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Gosser is the most popular beer brand in Austria. It is of high quality because it is made according to old recipes from flawless taste and purity of water, alpine hops and the best barley. One of the characteristic features of the beer "Gesser", in addition to the recognizable taste and pleasant aroma, is a resistant cap of dense foam, which is formed during the spill. On the history of the origin of this foamy drink, the composition and popular varieties, we will tell in our article.

Brand history

It all started with the founding of the Countess Adula monastery in the early XI century. From the very first day it began to brew beer, which was not uncommon, but rather the generally accepted rule of the time. The monastery remained the cultural and economic center of the region until the end of the 18th century, after which, as a result of the reforms of the new emperor Joseph II, it was closed and all its property was sold out.

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At this the history of the brewery at the monastery could be completed if not for the young entrepreneur Max Kober.In 1860, he acquired a number of buildings and restored beer production in the region. Soon, his brewery became the largest in Austria.

Since 2003, the producer of beer "Gesser" is a concert Heineken. Today, the foam drink of the presented brand is produced not only in Austria. Under the license, it is successfully produced in four more countries: Russia, Belarus, Romania and Hungary.

The composition and description of the beer "Gesser"

The secret of the popularity of a foamy drink of a famous Austrian brand lies in the composition of the ingredients. In the production of beer "Gesser" is used crystal clear water from sources in the Upper Styria, alpine hops and the best malts. Despite the strict compliance with the ancient traditions of brewing, the drink is produced on modern equipment, which allows for a recognizable taste and pleasant aroma. Available as light and dark beer "Gesser".

Light Gosser is a classic lager or bottom-fermented beer with an alcohol content of 5.2% and an initial wort extract content of 11.8%. It has a golden color, light aroma and a pleasant taste with grains, malt and floral notes. The finish is long enough.

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Dark Gosser, like light, must undergo the procedure of pasteurization and filtration. The alcohol content of this frothy drink does not exceed 4.5%. The composition of the ingredients of dark beer is slightly different from the light. For the production of the drink, roasted barley malt, bitter hops and all the same crystal clear water are used. The color of beer - brown, with reddish hues. The taste is quite complex, but interesting. It combines caramel, chocolate, coffee and hop notes.

Popular varieties

The manufacturer produces several varieties of beer "Gesser":

  1. Märzen (March) - in Austria, this beer is the most popular. It is a bright lager with a pleasant taste and a firm frothy cap.

  2. Gold is a gold beer with a 5.5% strength. It has a slightly dry taste.

  3. Spezial is a strong drink with an alcohol content of 5.7%, which has a characteristic bread taste.

  4. Stiftsbräu is the main sort of dark beer "Gesser". The secret of his success lies in the special sweet taste, in which chocolate and caramel notes are clearly traced.

  5. Bock - a very strong beer, high alcohol content which is clearly audible, even in taste.

Gesser draft beer

Unfortunately, the beers presented above are extremely rare in Russia. Therefore, in order to taste them you will have to go to Austria. In Russia, however, only classic light and dark beer is produced.

Reviews of beer "Gesser"

According to buyers, the foamy drink of a famous Austrian brand has virtually no drawbacks. And they are so insignificant that you can close your eyes to them. The only thing that customers note is the fact that the draft beer "Gesser" has a more pleasant taste and aroma than bottled or canned.

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The rest of the beer collected only positive reviews. In them, buyers note:

  • excellent taste;
  • high quality ingredients;
  • rich aroma with malt and floral notes;
  • stylish and recognizable design cans and bottles;
  • well refreshing;
  • easy to drink, leaving pleasant memories;
  • pleasant and long aftertaste.

According to buyers, the beer "Gesser" has an optimal ratio of price and quality. The cost of a bottle of such a drink is about 100 rubles.

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