Backhoe Loader JCB 3CX: technical specifications

To date, a large number of special equipment is available in the world, which is used on construction sites, on developments and so on. However, how to choose the perfect option? What is the best technique? There is no exact answer to this question, but you definitely need to pay attention to the JCB equipment. She has always been distinguished by excellent quality, high efficiency and a large number of additional pleasant little things that as a result have a positive impact on the work performed.

This article will be a complete review of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader, which in its class is one of the best, if not the best. You will be able to find out absolutely all of its technical specifications and, probably, choose it to perform the necessary tasks.


jcb 3cx

The first thing to talk about regarding the JCB 3CX is the size of this backhoe loader.The length of the unit of equipment is slightly more than five meters, the size of the wheelbase is two and a half meters, the ground clearance does not exceed forty centimeters, and the total height, which is measured at the top of the cab, is almost three meters. If we take the overall overall height, it is a little more than three and a half meters. As for the width of this unit of equipment, it is a little less than two and a half meters. As you can see, the dimensions of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader are impressive - such a machine can bring a lot into your construction, repair or other similar process. However, of course, not only the size is important in this matter - special equipment should have other characteristics that will determine its usefulness.


jcb 3cx specifications

One of the most impressive features of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader is its high throughput, which distinguishes it from many other machines of the same direction. More precisely, the angle of entry of the original model is 66 degrees. However, you need to keep in mind that there are more advanced options, and they have this angle may be up to 74 degrees, which is simply amazing. The angle of the congress is extremely good - only 19-20 degrees, depending on the model version.And, of course, it is worth noting the patency in the presence of obstacles between the wheels. In this case, the angle of entry is 118 degrees, and in some of the variants of the model - even 120 degrees. As you can see, the technical characteristics of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader are already impressive, and yet there is still a lot of useful, important and interesting information that may surprise you even more.

Operating weight

jcb 3cx excavator

As in the case of any other special equipment, the JCB 3CX backhoe loader specifications also include operating weight, which for many can be a very important indicator. The standard model with two conventional buckets has a weight of 7 tons and 370 kilograms, but the attachments can change, so if you consider not two standard buckets, but the heaviest types of equipment - a six-in-one bucket and forks, you get a little more than eight tons of weight . Such an indicator can hit many, because it is a very serious application - with such a technique available, you can do a lot of useful things in any conditions. The JCB 3CX loader is an indispensable technique for carrying out any work, and you could already be sure of that.


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The JCB 3CX excavator is distinguished by its increased maneuverability, which also plays a very important role when carrying out any work. Naturally, it’s worth starting with indicating that this model has full manual control, so you will also need an experienced driver who can get the most out of this unit of equipment. Turning the steering wheel is 2 and three quarters of a turn, which also increases the maneuverability of the excavator. As for the turning diameter, here it is worth to highlight a few points, such as whether braking is taken into account, and also by what parameter the diameter is considered - on wheels or on a bucket. In any case, the diameter is not too large, especially if you count on the wheels: it turns out about 7 meters with braking and 8 meters without it. Naturally, if you count on a bucket, then the indicators will increase and amount to nine and a half meters with braking and ten and a half meters without it. Now you can see for yourself that the JCB 3CX backhoe loader has rather high maneuverability for its dimensions.


Naturally, as with any other special technology, the characteristics of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader are largely determined by the type of engine it has.Immediately it is worth noting that in the case of this sample of technology, the location of the engine is ideal - it is completely protected from any damage that may be accidentally caused to it, but is also perfectly available for daily checks.

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The engine installed in this backhoe loader uses diesel fuel, and everything else may depend on its type. The working volume of the mechanism in any case is 4.4 liters, but the boost, for example, is different - it can be both normal and turbo. Four cylinders, the rotational speed of 2200 revolutions per second, 85 horsepower - all these parameters do not change with the change of engine type. In fact, besides the boost, only torque can vary - it ranges from 230 to 440 Nm. In any case, this engine is powerful enough and productive to make work on such a huge structure. The technical characteristics of the JCB 3CX excavator so far leave only the most pleasant impression, so you can already make sure that buying or renting a similar type of special equipment will be the right decision.

Electrical system

The voltage of the network, which is hidden under a reliable shield, is 12 V, which fully complies with all standards. Incidentally, the protection is made at the highest level. All contacts are maximally protected from the ingress of dust, fragments, dirt, sand and other materials, without which no construction or other work can be done. Please note that the excavator is equipped with an alternator with 95 A indicators and a battery with a capacity of 110 A / h.

jcb 3cx specifications

As for the necessary electronics, it is installed on this model of a backhoe loader - you will find absolutely everything you need, including a tachometer, fuel gauge, hour meter, audiovisual alarm system and a lot of other important devices.

Separately, it is worth telling that this excavator loader has a special system for fixing torque, which is activated on high gears, thereby allowing you to save an impressive amount of fuel that would otherwise be wasted. More precisely, the fuel consumption is reduced by 25 percent, and the speed of the vehicle is increased by ten percent.


 jcb 3cx excavator specifications

It is necessary to know what bridges can withstand the load, because these are very important characteristics for the backhoe loader. So, first we should consider the front axle - naturally, we will separate the static and dynamic loads. In the case of static load, this bridge can withstand a rather impressive weight - 16 and a half tons. However, when it comes to dynamic load, of course, the possibilities are becoming a bit more limited - only slightly more than 8 tons. But what about the rear axle? After all, it is much more important - it accounts for the maximum load. It's still better here, since the static load that this bridge can support is as much as twenty-five tons. Well, the dynamic load, respectively, becomes less exactly twice - 12 and a half tons are obtained.


On this model there can be two types of transmissions - “powershift” and “synchroshattl”. They differ in the number of gears - in the first case there are six of them, and in the second - only four. It is also worth noting that the “synchroshuttle” gear shift occurs only in manual mode, and the “powershift” - using a servo.Accordingly, the speeds at which gears allow shifting are slightly different, but the difference is almost imperceptible, so based on this there is no point in making a choice.


For this backhoe loader there is a rather impressive set of buckets - starting with the usual standard bucket and ending with the jaw, deep, conical buckets, and also designed for digging ditches.

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