankind in this insidious world. In the fifth part (“Resident evil. Retribution”) of the famous film, the girl falls into the very heart of the corporation, where she reveals her own secrets of the past. Alice struggles to find the instigators of the terrible tragedy.destination 4The girl realizes that the truth that she knew is far from the truth. Now, knowing everything about himself and his past, Alice gathers friends and enters a new war of survival. "Resident Evil. Retribution is an incredible continuation of the film "Resident Evil", a picture that has become a real sensation in its subject matter. Therefore, the shooting of new parts of the wonderful film did not stop.And the popularity of the main actress Mila Jovovich soared to the skies.

The story about the worst night of the year

Fans of more real horror will be delighted with the film "Judgment Night" (2013), because in this horror there are no monsters or zombies, only people. The film tells about the future in which humanity lives a calm and serene life. Everyone feels completely safe, because there is no crime in the cities of the future, but there is a “doomsday”. On this night, once a year, any crime is considered the norm, even murder. The only hope for salvation is to close in the house and keep the defense.resident evil retributionThe main character is thoroughly preparing for this night, but a random person who appeared near his doorstep spoils all plans. Opening the door, the man removes protection from his own mansion in order to save the unknown from hunting. Soon a group of bloodthirsty maniacs, who decided to come off that night, appears near his house. The film excites its cruelty and intensity of moments, so it falls into the top horror rating.

About a terrible doll

The film “The Curse of Annabel” (2014) tells about a cute young couple (Mia and John).They are incredibly happy together and can not wait to become parents. And finally, the wife pleases her spouse with the news. Mia is pregnant. John is extremely happy, because he had been waiting for this event for a long time. Wanting to make his beloved an unforgettable gift, he brings a big doll.judgment nightMia was very happy about the surprise, because for many years she had been collecting various dolls. The presented toy was different. She was an old one, similar to an antique one, and who would have thought that this particular doll would bring so much horror to its owners. It turned out that it sharpened evil forces that want to destroy all the inhabitants of the house. The film "The Curse of Annabel" is suitable for all lovers of the supernatural and unexplainable. It will allow the viewer to look beyond the reality and plunge into the atmosphere of terrible fear.

"Real Ghouls" (2014)

The horror theme is so diverse that it can accommodate two very different genres - comedy and horror. It would seem that this is impossible, but the film “Real Ghouls” completely refutes this myth. The story revolves around four vampires - Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Peter.At night, they roam the streets of Wellington in search of their victims. In the daytime, they hide from the destructive sunlight.curse AnnabelDeacon has a friend, Jackie, who dreams of becoming a vampire and plunging into darkness with him. Once having taken a new vampire into their ranks, they could not even think what it would all turn out to be. The new ghoul tells the whole city, about who he is, and the hunt begins for their whole house. The film tells how difficult it is for vampires to survive in the modern world, that they have to play the role of an ordinary person: pay taxes, go shopping and "enjoy" the sunshine and other pleasures of the 21st century. And, of course, this film is included in the best horror rating.

Horror and investigation

Probably every lover of this nightmare will appreciate the film "Sinister" (2012). The story begins with the fact that the writer and his family move to a small town to find solitude and silence. They settle, it would seem, in an ordinary cozy house, but this becomes a real mistake. There were terrible events, and soon the head of the family finds out that all the previous tenants died in it. And the culprit of the killings was never found.real ghoulsNow the tenants are constantly feeling the presence of something strange. The situation gets even worse when videos are found in the attic of the house. The writer begins to look through them in order to find the relationship between the tragedies, and soon he understands what is happening. The film "Sinister" is perfect for sharing with friends. The story is so mysterious that it allows you to dive into the investigation along with the main character.

"The Spell" (2013)

Lorraine and Edd - the owners of the most unusual profession in the world. They study evil spirits and demons. They know well how obsessed people and spirit-obsessed things look. The family has a huge collection of demons, sharpened in objects from different parts of the world. Once a large family turns to them for help, which is sure that something sinister is happening in their house.Sinister 2012After answering the pleas for help, Lorraine and Ed come to the mysterious house for observation. Placing special listening devices, psychics try to understand the problem that haunts the family. What is so strange going on in this house?


In this ranking were mentioned only some of the popular horrors of our time. Each film is different from the other depth of its subject and plot.This will help you find exactly what your hocks will shake and harden the blood in your veins.

Some are absolutely skeptical of horror movies, they will love the combination of comedy and horror. Someone is afraid of ghosts in panic, and someone prefers a hint of detective in this genre. Someone likes zombies. Everyone has their own ideas about fear and courage. In this ranking, everyone will find what he is looking for and will not be left disappointed.

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