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All sorts of synthetic fibers and threads used in the manufacture of various fabrics are widely used in all sectors of the national economy. Today, on the shelves of which the range includes textiles for the home, more and more products made from modern materials. Among these products, a special niche was occupied by bedding, which has bright colors and unusual textures in combination with good quality and reasonable price. This is polysatin bedding, reviews of which are both positive and negative. We will also try to understand this group of textiles and find out why this material causes such different emotions among buyers.

polisatin bedding reviews

What is polisatin?

A thin and silky fabric consisting of a mixture of polyester and cotton yarn twisted and interwoven in a certain way is called polysatin.It is widely used in the manufacture of various types of clothing and textiles.

Polysatin - natural thread or synthetic?

The content of organic cotton and synthetic polyester can vary in certain proportions. For example, a fabric can have 50% artificial yarns and 50% natural, the proportional ratio can be 60% to 40% or 35% to 65%, and sometimes polysatin is made completely artificial.

The percentage of a fiber determines the scope of this material. The higher the content of artificial yarns in fabric, the greater the likelihood of its use in the industrial field or sewing outerwear, bags or upholstery for furniture.

For the manufacture of home textiles and bedding materials are usually used in which there is the necessary amount of cotton.

Why do I need to know the composition?

However, often some manufacturers use unsuitable materials for sewing household textiles, masking them under bright packaging with promising advertising. Nevertheless, no one has yet canceled the norms and requirements for marking information, therefore, there must be a corresponding tag on any factory-made product.

A more accurate picture of the composition of the product can be found by carefully considering this label. It shows not only the dimensions of the product and standard markings for long-term operation of the selected set. It will help to know what kind of fabric. Reviews of bed linen polysatin suggests that for high-quality, comfortable and long-term use of textiles of this group, the study of the information provided by the manufacturer is the first selection criterion.

polisatin fabric for bedding reviews

What is produced

At one time, when studying refined products, various polyesters were isolated, and then polyester fibers. Now, thanks to special technical properties, these synthetic substances are widely used in the textile industry - they are used in the production of various materials. Fabrics in which polyester components are present have clear advantages. They are practically not subject to crushing, have excellent weather resistance and resist exposure to sunlight. Their resistance to abrasion and high strength are striking.

Today the most popular synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics used in everyday life are polysatin, acrylic, microfiber, polyester silk, etc. Each of these materials has found its scope. Polisatin is most often used for the production of sleeping sets.

Price segment

Low cost and relative simplicity of production played an important role in this case. Precisely because of this, on the shelves of specialized stores and boutiques today a huge assortment of low-priced polysatin bed linen is presented. Reviews of most consumers suggest that the cost of such bedding is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of sets of natural fabrics. This is due to the popularity of products in this group.

polisatin quality bedding reviews

Material advantages

Due to the double structure of the fibers and the predominance of thin threads, the fabric has excellent durability, while the density of the weaving of the threads is only from 70 to 100 g / m².

The indisputable advantages of polysatin include good wear resistance and ease of use.Judging by the reviews, the polysatin bedding is not deformed in any way and does not lose the brightness of the color after several dozen washes. This material is easy to wash, dries quickly, and is easy to iron.

Brightness of color

Sleeping sets of this group of home textiles have a rather luxurious look. According to customer reviews, the polisatin bed linens attracted their attention with their unusual bright colors and original colors made using the volumetric image technique.

Specially developed technologies for applying all sorts of drawings make it possible to achieve very spectacular paintings. Nothing can change the overall impression of the bedroom interior as much as 3D polysatin bed linen. Customer reviews indicate that such sleeping sets not only decorate the room, but also help to create a certain atmosphere.

polisatin material for bedding reviews

Assortment row

Today, every home textile manufacturer seeks to provide a choice of bed linen in size. Standard 1.5-bedroom and double sets are an integral part of the range of any sewing company.However, there are also sets such as "Family" and "European standard", differing in the configuration and size of bedroom paraphernalia.

According to reviews, the quality of bed linen made of polysatin made in different size or color models is absolutely the same. And it is not surprising, because the same fabric is used for their manufacture. Even the drawings and colors on the beds or sofas of different sizes can be exactly the same.

Fashion trends

Do not forget that in Europe, elements of home textiles, as well as clothing, have long lived according to the laws and trends of fashion. Despite the fact that in Russia the followers of fashion trends appeared not so long ago, certain authority was fixed for certain types of fabrics and bedding models.

White sheets and duvet covers with small flowers and polka dots that were popular a few years ago have already sunk into oblivion. Today, manufacturers offer a huge assortment of a variety of colors, made in different techniques. And, of course, at the peak of fashion 3D-, 4D- and even 5D-images that create the illusion of three-dimensional painted objects.

bedding camellia polisatin reviews

Large flowers with blurred or clear forms, all sorts of representatives of the animal or underwater world, abstraction or clear geometric forms - this is the trend of recent years. A long time will not lose relevance polisatin "Camellia" - bed linen, reviews of which indicate the enormous popularity. Large bright flowers of an evergreen plant, depicted on a dark or light background, like most consumers and fit perfectly into any interior.

Polysatin Baby Sets

Their fashion trends exist in children's bedding. These are, above all, amusing images of various bunnies, teddy bears, heroes of popular cartoons and famous fairy tales. Usually, the pictures on any bed sets for babies are made in soothing colors, otherwise the child will be distracted or even frightened by his bed. For older children, on the contrary, bed linen is produced, which has bright and clear images.

Undoubtedly, when choosing a children's sleeping set, products made of polysatin look more advantageous. However, despite all the brightness and unusualness of such models, do not forget that the fabric used is synthetic or semi-synthetic.This material has some drawbacks that may affect the health of the child in the best way. Pediatricians and parents who are faced with the negative impact of textiles made from non-natural materials are advised to use cotton sets of baby clothes. Usually it is flannel, calico or satin.

polysatin bedding with 3d reviews

Fabric flaws

Despite its good performance, this fabric has some disadvantages. Judging by the reviews, for the bedding made of polysatin, the material is usually used synthetic, which leads to such manifestations:

  • Increased sweating of the body during sleep. This is due to the fact that artificial materials do not have the ability to pass air and moisture.
  • Manifestations of skin irritation and redness. The negative impact of aggressive dyes used in the production of polysatin, in combination with the lack of circulation of heat and moisture may well have a negative effect on the body and cause various rashes and allergic reactions.
  • The material has the ability to accumulate static electricity and electrify.
  • After several washes on the fabric, so-called “pellets” can form.
  • Sliding fabric is not always conducive to comfortable rest. Very often this material is called rayon. In fact, often polysatin bedding is 100% polyester. Reviews of such bedding indicate that the sheets get loose during sleep and pillows roll off the bed. Usually a material that contains only synthetic yarns is unpleasant to the touch.

Polisatin bedding reviews buyers


The above list of the main drawbacks of polysatin bedding suggests that they can only relate to the level of user comfort - numerous reviews indicate this. And for people prone to allergic skin reactions, the likelihood of their manifestations.

However, from the point of view of operational and consumer characteristics, this material has only positive qualities. Therefore, if your skin does not respond to contact with synthetics and you do not have manifestations of excessive sweating, then polysatin can be a real find.

Do not forget that before buying bed linen, you must pay special attention to studying the information provided on the packaging and label of the product. Kits, which include a large number of natural threads, are much nicer and safer to use.

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