Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior

Modern fashion in interior design is increasingly taking away the thoughts of decorators and stylists to the traditional rules of space design. The directions of hi-tech and baroque always attracted by their sophistication and novelty, but if we talk about the classics, then the first place goes harmony and complete subordination of design to calm and measured. Especially these characteristics express the bedrooms in a classic style, which, by their purpose, cannot contradict the idea of ​​pacification and order.

At the same time, you should not consider the classic interior as a means of creating a modern environment in full compliance with established norms. Anyway, any designer and simple homeowner will use neoclassical tools - this means the introduction of modern interior principles into the design.

Features of planning

classic style bedrooms

Perhaps the attitude to symmetry of the adherents of the classic interior is the only thing that remains unchanged.The classics are characterized by pronounced symmetric lines, the absence of intricate shapes, bends and zigzags. Symmetry is formed by carpets, sconces and lamps, bedside dressers and side tables, the bed itself and a mirror table. Of course, no bedroom design in a classic style can absolutely meet geometric standards. In particular, a dressing table with a floor lamp can diverge in lines. But the main "participants" of the furniture ensemble are still oriented towards symmetry and correct location. By the way, these lines are emphasized not only with furniture, but also with surface finishing.

Color spectrum

classic-style bedroom design

In relation to the classics, there is only one rule for the selection of colors - the exclusion of bright colors and contrasts. But for the pastel, soft and cold colors in such interiors, complete expanse. And again, the bedrooms in a classic style emphasize the importance of this room in terms of relaxation. Muffled unobtrusive and relaxing tones - the best solution for such rooms. And this does not mean that the room will be boring and uninteresting for perception.

Combinations of white and blue, delicate cherry and blue will bring playfulness and refinement to the bedroom.These are elegant tones that look most advantageous under the condition of natural light. A hint of royal apartments will turn dark green. The noble shade does not lose relevance, decorating with itself magnificent classical interiors and presently. In the view of many people, the model of the genre is a white bedroom in a classic style, in which there are practically no contrasts. Meanwhile, this image really attracts many modern designers who use white tone in exclusive works.


classic-style bedroom interior

Classic design is closely associated with the same direction in the furniture industry. Factories produce special lines in the classical style, designed for specific premises. For the bedroom, a traditional set is suitable, including a spacious bed, a traditional wardrobe (instead of a compartment), a chest of drawers, lockers, a coffee table and a bedside table. In addition to conservatism in constructional design, bedroom furniture in a classic style should be made of natural materials. First of all, it is cherry, walnut and mahogany, etc. It is allowed to use a metal frame in combination with curved backs and carved wooden ornaments.

In general, decorations and decorative elements are another attribute of the furniture of this style - elegant headboards, original fabric upholstery and patina patina, which has again gained popularity in recent years. At the same time, the interior of the bedroom in a classic style fully accepts modern technology - of course, in a suitable design, some models of televisions and audio systems will organically fit into the decor.

Surface finish

classic style bedroom furniture

It is advisable to make a bias towards natural and natural materials. Especially today, when technologies allow the creation of finishing materials from synthetics and composites, the bedroom design in a classic style retains long-standing principles. They boil down to the use of art paintings, decorative plaster and fabric wallpaper. This is important not only in terms of style, but also as a way to create a psychological atmosphere for the most important room in terms of recreation.

This rule applies to flooring. Here you can lay out high-quality laminate or use cork flooring. It is better to refuse parquet, because it is too heavy for perception and periodically requires restoration. Also completely excluded carpet, linoleum and tile.Children's bedrooms in a classic style and it is worth protecting against the use of non-natural materials. Such a restriction in the choice is often disadvantageous in terms of economy, but in terms of environmental safety and aesthetics, it is quite justified.


The function of lighting in the bedroom is obvious, and it remains only to determine in what style it should be implemented. Firstly, the classic readily accepts all traditional types of lamps, including chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. Secondly, the interior of the bedroom in a classic style provides for a verified multi-dimensional organization of the flow of light. Accordingly, the basis can be a central chandelier, and additional lighting provides a pleasant and soft light. Spot lighting can be arranged on the dressing table and bedside table. In addition to the main task, the directional light streams will make the bedroom interior one-piece and elegant.

Decorative items

classic white bedroom

Almost every corner of the bedroom can be decorated with certain things. These can be classic paintings, embroidery, tapestries, various accessories, frames and other accessories. A special place that characterizes the approach to the design of the bedroom in a classic style, are windows.Decorated with noble and luxurious fabrics with elegant tulle, they enrich the space with new lush shades. Blackout curtains with tassels and lambrequins evoke a feeling of Victorian chic and aristocracy. But the refined Roman blinds are more likely to suit the Scandinavian or Mediterranean interior.

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Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 31

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Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 84

Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 35

Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 31

Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 18

Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 33

Bedrooms in classic style. Subtleties of design and interior 51