Baths "Triton": reviews, review of models

Today are very popular. They are gradually replacing the iron and steel species. This is due to the mass of positive characteristics possessed by products made of acrylic. They are practical, beautiful, can fit into any interior bathroom. This explains the high demand for them.

Acrylics are very popular in our country.Triton baths. Reviewsproducts, their characteristics and varieties should be considered in detail before purchasing.


Acrylic bath "Triton", according to reviewsBuyers and experts are high-quality and relatively inexpensive products. It is manufactured by a domestic company, which was established in 2002. The founders of this production sought to create technologies that would outperform competing products in quality.Baths triton reviews

For 9 years, the company has sent a net profit in its development. A group of founding engineers managed to create products that truly exceeded not only domestic, but also foreign counterparts. This allowed the company to take a leading position in the market.

Today the brand "Triton" is one of the largest manufacturers in our country of a similar profile. Production volumes are impressive. At the same time, production is subject to thorough quality control at all its stages.

Baths "Triton", according to reviewsexperts are of high quality. At the same time, the cost of domestic production remains lower than that of foreign counterparts. This was also possible with a well-organized supply chain. Necessary materials, accessories are purchased directly without intermediaries.

By the choice of materials from which all products are created, the manufacturer is very responsible. Today, many new models are being developed. This allows each buyer to choose the best option for the existing interior.

The advantages of acrylic

Acrylic bath "Triton", according to customer reviews,have a large selection of models. They are made by new technologies. Thanks to the constant development, it turns out to present the buyer with many new models of acrylic baths.Acrylic bath triton reviews

The presented products are in demand due to the special qualities of the material from which plumbing is made.Acrylic has many advantages. It does not lose heat, so that water retains its temperature for a long time. At the same time, the presented material is characterized by good sound insulation. When water is drawn into the bath, the sound will not be loud.

High-quality acrylic is not afraid of mechanical damage. In such products it is impossible to damage the enamel, as in the iron and steel models. Acryl washes well. It does not absorb pollutants. Thanks to this feature, the surface does not lose its snow-white color for a long time.

Another advantage of acrylic is the ability to easily take any shape. It is from this material create a variety of bath configurations. Brand "Triton" develops many models. They differ in size, shape, accessories and cost. Everyone can choose the best option. Unchanged for all models of acrylic baths presented by the brand is high quality, durability.

Production features

Consideringcustomer reviews about the Triton bath,It should be noted a lot of positive statements. This is due to the features of the production of the presented products.The company approaches the choice of materials very responsibly.Bath Triton Buyers Reviews

Bath brand are made of sanitary acrylic Austrian production, which is called Senosan. It is manufactured by Senoplast. Triton is the world's largest consumer of Austrian brand products.

In our country, no production in this industry can boast the same high-tech equipment. During the production cycle, the baths are molded on a special vacuum complex. In the process of its application, acrylic sheets are heat treated. Subsequently, it is additionally reinforced to impart greater rigidity with resins, mineral filler and glass roving.

To give acrylic extra strength, unique American equipment is used. This installation applies a special reinforcing layer. Soacrylic bath "Triton", according to reviewsprofessionals acquire unique qualities that can not be achieved by any other domestic company operating in a similar direction.

Triton creates the metal frame in its own rolling production.Only galvanic galvanizing of the surface of the metal billet is carried out in the shops of the partner company.


The company "Triton" manufactures many different models of baths. They may differ in configuration, the presence of hydromassage, dimensions and cost.

Baths can be rectangular or angular. Also on sale are asymmetric models. The choice depends on the dimensions of the bathroom, the style of the interior. To install such plumbing, you need a large enough space. At least 5 m² must havebathroom. Triton, reviewswhich is represented in various sources by experts, harmoniously fits into any design style.Acrylic bath newt 150x70 reviews

By style, all models presented in the catalog can be divided into 4 groups. These are standard, classic, original and elegant baths. The first group includes models of rectangular shape. The most popular of them are, according toreviews, acrylic bath "Triton" "Standard" (6-7 thousand rubles.) "Jena" (8-8,5 thousand rubles.), "Ultra" (5-5,5 thousand rubles.).

Popular classic models are Emma (12-13 thousand rubles), Alexandria (18.5-20 thousand rubles), Diana (16.5 thousandrub.). The elegant configuration is distinguished by the models “Sabina” (21 thousand rubles), “Laguna” (20.5 thousand rubles), “Respect” (45 thousand rubles), etc.

The group of models of the original configuration includes "Isabel" (17 thousand rubles), "Kylie" (14 thousand rubles), "Michel" (17-20 thousand rubles). These are the most popular models that are in demand among buyers.

Rectangular models

According toreviews, bath "Alexandria" from "Triton"is one of the most popular models. Also in great demand are the models "Emma", "Diana". Presented varieties easier to fit into the interior of a small bathroom.Bath alexandria triton reviews

Bath "Alexandria" has on its sides metal chrome handles. They add models of style and originality. This is a comfortable bath, which by design refers to the European style. The length can be 150, 160, 170 cm. This is an interesting model that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Bath "Triton" "Emma", reviewswhich are presented in various sources, can have a length of 150 or 170 cm. This model is characterized by the presence of a grooved massage surface. The design is distinguished by its practicality. Moreover, it is possible to install a hydromassage on such a bath.Many models of foreign production create products from acrylic too thin to be able to install nozzles on it. The use of hydromassage in the baths of the domestic brand speaks of its high quality and reliability.

Bath "Diana" is also distinguished by the possibility of installing hydromassage. The bottom of this model also got a grooved structure. On its side you can install a mixer. A special massage seat is also provided. If desired, the owners of this bath can install an end or front screen.

Corner models

Consideringcustomer reviews about Triton baths,It should be noted a great interest in the corner models. This is a fairly dimensional design. They have a stylish, interesting appearance. Similar constructions are installed in spacious bathrooms.Bath triton isabel reviews

The models “Eric”, “Cindy”, “Medea”, “Troy” are very popular in this category. The cost of such structures does not exceed 20 thousand rubles. In the presented category of baths, there are quite expensive models. For example, Lily (20.5 thousand rubles), Sabina (21 thousandrub.), as well as a hand-made bath "Victoria" (62 thousand rubles).

The listed models differ in dimensions. Capacity of the bowl can vary significantly. Almost all corner baths have the ability to install a hydromassage. This is a very convenient feature that is very popular with customers.

Corner baths involve the installation of the mixer on the edge of the bowl. Each model has a comfortable seat. The bottom is grooved. If desired, the owners of such models can pour water into the bowl. If you just want to take a shower, you can sit comfortably in the seat provided for each model. Hygiene procedures in the presence of such a bath bring a lot of positive emotions, relaxation.

Special attention deserves a bath "Victoria". At its forming the method of manual molding is applied. This is a unique technology that allows you to create a beautiful, multifunctional and original product.

Asymmetric designs

Among the most popular models in the presented category of products, buyers are noted, according toreviews, baths from "Triton" "Isabel","Bella", "Nicole", "Breeze", "Kylie", etc.Presented products are available in right and left versions. This will allow you to choose the appropriate room configuration model.Bath triton emma reviews

The minimum length, which can be characterized products of the presented category, is 140 cm, and width - 76 cm. This design option will suit even a small room. Such dimensions characterized bath "Bella". At the same time, it has the ability to install hydromassage equipment.

In many models in this category it is possible to install the mixer on the side. Comfortable headrests allow you to take a bath with a high level of comfort. The bottom in all models corrugated. These are interesting, stylish designs. They can be characterized by clear geometric lines or have rounded shapes.

In some models, for example, "Respect", the manufacturer has provided for the presence of two seats at once. There is also a convenient platform for taking a shower. Practically in all models there is an opportunity to establish hydromassage nozzles.

Expert reviews

Experts say that the products of the domestic brand is of high quality.Acrylic surface for a long time does not lose its original characteristics. In addition, when developing their models, the manufacturer takes into account the peculiarities of demand in our country.

Many owners of standard apartments cannot install an overall model in their bathroom. However, the usual rectangular shape already bored buyers. According toreviews, acrylic bath "Triton" 150x70cm, 140x70 cm and other small-sized varieties will not only be able to fit into a limited area of ​​the room, but also decorate it with an original design. Even in the smallest bowls the possibility of installing a hydromassage.

For any requirements of the consumer special models are developed. They correspond to all the new fashion trends. Thanks to this approach, high-quality products of the domestic brand are not only durable and durable, but also stylish.

Experts say that the products presented will be a great solution for arranging virtually any bathroom.

Negative customer reviews

It is extremely rare for buyers to leave negative feedback on Triton products.Almost always the owners of such plumbing remain satisfied with the choice made.

Baths "Triton", according to reviewsallow you to choose the right model for any room and interior design style. However, some users note that the design is not well thought out by the manufacturer. Water after bathing does not drain completely, as there is no bottom slope. In this case, water droplets remain on the curved sides.

The manufacturer claims that the quality of acrylic allows moisture to be on the surface without damaging the material. Only low-quality porous varieties of sanitary products, absorbing some of the moisture, begin to quickly deteriorate. Therefore, the products of the domestic brand is not afraid of water, which has no effect on acrylic.

Some buyers note that the models provide accessories that, in their opinion, are not combined with the interior. In this case, it is recommended to use the advice of experienced consultants of the company. They will be able to choose a model that in all respects fits best into the interior.

Positive reviews

Almost all buyers leave positive feedback on Triton products. They note the high strength, practicality and durability of the presented products. Especially a lot of positive statements are recruited, according toreviews, bath "Triton" "Diana",“Alexandria”, “Bella”, “Emma”, etc.

The cost and quality of products correlated perfectly. A huge selection of shapes, sizes and styles allows you to choose the best option for each. At the same time high-quality acrylic remains unpretentious in the care. It is easy to wash off the dirt by sweeping the surface with a damp cloth.

Hydromassage was also appreciated by buyers. With proper care, the nozzles are not clogged, there is also no unpleasant smell. When buying, people also do not notice an unpleasant smell. These are high-quality, relatively inexpensive and practical baths. They successfully compete in the market with foreign counterparts.

Having considered the featuresbaths "Triton", reviewsAbout the products of experts and buyers, you can note the high quality, durability, durability of products of the domestic brand.This explains the growing popularity of products presented by the company.

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