Belching rotten eggs and diarrhea: causes

What does burping with rotten eggs and diarrhea mean? Let us examine this question in more detail. These symptoms occur, as a rule, in people suffering from any disease. In healthy people, they may appear due to the incompatibility of certain foods, as well as as a result of excessive nutrition. As a result of overeating, gases accumulate in the stomach, which can stimulate the secretory function of this organ, after which the gases are released by belching.

Bad feeling

When does it occur?

Belching can also occur when a person talks while eating and swallows small portions of air. Gases also form quick snacks and carbonated drinks. Chewing gum gives a similar result.

However, there are cases when belching has a very unpleasant smell, similar to the one that emit spoiled eggs. This suggests that a large amount of hydrogen sulfide accumulates in the stomach.This substance is formed due to the breakdown of such products, which may contain sulfur in their composition.

In cases where the burping with the smell of rotten eggs is accompanied by diarrhea, this may be a symptom of some diseases of the digestive system. Diarrhea and characteristic belching with an unpleasant smell suggest that the ability of the stomach to digest certain foods is impaired, food stagnates in it.

Products that provoke belching rotten eggs

When there is belching with rotten eggs and diarrhea, and belching has an unpleasant smell, it is about the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide in the stomach. This may be due to the foods eaten, which have sulfur in their composition, this is precisely the reason for the burping with the smell of missing eggs in healthy people. These products include:

  • avocado, watermelon and some other fruits;
  • poultry and eggs;
  • coffee Tea;
  • sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts;
  • bananas, coconuts, corn;
  • milk;
  • beef;
  • asparagus, beets;
  • legumes (lentils, beans, peas, etc.);
  • tomatoes, garlic, parsley, cabbage;
  • preservatives that may be present in some convenience foods or in food cooked in fast food restaurants.

Pathological causes of belching with an unpleasant smell in combination with diarrhea

Burping with rotten eggs and diarrhea can be evidence that food decomposition and rotting processes occur in the human stomach. The characteristic smell is exactly hydrogen sulfide, which is formed due to the breakdown of proteins. These phenomena are often accompanied not only by diarrhea, but also by abdominal distention, unpleasant painful sensations.

Burping with rotten eggs and diarrhea appear when the stomach is not able to digest the food that has entered it, and this, in turn, indicates that its motor and secretory functions are weakened. Diarrhea - just a consequence of this, this symptom is due to the fact that part of the undigested food from the stomach enters the intestine, where the process of decay continues. Thus, in the intestine begins the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that cause loose stools. And this is not surprising, because a disruption in the work of one organ often leads to disruption of the function of the entire system, for example, the digestive system.

What is the reason?

After a hearty lunch

What can cause such problems? Causes of belching rotten eggs and diarrhea can be:

  • Intestinal infections - salmonellosis, food poisoning and much more.These diseases are usually accompanied by vomiting, loose stools, fever, belching with an unpleasant odor.
  • Inflammation of the tissues of the stomach, pancreas (chronic pancreatitis, enteritis, as well as gastritis with high acidity). With these diseases, the enzymatic function of the digestive organs is reduced, and the food entering the body is not digested properly, which causes it to rot in the stomach and intestines.
  • Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that in most cases is the cause of gastritis. More than half of people with gastritis and gastric ulcer are diagnosed with helikobacteriosis. Identify this disease is possible only with the help of special tests.
  • Intolerance to lactose, fructose and gluten. These substances may be found in foods such as cereals, fruits, dairy products, some vegetables. These deviations are most often hereditary.
  • Stenosis of the pylorus. The most common cause of such a violation is a kind of neoplasm that overlaps the gastric lumen. In this case, the person may experience a feeling of overcrowding in the stomach, he is worried about burping with the smell of rotten eggs, sour taste in the mouth, bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Dysbacteriosis after taking antibiotics. The most frequent side effect of antibiotic treatment is a violation of the intestinal microflora. If time does not begin to combat this problem, active reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms may begin in the intestine. This is manifested by flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, belching with an unpleasant odor.
  • Crohn's disease. This disease is characterized by symptoms such as frequent bouts of diarrhea, stomach cramps, belching with rotten eggs. Sick people are losing weight.
  • Oncological diseases, in the process of which food stagnation in the stomach is also observed.
Girl puzzled

Treatment of burping with rotten eggs and diarrhea must be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

The connection of the disease and the smell of rotten eggs

As has been said, the unpleasant smell of belching is directly related to the rotting of food in the stomach, and this may signal the presence of such a disease as gastritis. With the development of this disease in the stomach, the processes of digestion of food slow down, which leads to its stagnation and inability to absorb nutrients.

In the process of food rotting in the stomach, not only hydrogen sulfide, but also ammonia begins to stand out.Belching is the natural mechanism of the human body, which helps get rid of the gas accumulated in the stomach. A similar phenomenon is often observed during periods of exacerbation of the disease.

The use of drugs

The treatment of this disease is based on the use of drugs that are composed of special enzymes or gastric juice. The causes and treatment of burping eggs and diarrhea are often interrelated. A person suffering from a similar disease should follow a certain diet and eliminate overeating.

Pyloric stenosis

Another cause of belching is pyloric stenosis when the stomach is permeated. This pathology is treated exclusively by surgery.

Some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to the multiplication of harmful bacteria in large quantities. Belching rotten eggs and diarrhea are symptoms that signal malfunctions in the body.

Toilet room

Belching with an unpleasant odor and diarrhea can be the result of intolerance to some drugs, infection with Helicobacter pylori or other pathological microorganisms.


What to do when burping rotten eggs and diarrhea?

Symptoms that signal the presence of the disease are directly related to the underlying cause. If gastritis is found in a patient, then belching is the only symptom of this disease, its presence does not depend on the stage and type of illness.

Nevertheless, the main symptom of serious illness is belching with an unpleasant odor. If this is repeated several times, the patient must necessarily seek medical assistance in order to recognize the disease in time and begin its treatment.

Before prescribing a treatment, the doctor must carry out all the necessary diagnostic tests that will help to find out why belching with rotten eggs and diarrhea have arisen.

Unpleasant smell

Basic research methods

To identify pathology using various methods:

  • irrigoscopy;
  • examination of feces for the presence of blood in it;
  • general blood analysis;
  • blood chemistry;
  • x-ray of the stomach;
  • ultrasound of the digestive system;
  • colonoscopy;
  • coprogram;
  • manometry, which will help analyze the motor function of the digestive tract;
  • determination of gastric acidity;
  • gastroduodenoscopy;
  • fibrogastroscopy.

Elimination of unpleasant symptoms and treatment

To get rid of symptoms such as belching with the smell of spoiled eggs and diarrhea, you must immediately determine the cause of their occurrence, and only a qualified specialist can do this.

However, if the cause is food poisoning, it is necessary to do a gastric lavage and take a sorbent, the simplest of which is activated charcoal. For washing the stomach, you can use a light solution of soda. If there is belching rotten eggs and diarrhea in a child, then self-medication should not be involved. In this case, you must contact the specialized medical institution.

Spasm and nausea

Plentiful Drink

The next stage of this treatment is drinking plenty of water. In order to avoid dehydration, the water must be drunk often and in small quantities. Perhaps the use of special compounds that normalize water-salt metabolism in the body, such as the drug "Regidron".

If there is a burp with the smell of rotten eggs and diarrhea, it is not recommended to take antibiotics, as this can only aggravate the patient's condition.Another limitation with these symptoms is the refusal to eat ordinary sugar, which provokes the development of harmful bacteria in the intestines and stomach.

The use of drugs that contain digestive enzymes, such as Festal, Pancreatin, Mezim, is recommended. With the stagnation of bile will help drugs "Allohol", "Holenzim", "Holosas".

We examined the causes of burping with rotten eggs and diarrhea and determined how to act in such a situation.

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