Belyashi with meat, recipe

Do you want to make real belaya with meat? The recipe is here!
You had to buy Belyasha? The answer is likely to be affirmative.

There are circumstances when it comes"to have a quick bite". For example, on the road. It's good, if you can warm up in the microwave, and sometimes you have to chew the "rubber" dough in a cold form, and even with an incomprehensible stuffing, with nostalgia remembering the forgotten taste from childhood ... Mom (or grandmother) they were so delicious !!

How to make Belyashi with meat at home? The subtleties of cooking read in this article.

Belyashi owe their birth to the Tatars. Initially, they were an ordinary pie of dough (fresh), with a filling that included pieces of meat and millet (instead of wheat, potatoes or rice were added). Over the years, undergoing dramatic changes, Belyashi became a part of Russian cuisine and are prepared from yeast dough, stuffed with meat and onions.

Belyashi with meat, the recipe of which is presented here, are exceptionally easy to prepare. Both the dough and the minced meat are prepared by ourselves.

Let's start with the test. For him you will need: a glass of milk, a glass of water, 1.5 tbsp. spoons of yeast (dry), butter (110 g), salt (1.5-2 tsp) and flour (about 7 glasses).

Milk is mixed with water and bred yeast. Add 1/2 flour, softened butter (you can melt), salt and sugar. Now one small but important "highlight": before you start working with the test, oil your hands with oil (the usual vegetable will do). Now knead the dough, gradually adding flour. Mix until the dough sticks to your hands. Transfer the dough into a deep dish, cover with a clean towel or napkin and put in a warm place for at least an hour. This dough will be fine in work, airy after frying, crispy and really delicious.

Prepare minced meat for belaya. Recipes can be found on the Internet a great variety. For the sake of interest, she herself entered into the search engine: "belaya with meat, a recipe," only one of the hundreds corresponded to reality. For some reason no one, with rare exceptions, does not want to share the secret of making a really good filling, which must be juicy, and aromatic, and tender, and tasty at the same time. Stuffing must necessarily consist of meat and onions, in a ratio of 1 to 1. Luke is as much as meat. And the meat should only be fresh, in no case frozen earlier, because after freezing it loses its qualities, the aroma and juiciness will be not the same. Be sure to use pork and beef (in equal proportions). Minced meat is prepared independently, the purchase will never be compared with home!

Mincemeat for Belyashei, composition: pork (200 g.), beef (200 gr.), onion (350-400 gr), pepper ground black or white and salt (added to taste). In some recipes advise to cut onions (sometimes even cubes). But just chopped onions will not give the stuffing as much juiciness as missed through the meat grinder, and the pieces of onions that come across in the ready-made belyash are not to everyone's liking.

Meat and onions are passed through a meat grinder, add pepper, salt and mix thoroughly.

Now proceed directly to the preparation. We divide the dough into equal parts (6-8 small, equal in size, pieces), we form balls from this test and form a corresponding groove in which we spread the filling (for one bélasha with medium-sized meat, approximately two tablespoons of minced meat will be needed). The edges are slightly tampered so that minced meat does not fall out during cooking, leaving only a small "window".

Ideal belyashi with meat are obtained infryer, although the usual frying pan is also suitable. Belyash during the frying should be half (at least) immersed in boiling oil - only in this case the dough will be lush and tender. Fry until you get a golden color (first from the side "window", and only then - on the other side).

If you like belyashi with meat, the recipe described here, will necessarily replenish your piggy bank of the best recipes.

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